Photohunt: Standing

gelay doing the consequence

The above photo is son Daryl’s friend Angela aka Gelay trying to do a consequence required by a game.  This was taken during Christmas season.

This is my contribution to today’s Photohunt challenge.  You can also visit the Technorati page.

Happy photo hunting everyone!

Will a caffeine-filled pill do?

pill tablets

The pill phenphedrine has a significant amount of caffeine.  If caffeine has adverse effects on you, then take precaution.

Geez, so many forms of weight loss tablets and pills available and each claim to be effective.  What would you choose, diet suppressants, fat burners, or caffeine-filled ones?  😀

The makers of this phenphedrine claim that users will not gain the pounds they lost unlike other weight loss pills.  How do you know if it’s true?  Surf the net and do the research, of course.

Or Burn Fat

burn fat

If you cannot totally suppress the urge, then burn the fat.  Just like appetite suppressant, the best fat burners are also effective in the treatment of weight gain, or in aiding weight loss programs.

This is a more challenging natural way, I believe, than suppressing the urge.  This actually needs discipline.  To discipline the palate is easier for me than having work outs at the start of the day.

Oh, by the way, I should be resuming my daily routine.  😦

Suppress the Urge


Diet pills appetite suppressants can help treat obesity.  But still an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  The little girl above may appear to be cute because she looks cuddly.  I don’t know why bulges only look adorable or pleasant on little children, but it really appears to be that way.  A grown up obese girl or boy definitely is not good to look at.

That is not being judgmental, I believe.  A sight of obesity indicates malnutrition, which in this case is overnutrition.  Fat bulges indicate health problems.  It must be a concern that has to be attended to immediately.

The question is how.  It is through suppressing the urge.  If there are diet pills that are appetite suppressants, then there are natural ways one can do it.  Suppress the urge and that is what must be told to those who have appetizers on the tongue, or who loves food very much.

I have grown bigger, too, but not yet obese.  My BMI is still on the normal level but I am afraid it would grow to the upper normal level.  I have to train myself more to suppress the urge.  There is a lot of work to do still.

If you need a receipt printer

The popular brands for a receipt printer are Epson, Star, Zebra, Ithaca, or Intermec.  The print methods include impact, thermal and inkjet.

A receipt printer is also categorized according to interface options (you can have it USB or bluetooth and many more), paper dimensions as wide as 3.15″ or 80mm, column capacity (if you need a 56 column, it is available), print speed (like 6 lines per second), color (black, dark gray, gray, etc.), and other features like the auto-cutter.

If you need a receipt printer, then your business is growing.  Who would acquire one when customers are only a few?  (Will I need it in the future?)

Moved to Tears

Photo from here.

An American Idol contestant moved us to tears. Above is a picture of Chris, and Juliana with a perfect face that does not need even an acne scar removal. Their story touched Steven Tyler.

Chris Medina, the 27- year-old contestant, has a very moving story.  The pretty fiancee he was about to marry, Juliana Ramos, met a terrible accident where her car was struck and caused her to be paralyzed and obtain severe brain damage.  It was a very sad story.  And I can relate.

What kind of a man would leave the woman he’s about to marry who has a devastating situation and condition at present?  That is what he believed in and I salute him.

Always Check the Batteries

Of course you would not want an important conversation be cut in the middle just because the telephone battery ran out.

Today, there are already telephone batteries replacements that are available even in Amazon.  It is important to remember to always buy those with the best manufacturer specs and not the refurbished.

Quality should always be the primary factor in buying electronic gadgets and devices.  It pays.  It would be a waste to buy cheaper ones with poor quality.  Of course, you already know that.

Is it the wireless router?

Linksys wireless router

The past few days I noticed that internet connection was slow.  I can even fill a glass of water before the browser had completed.  The first time the connection was upgraded, everything seemed okay. I am considering now to follow up and marvel if they will blame it on the wireless router again?

I decided on acquiring a wireless router for the other computer unit in the house.  Only one unit can be accommodated by the external drive given by the internet provider.  If it was the router, then the connection could have had problems the very first time I installed it.  I did not have problems before.  The connection was not fast but it was not very slow.

I have yet to report the condition and the status but  I have to remedy my forgetfulness first.

The Little Boy

I saw that young boy of about six or seven again.  He climbed the tricycle with his grandpa.  He was made to sit on an improvised little seat inside the tricycle.

