Are you a fan of Giorgio Perfume?

Honestly, when I was conceiving with my first baby, I hate a lot of smells.  One of them is the Giorgio perfume.  When an office mate entered our room one time, I tried my best not to breathe and hastily went out of the room when that person chose to stay.

I wonder if things had changed with the way Giorgio scents smell, and if this wings perfume for women by Giorgio would capture my taste for perfumes.  It is interesting though that it contains amber, musk and woods mixed with some floral scents.  Floral scents can be overpowering though but I am keeping my hopes high for this one.

You can choose to give me this scent on the eve of December 24.  😀 😀  I am not choosy, you know.  LOL


In Pursuit of a Dream

As I had written in a post at MyLot, I am growing tired of what I do.  Work had become a routine.  It does not challenge me anymore, and it does not give a promise of growth anymore, financially, mentally, and morally.  It seemed like everything is futile; it seemed like everything is in freeze or hanging mode.   I admire  some people whoregard work as fun albeit it could not be like that always but having to work with more fun in a sense not really akin to not doing anything at all but doing it with much gusto and love and self-respect is really, really something.

Some people can be just content of what they do or be satisfied working only within their comfort zone.  I mean, some people can be ‘fat dumb and happy’ with the conventional pace.    I was at some point in my life,  that – trying to appease my self with thoughts of acceptance.

But the desire is growing and Princess Merida asked this question: “If you had a chance to change your fate, would you? “


I am crossing my fingers as I hope.

Beautiful Sounds

Each time I see a movie by Pixar, I am always in awe of the sound quality.  It makes me wonder about the sound technology that is applied.  It also makes me wonder if the technology included rich sounds like those from ableton suite 8 which is a software package that complements music production tools and features.

I bet that those creative minds from production use these complicated sound tool sets with expertise.  I will never ever be able to understand them, I know, but to listen to a richly good, useful high-end, and real sounds makes me want to learn a little of the how.


Brave, by Pixar

The other night we watched Brave.  It is this year’s computer-animated fantasy adventure, by Pixar.

Once again, Pixar created something special.  Contrary to reviews that the movie failed to deliver because it somehow mislead the viewers by its title, I find that it has a unique approach to the concept of bravery.

Perhaps I find the movie interesting because it is about that mother and daughter relationship that is as always, complex, but in-between the complexities love always prevails.  I love the part where the daughter realized her fault.  In all mother and daughter relationships, there will always be this part though some daughters will be that difficult to admit their faults and deny love.  In the movie though, Merida realized the weight of her impulsive actions that resulted from her selfish desires.








Waterfall Fountains

One of the Rimsky ('Roman') fountains in Peterhof
One of the Rimsky (‘Roman’) fountains in Peterhof (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am not sure about waterfall fountains but I am sure they will suit a larger house that need decorative ornaments inside or outside.  Some waterfall fountains are also considered soothing walls.  I have to agree with that because flowing water gives me that soothing feeling, or that calm and compose feeling.

Alas, the house is not built as comely as those houses in magazine covers.  Aside from being old, the present design of the house now will just be consumed by the beauty of these waterfall fountains.  Also, there is no space indoor or outdoor to include these waterfall fountains.

But if I have a huge house, the waterfall fountains will definitely be included or considered but I would go with the unique ones.  Obtuse outdoor fountain with a ball or an alpine rainforest driftwood fountain are types that are one of a kind.

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Thursday Two Questions: Hair Care

It’s only now that I have time to update the blog and I wanted to take the opportunity to participate in this Thursday meme which is currently running at Sagacity’s Choices Shampoos Conditioners and Body Lotions. Here are the two questions:

1.  Do you use, alternate more than one brand of shampoo, conditioner, or body wash?

2.  Do you have a favorite brand of shampoo, conditioner, or body wash?

My answers:

1.  I do not have the habit of alternating or using more than one brand of shampoo.  I always go for the effect of the shampoo to my hair and scalp.  There are shampoos that are effective only for a time so if I find a brand that suits the hair and scalp, I tend to stick to it.

2.  At present, my favorite shampoo and conditioner is Pantene.  Once a week, I use Pantene Total Damage Care, as maintenance.

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On One of the Deadly Sins: Envy

It was only the other week that I watched Seven. It’s a beautiful movie and featured the seven deadly sins in this order

  • Gluttony
  • Greed
  • Pride
  • Sloth
  • Lust
  • Envy
  • Wrath

It was such a sad movie for me even if it appears scary for others.  The serial killer preached in each kill where each one of the seven deadly sins is portrayed in every death.  So horrifying was the execution for the sin ‘lust’, where the prostitute was brutally murdered in a way I could never ever imagine as possible to happen.

All these sins, the killer admitted that he is ‘envy’ killing Brad Pitt’s wife portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow because he realized he was envious of Brad Pitt’s life who is Detective David Mills in the movie.  Kevin Spacey played the serial killer. Praises to him for that brilliant portrayal!  🙂

The movie made me think about the envy sin.  It could really be a dangerous tool by anyone.  It could damage, it could separate, it could alienate, it could create animosity, and worst of all, it could kill.  To be the embodiment of this evil sin is not something that could give anyone benefit.  However, most people, blinded by envy, does not even realize that they are becoming or have become the total embodiment of envy.