Officially Today


Kay’s 18th birthday is officially today. But the party will be held on the second day of the second month of this year. And boy, oh, boy, it’s been a stressful month of January.

Preparing for a party in the Philippines is really nerve-racking especially if you belong to a big clan. I now understand my cousin (who is now the current assistant undersecretary of a government office, and who, by the way, can afford big parties) why he chose to get married in the US with a few witnesses and friends only.

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MP3 Players at

Today most people are into gadgets, devices, components, games, softwares, et al. But these products are not cheapo and cut a big chunk of the budget. It’s good to know though that there are shopping stations that offer discounted prices or prices much lower than the popular prices.

Take for example mp3 players. In the advent of technology, these audio portable players which later became mp3 players transformed into various sizes and capacities. They are also categorized according to storage media which can either be flash or hard disk drive.

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College-University: Application Hassles

t’s quite amusing that both of my children did not apply to many colleges or universities. They only applied to one university. It’s a complete gamble I may say. But I am thankful that they were blessed with talents to overcome the challenge.

My children were not pressured about what choices they are going to pick. They were given the full swing, so to say, about what courses they wanted to take. They consult but they are given the opportunity to weave their lives. This is probably because I was not given that kind of freedom. I was tied to an obligation. Being only in the wait list of a prestigious school even brought me guilt and depression. But nobody felt and cared about how I feel those times.

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Caring for the Elderly

Sending the elderly to care homes is not yet that popular in the Philippines as it is in the west. The Filipino people always wanted to take care of their loved ones and that’s why there are many extended families in the country.

But times are changing and work demands more time than before. The elderly are often left alone at home, unattended physically and emotionally, or unaccompanied. Though there are unemployed capable siblings and relatives who should take care of them, not everybody is willing and prepared to take care of the elderly. We all see the many live proofs of elderly in the streets left alone wandering.

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Eat at Home

I was listening to the radio while Winnie and Ariel of DZMM discuss the benefits of eating at home. I find it very interesting and the discussion is surely an eye opener for me who had always argued with Papsie about eating out.


The first reason why we should choose to eat at home is that it is healthier. They say when you eat out, one cannot control, for example, the salt and sugar content of your food. When you are at home and you know that you are diabetic, you will limit the amount of sugar, or when you are hypertensive, you can control the amount of salt you put in your dish.


Second, it is cheaper. This is one reason Papsie will like very much. The foremost reason he does not want to eat out is the cost of the food in the menu. I have learned to understand that the underlying reason, too, is that he knows how to cook, he knows how much the food will cost if he buys the ingredients and cooks them. There was even a time that he actually calculated and discovered that the food costs thrice as much as the cost if he buys the ingredients and cooks them.


The last reason is that eating at home enhances one’s creativity. One reason, too, why those food in those restos are expensive is because we also pay for the hard work they put on the presentation. But we can also be creative and not spend a single centavo on the presentation.

Pretty interesting info, don’t you agree?