He looked at me again with that same look he had when we first met.  But this time there were mixed emotions as he stared at my face.  As he stared, I stared back.  I did not really stare in a rude manner. I tried to paint a smile on my face.   I watched him intently, how his brows met each other, and how he pouted his lips.  He looked at me straight in the eye as if to challenge me with the game ‘who’s going to last staring’.

Then I began to wonder what he will be in the future.  Will he be an architect?  Will he be a doctor? Will he be a lawyer, or an engineer?  Or will he be a problem child?  Will he grow defiant of rules and regulations, and of laws?

His face is so innocent and precious.  As he struggled to explain to his grandpa the set of stickers he got in his hand, he sounded determined as he reminded him to take care of his little treasure.  Maybe he was afraid his grandpa will accidentally loose the set of stickers.

Then I was reminded of the other children in this road, the ones that roam along, night and day, hot or cold weather, barefooted and most of the time naked.  In that same road I traverse each day, the two brothers practically grew there.  Their house is just nearby – a shanty that can only hold about two people.  And they were nine in the family, excluding their parents.

Though these two little brothers were just children, there was another form of innocence in their faces.  It was very different from the boy in the tricycle.  They looked like they have many questions etched in their faces and they can only smile about the answers.

How will the boy in the tricycle react when he sees these children in the streets?  I wonder if he had already seen them.  If he had, how did he react?  What could have gone in his mind?

Missed the chance

One time I applied in a manufacturing company that builds steel buildings.  I was not accepted.  I failed to prove that I can do EMS monitoring.  I missed the chance.  But it was interesting to know that there are already buildings here in the Philippines that are being built with this system of steel.

The production manager in that company was kind enough to explain the benefits of having to build a house or a building using steel.    The first advantage is that steel is a lighter material than concrete.  He added that edifices built with steel are stronger.  Also, it does not rot, rust, warp, split or crack.  The termites won’t visit because they don’t eat steel.

There are many more advantages but it is about the price of steel materials that got my interest.  Steel price are stable than that of other house or building materials.

Against the Rain’s Pitter-Patter

As I race against the rain’s pitter-patter on my way home one evening, my mind was also raising against many concerns. I have to do this, I have to finish that, I have to prepare this, I have to complete that, etc. etc.

The list goes on and on. The list does not seem to have an end. Maybe that is why I get lonesome when it rains. They remind me of things that still have to be finished or completed. They remind me of work to be done. They remind me of my limitations, my lack, or my incapability.

The rain’s pitter-patter reminds me of the not so good. They make me think of the worst, of fear, of want, of loneliness, of desertion, of reject, and of neglect.

Funny, they also remind me of some folks, or of some intimates; those that had made me wounded, or indignant; those that made the heart throb; or those that had stung then left unforgettable scars.

Pitter-patter, pitter-patter, falling softly…

Credit Card Dilemma

Suddenly you cannot pay anymore on time.  The resources had depleted, or exhausted.  After years of finding ways to pay on time, you find yourself already in a dilemma.  You do not have any options left.

After patiently working and finding ways to solve the predicament, you will finally put an end to all that were due.  But after that are you still going to apply for a credit card?  After all, the freeze period will be out for some time and you will have that opportunity again.  Will you do it?

It all boils down to one thing.  Discipline.   Discipline sounds appealing to the ear.  But it is not that easy to practice.  It takes a lot of patience to maintain.  Truly ‘high-maintenance’.

Kim Tak Goo

Do you know what keeps me from doing my regular writing?  Do you know what keeps me from sleeping early?

It’s him.

Kim Tak Goo

It’s Kim Tak Goo all right!  That baker from the Koren novela “The Baker King”.  The time I watched with son Daryl, I never seem to want to stop.  Kim Tak Goo inspires me.  Corny, you may say, but I don’t care.  😀 he he

Taboo Topics for Men

If you come across, you will read how testosterone acts as hormone replacement therapy.  And what does it treat?  They are those that are taboo topics for men namely:  impotence, hair loss, and decreased sex drive.

Why do men dread these topics?  Not many are willing to discuss them openly because they feel it is a minus on their person, because it reduces them to a certain level, and because they fear the worst.  What a paradox it can be for some. 

Inability to sustain an erection in a sexual activity can be caused not only by physical illnesses but also by psychological sickness.  Though psychological impotence is rare, it does happen.  Hormone replacement therapy or testosterone creams can be a cure.  As to side effects, one has to research thoroughly.

Men affected by these problems have to deal with it squarely.  It is best that with the first signs, one has to consult a doctor.