A Blank in My Memory

I have made several attempts to write something for this evening’s post. I tried writing something with a title Being Green and was reminded of MyePinoy because of his dedication to the preservation of Mother Nature and everything related to her. But the effort was futile and I couldn’t write anything about it.

It’s the movie The Lake House which is being aired at HBO while I am writing this. It’s my second time actually but I couldn’t keep myself from viewing it still with interest and fascination.

Image from Diva Village

I tried writing about our visit to best friend Mila’s house at San Mateo. There’s lots to write about but I cannot encourage myself to write about it, either. It’s like there is a huge blank in my memory that would not supply or provide the right words, intro, drama, excitement, et al for a post.

swimming pool area

It’s the movie The Lake House, which starred Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullocks (two of my favorites), which keeps on distracting me. I even downloaded the soundtrack It’s Too Late by Carole King from Sonific. Everything about this movie is so fascinating, I think.

Then I said to myself, “Why don’t you just bloghop?” but failed to convince myself. I cannot even have the urge to do so. I am afraid I cannot even leave a sensible comment or a crisp hi or hello.

It’s this movie. And the climax is fast approaching. I still can feel my heart beat fast though I know already what will happen next.

There – I wrote a nonsensical post out of a blank in my memory. Gotta do what I have to do next.


I like


Picture courtesy of Biggest Stars.com

Insomnia got me again last night so I switched on the tv and saw one of the actress I like VERY MUCH. It was Sandra Bullock Revealed. It was totally a revelation to me. My favorite actress is a level-headed, compassionate and funny woman.

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