What is a blind eater?

Human tongue. Regional preference to salty, so...

An office-mate, one day, during lunch, was asked why he loves to eat those veggies stewed in coconut milk (ginataang gulay) even in three consecutive days.

He mentioned that he is a blind eater.  Perplexed, I asked what that means.  The good looking office-mate said that it does not matter what he eats because he eats depending on the smell of the food and how they look.  His sense of taste cannot identify what is sweet,  or salty, or delicious.  So if the ginataang gulay smells good and looks good, then he can eat it, it is delicious to him.

Of course, we were amazed.  First time to hear that.  To my curiosity, I browsed the net for the phrase ‘blind eater’.  I cannot find anything that substantiates it.  There are only literal explanations, and I came across this one, which I think is a different meaning to the phrase:

I admit that I eat a lot of meals that are completely saturated in fat and that I actually do feel sick after doing so. The problem is that I can’t stop. I think I’m a blind eater. I mean, when I eat I don’t think about anything else other than how delicious whatever I’m eating is. Sometimes I eat when I’m not even hungry.

My office-mate does not eat this way.  He eats little amounts of food, evidenced by a lean body. He does not even classify as a fuzzy eater because he eats almost anything except those with alamang.  I further asked why he told us a story that he had been obese before and cannot even know what food tastes like.  He replied that it started when he was still small and had to please his mom by eating a lot.  Even when he was a young kid, he cannot know which is sweet, sour, salty, or tasty.

What I find amusing, too, is he eats with fork.  He is not used to eat with a spoon.  This, which I find funny actually, does not have anything to do with him being a blind eater. 😀

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Christmas is Fast Approaching

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And I have not wrapped a single gift. First time in a decade not being early gift-wrapping. Well, as of this writing, there are still 30 days left. Thirty days to panic choosing a gift for the little kids. (I hope the non-kids noticed the phrase after the word gift. :-D)

What happened? Why am I not early this time? Well, I got so busy with a lot of writing stuff, to earn extra for the holidays.  I want the Yuletide season for the family, especially the three loves-of-my-life, to be enjoyable.  What else will make the event enjoyable but with food and happenings (parties, et al)?  But without money, you can’t buy food, of course, and you can’t go anywhere.  😀

Notwithstanding the sure attendance of the ‘godchildren’ (is this accurate?), there will surely be extras tagging along.  Therefore, there is no reason not to at least prepare a bag (small, that is) of candies and chocolates.  This year the working group (of nieces and nephews, and children of friends, etc., etc.) will not receive anything from me anymore (sorry for that). 😦  Well, Christmas is actually for the kids.  I know you know that.

This week-end, I will be cleaning the house and fixing the Christmas ornaments.  I am still having thoughts of having the Christmas tree.  I am actually scared of the aftermath, not the afterlife (because as you see I am so busy to be clogging my brain with a lot of stuff that will surely scare me to the max), because it has always been me keeping them away, dismantling them to be kept, etc.

Anyway, good luck to us all!

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In Fairness to Pacquiao

Papsie together with his brothers listened to live airing of the Pacquiao-Marquez fight via the radio.  There was a live tv airing at the basketball court, too.  Some of the neighbors were there.

Papsie and his brothers learned of the win before the neighbors came.  When they arrived, most of them were saying that it should not be Pacquiao who won, that Marquez should have the belt, that Pacquiao was bloodied, etc. etc.  In defense of Pacquiao and based on Trinidad’s comment on the radio, Papsie and his brother said that a win is a win; it is the judges’ call.  His brother even said that if it is a win for Trinidad, then it is a win, because he is a very good sports analyst, and that he could have said that Manny has no chances anymore.  Though I do not agree that listening to a respected sports analyst is enough to draw a conclusion,  I insisted, when Papsie went inside the house, that he should watch the fight first before siding with Pacquiao, or ‘remain loyal’ to Pacquiao. 😀

We were about to leave to the supermarket.  Papsie still has to shower so I switched on the tv and watched but it was already round 8.  There I saw on the first half how Marquez transformed into a strong fighter, and a fierce one at that.  Manny’s jaw flew when he received the upper cut from Marquez.  It was followed by several blows that really affected Manny.  When it was Manny’s turn, his punches seemed not to have an effect at all. I got scared.  I said to myself that ‘if this continues, Manny will loose.’  Then on the second half, the table turned.  Manny must have thought that he could not afford to just relinquish the title like that.  He was on the offensive suddenly and managed to only throw understated punches.  From round 9 up, it was Manny’s game because Marquez was just waiting and it was Manny who seem to always start the fight.  As a challenger, Marquez failed at this point though strength wise, he can fight.

Marquez also seemed to learn about Manny Pacquiao’s moves that made it difficult for Manny. He was also persistent and unyielding every time Manny attacked.  Was Marquez underestimated? Are there other factors that affected Manny’s delivery?  I was listening to someone say that he might have burnt out because of too much training.  Perhaps it can be a factor but I know many will agree that this is not the delivery that the crowd expected.  That was not the same Manny in the ring.  His timing was off and the level of delivery was low.

But in fairness to Pacquiao, he always wanted to give a good fight for the audience and when Marquez seemed to have cowered, he attacked probably because he was thinking it was not fair for the viewers to watch a boring fight when Marquez will just stand there waiting for him and only in defense.  He fights not for the title alone but for the viewers.  That is self-explanatory, I guess.  Who would want to disappoint the millions that spend money to watch a bout?  Who would want to lose the fans when every body else seem fan-atic, and are always willing to save a penny for these fights?  Who would want to lose everything?

