I Can Read People’s Faces!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

I am not someone who studies people. Currently, there have been studies of facial expressions they call microexpressions. I do not think I have the skill to read facial expressions.

It is just a conscious effort to read the faces of people. You know the trying-hard exertion to know what other people think or feel with the way they twitch their faces or arc their brows or sniff their noses.

There is a genuine smile when I talk to somebody warming my heart. But there is a smile that has a hidden meaning to it. It just does not feel right. There is something behind it.

When people look me in the eye, I feel sympathy over something I vent about or am happy about. However, there is that look of doubt, disdain, or hatred.

Watch the mouth. Have you ever tried to watch the mouth? How one’s twisted smile gives way to an evil intention or backward to a simple smirk that tells you of disbelief. Have you ever witnessed how a smile can turn into a pout? Have you ever almost listened to the anger from tightened lips? There is always that wide grin that tells how funny you are.

My brows always give me away. One of them has an arc that moves when I am pissed or in doubt. I watched someone move their brows to emphasize things they tell. I see both brows move upwards when someone is so happy narrating a funny story.

It is almost always so easy for me to read people’s faces. Then I learned that face reading is an ancient art from China for fortune-telling.

Should I try fortune-telling?

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