Where Else Is It Safe?

With the gripping news about the bombing of Batasang Pambansa, my brain waves transmitted a question – Where else is it safe?

It is ambiguous that a building supposedly protected by a more (if not the most) sophisticated and tight security measure can be blown up just like that. Well, the government and some personalities can always throw warnings against speculations but can we blame anybody who wonders? Why are these bombings happening?

I am still filled with shock seeing those people who died and were hurt in the incident. Whoever did these merciless and vindictive acts are unforgivable. No reason is reason enough to bomb a building where innocent victims could be hurt or could die. It will require calloused hearts to plan and even execute those acts of terror.

Just like most everybody else, we cannot help but feel fear. We cannot help entertain thoughts of possibilities. Are these bombings mere coincidences? Or are these deliberate heinous acts of covering up issues? Or are these sadistic acts of terrorism? Opinions, I believe, based on incomplete information and evidence are inessential until proven but they should not be ruled out.

The death of Rep. Akbar is a tragic one and is pivotal. Media interviews imply that he has been a target of the military because of his previous connections to the MILF. A friend of his contends that he is a good man and a competent congressman. There are speculations that the military is getting back at him. While these are happening, the Abu Sayyaf group denied involvement in the incident because they have no reason to exterminate the congressman. And just this evening, there was a text message from someone who claims the bombing and that he is an ASG member. We are again left with a question – who is telling the truth?

I remember Gary Valenciano in an interview long ago, when his kids were still very young, that he is afraid not for himself alone that for his kids. I feel this exact feeling of anxiety these days where you always think about the safety of your kids.

So where else is it safe? If an institution like the Batasang Pambansa can be penetrated by vicious elements, how can we feel safe? I could speculate all the more but I don’t want to further overstretch the issues connected with this bombing. But I cannot help thinking about people who are possibly blinded by power and could design such evil schemes notwithstanding the dangers they could inflict on innocent victims. Gruesome.