52Photos Project – Mint

52 Photos Project

Kay's friend M* and his niece
Kay’s friend M* and his niece

Surrounded by mint.


Curious as a Cat #408

Got curious as a cat again!

1) Who is the funniest comedian, in your opinion?

I will go with the local comedian.  I find Dolphy very funny.  Until now, for me, there isn’t a comedian who has that ‘punch’.  It seems that almost every one of them are copy cats.


2) Are there any interesting things your name spells with the letters rearranged (i.e. anagramed)?

Is there such a thing as ASS RAIN? That’s the best I can do with it.  😀

3) If you could be a character from any book you’ve read, who would you be?

Catelyn, from The Game of Thrones.  I am like her in ways where she is always ready to do things just to protect her children, even if they endanger her.

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

2013-01-25 11.25.56

The picture above reminds me of barriers, or of differences. To expand it more, it tells of chaos between individuals of differing opinions and beliefs. It tells also of how a man’s mental made up is different from that of a woman’s.

But even with differences, thing can be straightened if laid out carefully, and with much consideration.  Just like the picture above that ended up okay because the tiles were neatly arranged from both sides.  🙂  Did I stretch so much?

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Saturday Six #513

Today’s Saturday Six questions are based on words beginning with the letter F.

1. F is for FAN: Which celebrity are you proud to consider yourself a fan of?

Liam Neeson.  I get Twitterpated when I see him.

Image courtesy of Fanpop.com

2. F is for FLIPPER: If you had a chance to swim with a dolphin, would you take it?

No. I do not know how to swim. 😦

3. F is for FOG: Do you find fog beautiful or creepy?

Creepy even if there isn’t a fog but a smog here in the metro where I live.

4. F is for FRIGHT: When was the last time an amusement park ride truly frightened you?

That must be around 2005.  I was forced to try “Aladin’s Magic Carpet’. It was scary as hell.

5. F is for FUR: Should real fur coats be banned over animal cruelty concerns? Why or why not?

They should be banned. To patronize fur products will mean killing more and making these animals disappear or eventually make them become extinct.

6. F is for FURNITURE: What is the oldest piece of furniture you own and how long have you owned it?

The living room sala set.  It would be very difficult to part ways with these pieces already.


The logo for Saturday Six is lovely.  The previous one is okay but this one comes with a lively tone.

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52Photos Project – Crooked Line

52 Photos Project

I see crooked lines everywhere…

DSC05080I see them in the noodles Drew was trying to grab when he lost patience using the fork.

DSC04938I see them in the lines of the face of a father whose daughter was raped by a Japanese during the war in the wordless comics daughter Kay used for her thesis in college (One of her medium was coffee, and she won the grant).

may 13 2013 008I see a crooked line while this creature was making a bend going somewhere.

Crooked lines are lovely lines, I conclude.  There are lots of crooked lines here.

The Nice Sounding Harmonica

I was not sure if it was one of those lee oskar harmonicas that he was playing.  I was enthralled by the sound coming from the instrument that I could not recall that one person I saw for the first time making sounds out of this little music thing.  This musical instrument has many types, I was told, and is also called a blues harp.

The harmonica is truly a wonderful musical instrument but I wonder why I had totally erased from my memory the first person I saw using it.  I have been trying to recall that guy, or maybe a boy, but to no avail.  How come I forgot who that was?  Has it happened to you? Why did I forget about who that person is?

Perhaps it was the music that had me captivated and not the person ha ha ha      😀 that is why I couldn’t trace him in my mind.  Seriously, I am baffled.  Is this a case of selective memory?