I don’t want to get preggy anymore!

Yep.  I am more than forty years old and I don’t think I am still fit enough carrying a child in my womb.  So I don’t want to get preggy anymore!

Besides, I don’t want to feel morning sickness and fatigue anymore.  Some pregnant women even experience hemorrhoids.  I don’t want to desperately find treatment for hemorrhoids either!  Not that I had experienced it, but what if this time?

I am not joking.

Getting pregnant is not included in my plans anymore.  Of course there are unplanned (or unwanted?) pregnancies but pleaseee, not me!  I have no desire of experiencing AGAIN the aches, the uneasiness, the weight gain, the morning sickness, etc, etc.  And… the pangs of giving birth.

But I do not regret having Kay and Daryl.  They completed me as a woman.  They gave me a clear definition of life.  They are my inspiration and a part of my strength.  They bind me and Papsie.


6 thoughts on “I don’t want to get preggy anymore!

  1. Hey Bing… I am older than you and will never contribute a child to the world. 😉 and certainly not looking forward to getting pregnant… Geez if i did, people will say it is a miracle! HAHAHA. I am getting old and have not been visiting blogs… geez even my blog posts are not frequent anymore but I'm glad that you are still with it and still happily taking care of your family… kay daryl and papsie. Keep up with it and God bless you all always!


  2. I wonder if I could say the same thing after I give birth to Baby 2 (I'm due August). I dealt with nausea for 3 months, and now I'm bearing the pain brought about by my scoliosis. Some say I shouldn't get pregnant after this one. But Lord knows that my secret desire is to have lotsa kids. Hee hee!

    Enjoy your two kids! :o)


  3. oh, really, connie! wow, another baby. babies are bundles of joy but to bear a child, i think, is not for me anymore.

    to have many is not a problem as long as we can take care of them, and IMPORTANT – as long as we still have the strength to take care of them.

    take care, connie. God be with you always. 🙂


  4. pwede pa Bing. I've seen friends who had babies when they were past 40. Only thing here is if a woman gets pregnant at 37 she's considered high risk ( just to be extra safe) and deserves extra care and will deliver at a special hospital for women 🙂 Sarap ng may baby sa bahay di ba ? 😉


  5. i have a friend, too, who had her first baby at 38. and true, maaaring pwede pa. but it is not included in my plans to have another baby. it is a demanding role to carry again another baby. 🙂


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