When I grow old, I want to be a photographer.

Wait.  How old is old?  Because now I am a year more than half a decade.  If that makes me old, I have to go pack my things and start to be a photographer, a craft that I have always wanted to polish.  Only that I can’t do that at the moment.  I have a day job that requires eight hours to complete.  Ask me if I am happy with it.  I am not but I can’t quit.  There’s always that need or want decision-making in life, more like a do or die thing.

Long before I get old, I was already fascinated with captured faces, actions, expressions, emotions, colors, shapes, etc. in any form on a photo paper.  It’s funny because we cannot even afford a camera.  That again is another story.  A lot of stories to tell, actually.  So, before this becomes a very long and boring post to read,  I stop here and share some photographs I snatched from the willing victims.  I am not sure if I have the qualifications for this craft but then again requirements are always limiting for me.  I just shoot in vain attempt to document moments and to preserve pictures to keep people alive (at least on paper).  Apart from being fascinated with nature and places, I also love to capture photos of people.

Here are the unedited photos:


These children are so full of youth and life.  They’re a respite from a disappointing day.

The photos below end my daily attempt in photography. 😀


One thought on “When I grow old, I want to be a photographer.

  1. I see a lot of character and charisma in your photographic subjects. I do hope you continue to enjoy your love of photography.

    My dad is 75 now, and for the life of me I can’t think of him as being old yet. He is full of life and an inner and outer energy. I’m in my mid 40s. I know I’m no longer “young young”, but I still think of myself as single “young” to a degree. I guess I’ve taken after my dad a bit. I’m glad if I’ve inherited that from him. I find my hobbies and being around people help me stay feeling young. I hope you will continue to explore your hobbies and write as much as possible. The joyous smiling faces of the people I saw in your photographs should hopefully help keep you young at heart and mind.


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