Photohunt: Fresh

How lovely to look at how fresh faces can be with the happy smiles!

In the photo is daughter Kay and grandson to nephew Raffy, Drew.  He loves to smile in front of the camera.  😀

Here’s another photo of those fresh smiles.

Photohunt‘s theme yesterday is FRESH.  Go and visit.  I know, I am late posting again.  But what can I do? The house chores are screaming! 😀

Word of Mouth Equals Foolish Talk

While I was at the washing area spin drying clothes the other night, a group of men was outside drinking liquor.  This is a sight almost every night; the men drinking and talking noisily about anything.

But this night was different.  I do not have the intention of listening to idle talks especially coming from drunken men who are not even my friends.  Suddenly, one of them mentioned something about his wife always inspecting his cell phone.  It is a bad habit, I agree, especially if it becomes a regular habit.  We all deserve our privacy.  But what was the husband doing?  Why is he telling his comrades about his wife’s habit in a drunken state?

His complaint ensued a statement from the listeners, which is at that point are all in a drunken state, too.  The first one told him that his wife truly has a bad character and she is lucky that he (the husband) is kind enough to let the incident pass.  He continued that if he was the one in his place, he will slap her face or throw a chair to her.  (How cruel and barbaric!)  Then the other one seconded the motion and said, wives are like that.  He carried on saying that once her wife took the habit of nagging him and he gave her a knock on the head really hard that his wife stopped pestering him.  (I cannot believe that there exist husbands like these men in our neighborhood who can hurt their wives without regret!)

I was affected and truly annoyed.  While I was moving my head right and left in disagreement, I blurted out the words “foolish talk” and went inside the house ranting about the cruelty and insensibility of these men.  I told my husband about the whole thing.  He just smiled.  My daughter’s comment was that some men are ill-bred, shallow minded and uneducated.  They cannot even understand the “foolish talk” I cried.

My daughter was right.  Perhaps these men are truly, truly insensible that they had not even considered my presence and the possibility that I could hear what they were saying about a particular woman. (I was not very near them but I wasn’t even very far to hear them!)  I mean, how could they generalize as if saying I also have a bad trait?  I must have been very sensitive or thin-skinned but I tried my very best to weigh up that perhaps there was no intention against me and they are simply drunken men airing their drunken thoughts and sorrows.

Muscles for Daryl

My youngest, son Daryl, is already 17 years old.  He is a big young man that has no muscles.  Well, maybe there is but only a little.  I see mostly flabs; lean meat is scarcely found.   Not that he is REALLY BIG but he is BIG!  😀 (Don’t get mad at me, Daryl! LOL) It is always a thought for me if he also ponders on how to build muscles for his body .  But Daryl despises physical sports.  His world, it seems,  revolves only on mental exercises; the physical exercise is missing.

We once had a routine every morning until I got busy and then he got busy and then we’re both busy. I wish we can get to the exercise routine again one of these days.

I don’t want to get preggy anymore!

Yep.  I am more than forty years old and I don’t think I am still fit enough carrying a child in my womb.  So I don’t want to get preggy anymore!

Besides, I don’t want to feel morning sickness and fatigue anymore.  Some pregnant women even experience hemorrhoids.  I don’t want to desperately find treatment for hemorrhoids either!  Not that I had experienced it, but what if this time?

I am not joking.

Getting pregnant is not included in my plans anymore.  Of course there are unplanned (or unwanted?) pregnancies but pleaseee, not me!  I have no desire of experiencing AGAIN the aches, the uneasiness, the weight gain, the morning sickness, etc, etc.  And… the pangs of giving birth.

But I do not regret having Kay and Daryl.  They completed me as a woman.  They gave me a clear definition of life.  They are my inspiration and a part of my strength.  They bind me and Papsie.

Photohunt: Three

Kay's high school friends

This is my take on Photohunt‘s theme yesterday.  I know, I am late again.

These three girls are my daughter’s high school friends.  Pretty pic, isn’t it?  They look gorgeous.  I bet they are not searching for top fat burners yet.

In connection to this, I feel sad for those girls who suffer from anorexia and/or bulimia.  It is a frightening psychological illness that can probably cause death.   The pressure of vanity can truly harm and kill.

HGH pills for the Supreme Court justices

It seems that the SC justices are in need of hgh pills because we know that human growth hormones or HGH drop quite rapidly when one grows old.  They say that some memory related disorders are associated with the lack of it.  Could this be the reason why the Supreme Court deliberately forgot what is in the 1987 Constitution that an outgoing president is barred from making appointments two months before an election and until the end of his or her term or simply, that she cannot appoint from March 10 to June 30?

