In a Ballroom Party


I did not dance. I remember those days when I still dance. I wonder if I still have the grace and can go with the rhythm perfectly. Those days now are like early morning mists that go away after a fleeting moment.

Dancing is an expression of one’s feelings, I believe. The energy and strength you put into it is rewarding. You sort of put yourself and your soul into it, drowning with the spirit and the desire that goes with it.

Alas, I think the agility has lost its meaning, too. The desire is mostly conquered by hesitance or doubt, and shame, and insignificance. Must be the age. 🙂

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The Party’s Over

Verns was right. No matter how OC you wanted to be about the preparations for a party, it will end just what a party always is – not perfect. Because a party is all but merrymaking, revelry, blast, celebration, and it always ends up lacking one way or the other.


Well, the good thing is it’s over and done with. Papsie was fulfilled being very thankful the most because he tried his very best to give his service and support in ways unimaginable to me. Me, feeling incomplete because of anxiety though it was over, was very restless until now – not knowing if the reason is if the visitors enjoyed the event and the food, or if the celebrant liked what we had done or prepared for her. And Daryl, being supportive as always, was thankful for what I did and that the stress it’s causing me had ended. Continue reading “The Party’s Over”


Hmmm… I would prefer that money for the company party will be included in the bonus. Yea. I am not so much of a party person though I love to be with friends to go places, and eat, drink and be merry. But with the whole bunch of people in the company? I don’t know. I don’t think I will enjoy the party that much.

And one problem, too, is if one of the bosses (who stinks) will ask you to dance. Gosh, I wouldn’t know how to deal with such a predicament. And another problem is if there would be no one who would want to dance with you. 😀

“Sir, I am sorry, I have dysmenorrhea.” (Complete with acting that your belly hurts. ) 🙂