The Party’s Over

Verns was right. No matter how OC you wanted to be about the preparations for a party, it will end just what a party always is – not perfect. Because a party is all but merrymaking, revelry, blast, celebration, and it always ends up lacking one way or the other.


Well, the good thing is it’s over and done with. Papsie was fulfilled being very thankful the most because he tried his very best to give his service and support in ways unimaginable to me. Me, feeling incomplete because of anxiety though it was over, was very restless until now – not knowing if the reason is if the visitors enjoyed the event and the food, or if the celebrant liked what we had done or prepared for her. And Daryl, being supportive as always, was thankful for what I did and that the stress it’s causing me had ended. Continue reading “The Party’s Over”

Officially Today


Kay’s 18th birthday is officially today. But the party will be held on the second day of the second month of this year. And boy, oh, boy, it’s been a stressful month of January.

Preparing for a party in the Philippines is really nerve-racking especially if you belong to a big clan. I now understand my cousin (who is now the current assistant undersecretary of a government office, and who, by the way, can afford big parties) why he chose to get married in the US with a few witnesses and friends only.

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