In fairness to him, he is still the humble Filipino boxer who has compassion for his opponent and never fails to say something good about him.    And before I forgot, he had improved expressing himself.


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He Likes to Be the Superstar

It is funny how at times you listen to someone try to compete when another is just relating a story about his children.  Each time, the other one says something about his children, this fellow will reply with a story about his children, too, with efforts of emphasizing that his child/children have accomplished this and that, and that they are better.  The motive is always very clear that his children are better.  It is sad that some of his stories are half truth and some seemed exaggerated.

I think this is a typical act of jealousy.  That person cannot afford to listen to another person’s achievements, including his offspring’s.  But instead of being jealous, will it not be easier to be happy for someone?  Jealousy is such a negative feeling and it would require a lot to let one’s self feel it.  But as the saying goes, ‘Sometimes there is nothing harder in life than being happy for someone else.’


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Sadly, that person is not alone.  Among families, kins can have rifts for simple matters like who’s going to have what, or who is being favored among the rest, etc.  Among friends, this is not new.  Each of these friends vie for each other’s attention and the attention of others.  There is always that effort of competing when there shouldn’t be.  Each of us has individual and unique identities and abilities therefore not everyone can be managers, or a marketing sales agent, for example.  Why can’t we be comfortable with ourselves?

At times, while listening, I really felt I wanted to butt-in and uncover the truth to some of the stories but heck, it is just a waste of time.

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Why would you find another job?

Working Class Hero
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If the economy is not bad, and there are a lot of prospects, as an individual who pursues improvement and further learning, it is inevitable to want to think of finding another job.  One might find System Administrator Jobs, for example, interesting, though it might not be along the lines of skills and capabilities that an individual has.  For sure, the individual will seek to study again to obtain a position among the said jobs.

Why would an individual want to find another job therefore?  There are a number of reasons but one that is popular among  people I know is the lack of salary increments for years as indicator of employees/workers performances and loyalty to the organization.

Some people want to simply follow their career paths.  Their objective is not to be tied up to a single corporation or organization where other viable and promising opportunities await.

Some may find the whole work set up as monotonous and is not giving any fascinating experiences anymore.  The job has become so routine that doing it can be done with eyes closed.  The whole scenario or situation for the individual is not making sense anymore.

Some also finds the people he or she is working with as hostile, or uncaring.  The working environment is a very important factor for one individual to be inspired to work.  Unfortunately, a lot of working environments are turning worse because the management is not concerned but only with sales.

A debilitating fact that each individual from the working class has to deal with is that the choices in life are becoming scarce.  There is a scare that one might not be able to find another promising job than the previous one.  This is because in some countries, age is a factor, despite the skills.  Also, the opportunities are deficient as against the number of job seekers.


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Why I Cheated on my Husband – In Retrospect

Yahoo published this post – Why I Cheated on My Husband.   I just finished reading it.

Husband and wife

The blog post gathered answers from interviews of different wives that gave equally different reasons why they cheated on their husbands.  The post even offered a portion of what one can learn from each individual experience coming from the experts.

While my mind was busy conceiving a possible reason for me if I am in this particular situation and coming to a conclusion that there is no other reason possibly but vengeance, I learned that there are unexpectedly varied reasons:

  • The husband was abusive.   If my husband is abusing me, I would probably not think of cheating but protecting myself from him.  I would definitely assert myself from someone who is controlling. It could become complicated if there will be children but why would I carry a child from someone who is abusive?  The matter has to be settled first.   More so, if nothing changes, I will not prolong my agony by staying and becoming a martyr.
  • The husband and the wife resent each other. Most probably,  the husband and the wife realize upon living together that there are still a lot of things not known,  or held back for some reasons.  After some time, differences surface and become the cause of resentment between the two.  In my case, I have to admit that I was kind of surprised to discover the undesirable things about my partner.  Until now, there is a list, and they have remained.  Did I think of cheating because of these?  What I did was to weigh between the good and the bad.  The good outweighs the bad, thank God. 😀
  • The wife was bored and unhappy. I think this is subjective.  What is boring and sad for some may not be for others, or maybe interesting for others.  I can get bored with a boring sex life most probably.  I can get bored if I am not allowed to be myself, and do the things I wanted to do.  I can be bored not having freedom.  But hey, this can be fixed.   It is not as complicated as ciphering a mathematical equation.
  • The husband was a workaholic. I understand that there is a need for a husband to provide but I will never understand having work more important than the wife.  There always has to be balance in everything.  This is akin to a husband having an affair only that he is having it w
    ith work.   Lame reason for saying this is for the future of the family.   I will definitely have him choose.  he he   >D
  • The husband was unfaithful first. Like the wife that was interviewed, if my patience was tried and I was inflamed, I could do something as evil as cheating, in revenge.  It would not even be about validation.  It is a scary thought especially if there are children.  But most likely when the anger ebbed, I will come to my senses and realize that another wrong could not make a wrong right (I am sorry, Almighty, for thinking about revenge).

So, there goes my rant, err, my review of the blog post.  I was not carried away, was I?  😀  I wasn’t, I was just trying to be candid.  (I hope that The Maker was not disappointed.)

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