A Touching Story

In the midst of all the events and happenings this Christmas, I chanced upon a story in National Geographic, if I am not mistaken, about a story titled The Last Lioness.  I was not able to remember the guy who was doing his best efforts to breed a new generation for the remaining lioness in that wilderness but I cannot forget the seeming loneliness in the lioness’ eyes.  She appeared like she is truly longing for a lion partner.  The male lions were nowhere to be found in that part of Africa.

With his hunting binoculars, the guy looks for a perfect male for the remaining lioness in other parts of the wilderness.  Their group was able to find a seemingly perfect partner.  They had him sedated and brought to the area where the lioness was.  Unfortunately, when he woke up he panicked and they had to sedate him again.  He died.

The guy’s sadness affected me.  His noble efforts were laid to waste.  But still, he did not loose hope and was willing to work on the next.


Food Baskets

One awesome Christmas gift idea that I encountered is a fruit basket.  It always look good in the eye to see a basket of fruits.  To have a twist with these fruit baskets, one can try the Organic Food Gift Baskets.

Though a little expensive, organic food and produce contribute more to good health.  As we all know, the quality of fruit and vegetables that we eat had diminished because of pesticides that were used in producing them.

It is said that the quality of fruits today, for example, is not even comparable to those that were produced a long time ago.  We need to eat a lot of these fruits in order to get the equal amount of nutrients that can be acquired before.  But that would also mean, eating a lot of pesticides, too.

It is a sad fact but true.

Raffle Prizes for the IQAs

If you think it is a television set like those with digital tv antennas IQA Tony had won, it’s not.  Would you like to guess what it was?  It’s pretty obvious, I know.  😀

Many thanks to Ms. Aleta for the effort.  She was the top IQA for the year.   Her efforts to solicit raffle prizes for the annual Christmas event of the team is truly commendable.  It was a selfless move actually.  Not many people can work on something for others.  And she is not alone.

You might be wondering who she is.  I know this post has nothing to do with anybody but I just want to mention.  Here she is.

me and Ms. Aleta

Speaking of digital television antennas, it might not be the thing now for everybody but it could still be useful especially in countries where there is winter season.

Best acne treatment

Pimples started to appear again on my Daryl’s face.  But he is not in need yet in need of the best acne treatment.  They are only pimples, not acne or the inflamed ones, where some even have cyst and nodules.

But I am not sure about those at his back.  Though they are only a few now, they are some that look like slightly bigger than a pimple, red and swollen.  Some are even achy.

I wonder if these acne or pimples can be caused by stress.  Lately, Daryl was so stressed up, he wanted to do every school work at one time.  He challenges his own self too much.  I have always told him to be cool and take things at a stride, to have fun once in a while, and not to pressure himself that much.  But oh, well, I know he knows what he’s doing.  But I hope he’ll have enough fun during the holidays.  Though there will be a lot to be stressed about the holidays, too,  I hope he can have a breather.

Arson or accident?

Last December 15, 2010, we were horrified to see the flames of an ongoing fire at the back of a company just across the street.  It seemed so near.  Fear gripped my inner being as I watched the blazing fire.  I thought of the many beings who will be left homeless, and those that could possibly be hurt, and worst, if it reaches the nearby manufacturing company of industrial gases.  I was horrified of the thought that during explosion, tanks will be thrown our way and many more will be affected.

In panic, my son was telling Papsie to call the fire station.  Papsie retorted that he’s sure somebody had already called up.  Maybe because of the confusion, and at the same time, fear, that me and Daryl felt, I snapped back at how he seemed so careless.  But he was right, a few minutes, volunteer fire trucks came.  Not one government fire truck was seen though.

The fire allegedly started from an unattended rice cooking.  The said man who was suspected to be the one responsible was beaten black and blue by the neighbors.  He claimed that it was not true during an interview on tv.  After a few days, reports from our nearby friends and relatives said that the fire was truly intended.  For whatever reason, it was not known up to this day.

Finding Work in a Different Land

There are some friends who are planning to go abroad.  One of them is interested in getting a health care job.  A healthcare job bank will surely be of help.  I mentioned it to another friend who will be migrating to the U. S. in the future.  Her field is chemistry and she is not quite sure if she can be able to land a job in her field.

The thing is, not all people can perform in health care.  Not all people have the patience and service that are primary requirements for the job.  Not all people are equipped for this kind of job.

Some may ask why I cannot be a nurse, for example, as I have been telling some friends.  It is because the job will require my heart to perform it efficiently and effectively.  If someone is not ready to give their heart to a particular job then he or she must not be doing it, especially jobs that would take care of people’s health and well being.  It would require a great deal of patience and hard work.  Not that I am lazy but I do not think that I can be an effective nurse.   And I am saying this with all honesty and without prejudice to the job.

Will my friend be able to perform in a health care environment?  That is for her to answer.  In this world of survival, maybe she is already giving second thoughts to it.

Do I Want a Plasma TV set?

No, I don’t.  Why?  It is because the house is not that big and I do not have enough money to buy those samsung lcd screens.

I first saw this big screen TV (I was not sure if it was 40″) in Papsie’s cousin’s house.  It was amazing to see it first time.  It fits in that spacious house and in that recreation space they have for the family.

Who would not love to have one?  But my house, even if I could afford it, will not be able to accommodate a big appliance set.  It just would not fit.  It would look awkward.

But I am happy.  We treasure those two 21″ and a 14″ inches television sets.  They bring us good news, good movies, and good updates.   How could one ask for more?