I fear so much, I must admit,  to what is happening in our country.  Ordinary citizen Juan could not care less if Arroyo will appoint a SC chief of justice to replace Justice Reynato Puno who will retire on May 17.  What do all these controversial issues be of matter to an ordinary citizen – that the present president can name the next chief justice during the election appointment ban making it ‘a culpable violation of the constitution’?

But ordinary citizen Juan is not a simpleton if that is what the highly elite groups think.  He is aware of what is happening.  He knows the score.  He knows in simple thoughts that there attempts to fool everybody, to take advantage of what is perceived as ‘weak common people’, and to manipulate even further up to the last minute.  Thanks to the media people and avenues :-D.

I cannot wait for the elections to come although I know the posts will be relinquished involuntarily and reluctantly.

Arnel Pineda’s Awkward Singing?

While I maintain my adherence to the cliché “ignorance of the law excuses no one”, I wonder how Arnel Pineda got to belt out in that Pacquiao Texas fight an awkward singing without a heads up.

Who failed this time?

Time and again, the renditions were failures.  In many instances, artists did not pass the proper way of singing the national anthem.  In my last year’s post in Digital Journal, Martin Nievera’s Controversial Singing, I saw that NHI fell short in their actions on instilling the laws and values regarding the national anthem.  How come there were no warnings albeit there were previous cases where the artists who sang in this renowned Pacquiao fights rendered the song in their own styles?

Was it Arnel Pineda’s camp who were careless in giving advise to the singer?

In a way, yes, but I believe that the weight is not with them.  NHI could have done something to prevent another awkward singing of the national anthem.  They have their chance to admonish or forewarn Arnel Pineda’s camp; or Pacquiao’s, if they do not have any information who will sing in the fight.  In addition, they could have suggested to the group to consider a singer from a famous choir that could sing the anthem in the right tempo.

It is becoming a cycle and the whole thing is frustrating.  I just could not imagine how one could be a criminal when he does not possess the right tone and sings the national anthem with the wrong note, or how the criminals in the government are held innocent while singing the anthem with the right tempo and note.  How odd.

Aling Baby’s grandchild died: a case of SIDS

You might be wondering who Aling Baby is.  She is that little woman in her midlife who irons our clothes every Sunday.  And yes, her grandchild died last week.  The little angel was not even a month old.

I felt sad for her and for her daughter.  Life’s challenges can be very cruel at times.

Aling Baby said her daughter failed to burp the baby and milk intake from breastfeeding flooded the lungs.  It was my first time to hear this and so I searched for the causes of baby deaths.

In this page, I learned about sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), which according to the expert is “sudden and unexplained death of a baby under 1 year of age”.  It is widely known as “crib death”, too.  Causes were listed as:

  1. a disorder in how the babies’ bodies responded to the brain chemical serotonin.
  2. babies sleeping on their stomach
  3. unsafe sleeping condition where there are many toys, pillows or comforters
  4. overheated rooms
  5. covered face and head
  6. smoking around the baby
  7. respiratory distress syndrome
  8. abuse and neglect

I am not sure what of the above reasons was the cause of Aling baby’s grandchild.  It may not be because the daughter was not able to burp the baby.

Employment Screening Jitters

click to enlarge

Do you recall your first experiences applying for a job, trying to get hired?  I remember my first job applications.  I must admit I was really, really nervous even if I don’t have anything to be afraid about.

I think employment screening jitters are normal.  Though you are so sure that nothing in your record can be injurious to your person, it is the thought of background checks that contributes to the fright.  I must admit I was very afraid before that employers would discover that I have unscrupulous relatives that will be discovered along the way.  And I was not even sure then if there is! Silly, isn’t it?  But that was before when I was still so naive in thoughts, words and actions.

Still, I can’t get over with my skepticism on these verification procedures.  You know, the kind where investigators can get overboard.   I really have no idea and I cannot help but be skeptical though I know it is every employer’s right to verify.

If You Are Jinkee Pacquiao

Stumbled upon an interview with Jinkee Pacquiao by Thea Alberto.  In her interview, Jinkee on Krista:  Giving Up Because of Her is Not Worth It, Jinkee has this to say (translated in English):

There is just so much intrigue, and there are times where you feel like giving up. But we can’t allow it, and we shouldn’t allow it. Giving up because of women like her is not worth it.

I believe that every wife for that matter would not give up on her husband easily, much more on someone like Manny Pacquiao. Admit or not, the champion is a prized catch. To split up marriage with him, or simply annul it, will cost any wife regret.  Admit or not.

