Running for a Cause

Talking with Papsie’s boozed up friends last night, one of the topics was about the coming barangay elections.  Listening,  I learned that there was a candidate who sounded sensible because of his proposal to keep the hush-hush earnings for projects.  He did not win.  Why? Simple, the greater part of the majority does not desire losing the hush-hush earnings in their pockets.

I was probably naive to think that there is truly a noble cause why these candidates run.  I thought that at least there is a number that truly cares for the constituents’ welfare and the barangay’s improvement.  I learned that those candidates who had been on the run for many years are truly running for a cause – to fill their pockets with hush-hush earnings, or to become rich because of ill gotten money.

The barangay electoral system in the Philippines had been marred with greed, corruption, and chaos, for a long time.  Still, I have this wishful thinking that this will change in the future though I know it is just as near to impossible.  Some are ready to kill for a position, or to covet the position even in the most bloody way.  Some cling to the position even though their constituents had been denouncing them for long.

The anatomy of barangay elections in the Philippines stems from its culture of being clannish or family-oriented.  It may sound like it is a positive attribute but it is with this essence that unqualified or incompetent people are elected to a position.  It is not about a candidate’s capacity to govern, or serve, it is about how much money they use to buy a vote, it is about how much percentage of the clan a candidate will win over, or it is about their ability to thwart the truth and the lies therein,  or to coerce their constituents to vote for them.

But it also stems from the constituents’ unwillingness to change.  They vote for the same incompetent person because of the personal favors they will be getting in the future.  They sell their votes for a need but are not worried how much the act would cause them in the future.  They are negligent and uncaring that they do not take courage making their voice when these evil politicians openly cheat.  They tolerate the misdeed because they foresee the monetary gains they will have by agreeing to the evil deeds, or being silent about an obvious cheating.


Technology in the Medical World

Technology is providing IT professionals and clinicians what they need to facilitate work. It is truly beneficial for them that with it comes the equipment and accessories they need in their line of work and to serve clients and patients in the fastest way possible.

It is a wonder that today products like medical computer carts, medical cart accessories, and medical cabinets are already available to be utilized for professional services and as solution to many activities and procedures required to do the medical jobs. They are also available in different brands of choice.

But it is a pity that only those in the first world country can experience the latest of these technologies. In a third world country, the outdated can still be a blessing in remote places.

I Need to Promote this Blog!

They say a directory submission software could help.  If I have enough money, I can give it a try.  But for now, I will be focusing on the traditional ways of promoting this blog and that is through social networking, submission to directories, exchanging links, and joining discussions and forums.

Sometimes it makes me think why other people can attract traffic to their blogs that easy.  It actually is time consuming to promote but the blog begs for it.  It has to be marketed.  It has to be re-introduced.

Well, some people would be content to write and not care about comments but I prefer the blog to be interactive.  It is such fun to read other people’s thoughts always.

And what about SEO?  Can someone tell me, tell me please, about this.  I was told it could really help one be put on the first page of Google.  Focus is so required but how can I when I am a working mother of two.  Make it three.  Hubby acts like a baby at times.  Heh.

Hiphop Abs Exercise

Instead of clinging to weight loss pills (which I haven’t tried ever since), I thought of giving a go to an exercise routine instead.  It is an aerobic exercise routine with hiphop dance.  Very interesting actually.  I thought at first, it would be as easy as eating pie because I am fond of dancing.  It was what I was good at during high school though nobody discovered it ha ha ha :-D.

But woe to me!  I am having a hard time keeping up with the exercise routine.   There are steps and movements that really rock.  If I will be sticking to the plan, in a few months, I will definitely say goodbye to the flabs!  I am keeping my fingers crossed at the moment.

It Does Not Seem to End


I am amused that up until now, my high school classmates had not gotten off from the excitement of throwing banters at the posted pictures in Facebook.  They seem to have liked it so much to exchange jokes at everybody.  If one is ‘pikon’ surely he will be the object of it all.  So high-school-ish.  Ha ha  It does not seem to end.  Not that I wanted to end but the exchange have not died until now.  It is one way for everybody actually to experience laughter virtually.

On another note, Helen, the one who sponsored a party for our high school class, is going back to the US.  Back to work actually.  I was told she had not missed a day visiting places here in the Philippines and eating Filipino dishes in all her days of vacation.

Small Circles, Big Circles, Dark Circles??

It is so fun to look at how little children begin to learn to draw small and big circles.  But before a mother takes pleasure on how well the darling child is acquiring knowledge, it would take her to sacrifice a lot for the child from the time she was born up to the time she becomes a toddler that will not deprive the mother anymore of sleep during nights.

The other day, I saw Jennifer Lopez’ picture with her eyes covered by make up to hide the dark circles.   In a news, it was said that she is fighting off dark circles with caviar.  Yes, caviar.  Not really the actual caviar but a beauty product with caviar.

The actress reportedly got dark circles after not getting enough sleep because of her baby twins.  The caviar pads she used is the first pads I heard to treat the problem though there are already eye creams available in the market that has peptides, moisturizers and stem cell.

Pop Your Pimple, Do You Do This Often?

In relation to blackheads on the nose, there is another problem that bothers most of us.  These are the pimples.  I usually do not worry about them because very seldom one can see a pimple on my face.  When I have one, I make it sure I do not touch it nor pop it.  I was told by a friend that it could infect the pimple.

If one pimple bothers me a lot, how much more if it grows big and is infected and multiply at the same time!  If you have been popping your pimples, you can try visit and they will tell you how damaging the activity is to your skin.  The site also recommends products that will ease the problem on pimples.

My son’s face, particularly on the nose area has blackheads, and sometimes he gets pimples, too.  My worry is how to get a product that will suit a young teen’s face and will not cause damage.  Truly a dilemma for us but for now I adviced him to wash the face before going to bed.