Photohunt: Daily

I was not able to participate in Photohunt challenges the past weeks because of a very sad incident in our lives.  Today, I am sharing you my choice of daily photos.

Here is the first:

Kay trying a serious pose

Everyday, I see this pretty lady leaving for and arriving from school and she always looks fresh with her smile. The photo above is a fun shot trying to humor herself with a humorless face. In truth, I admire my daughter’s determination to stay slender and fit. And yes, she will not be consulting the web for phentermine reviews yet!  She is very conscious of what she puts in her mouth.  She stays away from softdrinks, eats only little servings of rice, and avoids fatty food as much as possible.

Here is the second pic:

Daryl reading again

My son, on the other hand, is more of the serious kind.  But he socializes, too, and has a handful of friends actually.  It is a daily scene in the morning where you see him reading his notes, or surfing the net for his school work.  In this pic, you see him reading a book which he brought in the party.  He told us that while waiting for the food, it would be best to use the time reading the book for his paper.  Some kind of serious, eh?

And also:

These two lovely kids I see daily in the morning before I go to work.


American Idol Bets

I saw the performance of AI’s top 12 girls.  Boy, they all have these delicate features and petite bodies as if they are swallowing up adipex diet pills or any sort of weight loss pills ordinarily!  It makes me think that their lovely features were passes to making it to the top 24.  Just a hunch.   😀

With tonight’s performances of the girls, I am in favor of Siobhan Magnus.  Her voice was a croon.  She has magnetic presence, too.  Her confidence did not overwhelm her performance but contributed to its excellence.


I also like Didi Benami.  Actually, she is the best pick at first but tonight’s performance was a drag though her voice is really powerful.


Muscles, you like?

There are girlfriends I know who give eyeteeth to men who have muscles.  They drool just seeing the muscles.  In truth, there are really men who have genes that do not need testosterone boosters that work the muscles into perfection.

But muscles are not the totality of men.  Muscles do not say that the man is a man.  Six-packed abs do not tell about a man.  Some men hide behind these abs.  They camouflage to tell everybody that they are men.

I do not have anything against men who are not really men.  It is the pretense of some that smells.  For whatever reason that they have, it stinks to the high heavens.

Car Accidents Scare

Who would not think of getting a car insurance seeing pictures like this?

Our car had had many accidents already.  Two months after we acquired it, it got hit by a passenger jeep while Papsie was about to enter our street.  It’s a good thing that the sides that were hit by the PUJ and slammed into the stone wall were the rear part.

The next one was in an intersection in Quezon City when a truck collide with it and wrecked the hood.  The next one was in Antipolo where a seemingly shoe delivery truck do not have a rear view mirror and bumped the front right door with its rear.

And the fourth one?  Yes, there is still a fourth.  A drunken druggie riding his bike and avoiding a bump on the road slammed directly to our hood.  And I was with Papsie then.  I froze.  It’s a good thing Papsie was alert and stopped the car while he was still moving towards us.  I thought we killed somebody.  Good Lord, I am so thankful we didn’t!

That is why the car accidents scare.  We had had a number to reckon.  And I hope the last will be the last.

Cute Baby Drake

baby drake in his stroller

Though he is not in a Bob revolution stroller, baby Drake still looks cute and cuddly.  His eyes always beg you to come get him.

Babies are always bundles of joy.  To me, every baby is beautiful.  There is always that sweet smell, flawless skin, and very innocent look.  They are little angels that make the day.

It is truly sad that some mothers or parents do not see them as heaven-sent and a delight.  While some wishes fervently for even only a child, there are many who neglect their children and do not care less.

It is indeed an ugly truth that some babies who are as immaculate and harmless could be harmed.  Some of them are even molested or left alone in the streets.  Some are not fed and taken care of.

Babies are bundles of joy, and they don’t deserve any of what I mentioned.  They deserve more than anything or even more than the lives of those who had procreated them.  They are tiny lives that deserve the best.  They are blessings from God.

Even with Human Growth Hormones

Sometimes life can be so unfair.  You wonder why despite the perseverance to achieve a worry-free life, bad situations keep on emerging.  And I wonder, I truly wonder if human growth hormones, with all their claims of reversing the aging process, can do something about keeping the stress away that contributes to one’s graying hair and exhausted physique.

No, I don’t think products as exceptional as these human growth hormones can bury these worries, these predicaments that seem to have no solutions.  Perhaps they can give one a high because of the initial effect but I couldn’t believe they can change the fact that one is facing huge concerns and is bombarded with misfortunes.  For how can they prevent the effects of burdens, disappointments, difficulties or ill fortune?

Sometimes life can be so unfair.  Better opportunities are laid for the flush and the loaded when they are much needed by the lacking and impoverished fellows of this planet Earth.  Riches are unreachable for the not rich mortals.  They are made available for the corrupt, evil, coldhearted and unfeeling humans.  But I am not generalizing.  It is just so frustrating to see some undeserving people wallow in affluence and those who strive and toil hard suffer in torment and inconvenience.

Being Polite

An elderly woman lambasted a niece for being obese. Truly, the niece, in her obese condition, needs the best fat burning supplement in order to reduce and obtain the best desired weight.

But I believe that one need not be overly critical telling one that he or she is very overweight.  I think it still pays to be polite.  Even if one has that petite body or almost perfect body structure.

Being polite in telling other people one’s concern will help an obese person feel the concern.  If someone will be telling them the fact the harsh way,  it will not help.  The impression will be that one is just overly critical and does not really care.

I believe that making others feel that you are truly concern about his or health will change one obese individual’s outlook.  Being fault-finding and overly critical will not help at all.