In fairness to Manny, he had stood many times for his wife, and was able to show the world that he loves his wife.  He might have gone astray for a while, and might have ‘tolerated’ a woman like Krista, or whoever,  for reasons only he knows, but still he clung to his wife.  He is still with his wife and not with any other woman.  No one really knows what is happening between them but the fact that he chose to be with his wife is what matters.

It would be a different story if he flaunts his machismo, or if he physically abuses his wife, or talks openly about his affairs on television or any other media.  That would definitely pose another scenario.

I would have other questions in my mind though:

  • What if Manny admitted doing it with another woman, or to having a one night stand with another?  With a status like Manny’s, I believe that women will gather like bees each with desire to bed him, seriously or not.
  • What if Manny confessed that he fell for another, like being still in love until the time he confessed?  Which is not impossible,  but will still fall under temptation, which could be mistaken as falling in love.  There will always be a thin line between love and lust.
  • What if Manny has a love child that will suddenly appear and will be proven that the child was truly his?  Now, this bit of news had surfaced before and was gone after a few blinks.  It just proved it was not true.  But who says it is not possible?

Technical Careers

There are actually many types of technical careers one could choose from:  engineers, researchers, analyst, designers, or IT crews and professionals.   I bumped into a nice site called Best Job Philippines and it provides anyone a technical career he/she desires.  Let’s say for example you are into an IT job search, all you have to do at Best Jobs Philippines is add and update your resume then set-up and modify a job alert.

It is also very easy for an employer to find the best candidate for a job.  All they need is put up an account then post a job or search for a resume.

Why did I suddenly think of writing about technical careers?  I just realized how valuable it is to be involved in a technical job:

  • It exercises the mind.
  • It gives you these intellectual challenges most of the time.
  • It kills time.
  • It develops your skills in analyzing and problem-solving.
  • It gives you a foresight and helps you create preventive measures.

I am sure that other careers also provide some of the benefits I had listed above but not all of them.  Having a technical career is fulfilling in a sense and is contributory to one’s technical growth.

Photohunt: Foreign

The photo above shows Grace – a niece and an albino. She had always been like foreign to many because of her color and looks. It was not easy for her, as expected, because some people were ignorant of her condition. There were many speculations about it and it was annoying to her at first. At present, Grace seems to have lived with the situation and dealt with it with grace 🙂  Also, people are becoming aware of this condition.  The tv medium has been helpful with the information about albinism.

Grace deserves loose diamonds when she decides to marry one day. She was one of those grandchildren Nanay liked.  It is because Grace showed kindness to her when she was still alive.  Nanay was very fond of her.  As an individual, she is a brave young woman despite the condition.  She had learned to cope with the challenges and treated them with courage.   She may look frail because she is an albino but she is tough within.  That is why she deserves the best.

I am late for Photohunt but I’ll still be posting anyway!

An insurance quote would be timely

Yes,  I say it is indeed timely to consider an insurance quote especially a life insurance quote.  Why?

Philippine news can kill you.  Let’s have a glimpse on some of the headlines in

  1. GMA to declare power crisis in Mindanao
  2. Crisis declared; Aboitiz, Alcantara power deals up
  3. Gordon says definitely not Angara but refuses to name emissary
  4. Palace has list of pols in drugs, says Sotto
  5. Edu denies he’s backing out of VP race

For number one headline, who would not be anxious of how the cost of such declaration will be spent?  The declaration would entail a power generation capacity build-up that would cost from 8 billion to 10 billion pesos.  The thought of how some crooks will be merry again upon gaining support from Congress is really bothersome.

For number two, the luminaries in this deal, the Aboitizes and Alcantaras, are known to be business associates of the President and her husband.  As an ordinary Pinoy, Juan will worry again how much money will be added to his electricity bill in the future if this deal becomes very expensive and will not compensate to the needs of the present crisis.

For number three headline, it is worrisome if someone who buys votes and candicacy will win.  It is very, very worrisome because a lot of Pinoys are uneducated and poor. It makes my head ache actually.

For number four headline, how would one ignore the US State Department’s concern that drug money will be used to influence the May 10 elections?  What is the government doing about this?

For the last headline in this list, Edu is giving the people a headache.  Where did that story come from – that he is backing out?  An adage describes it best – there is fire when there is smoke or anything to that effect.  The whole scene is so theatrical.

Blankets we need

Not at this point in time where it is super humid you wanted to be under the shower all the time or drink lots of ice-cold water all through the day.

I was thinking before how an electric blanket can be super efficient in snowy places like the US of A.  (Of course, the European countries are included in the list of wintry places.  :-D)  I wonder if it could be as efficient as a human blanket that cannot only supply you with the needed heat but also keep your blood flowing because feeling the heat can lead to another.  😀  Another what?  Well, you know what I mean.

This crazy hot weather is making me counterproductive.  😦