Ashop Commerce


Two friends are talking about doing business online.

Friend A: Why don’t you try an ecommerce software like Ashop?

Friend B: Ecommerce software? Is that the same as a shopping cart software a friend told me the other day?

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The Buzz is True

I am very new in this business – to advertise on blogs and get paid. I have yet to discover what’s in it for me. But the buzz is true. Smorty is the fastest so far in giving out payments. I should know. 😀

Just the other day, I received an email from Paypal. The subject read: Your money has been sent by Smorty to your nominated Paypal account. This was seven days after it was approved.

‘Tis true. And that is pretty amazing to see that the buzz is true. It made me wish that I should have started earlier and ignored the qualms in being a problogger. I could have earned a lot by now. Think about the thought of being a ‘dollar earner’. That sounds like I am a big shot. LOL. 😀

Seriously, earning thru blogging is rewarding I can say. It is never that ‘big’ really especially if you are just starting but it gives you some sense of confidence. It also helps augment immediate financial needs. It makes me feel I am a useful blogger. And that I am IN.


Loans – Status Symbol?

Loans can be a status symbol. Why? They project one’s paying capability, earnings and character. Responsible borrowers are given opportunities, discounts and freebies. Necessities, therefore, become luxuries. Only if you lend with a plan to pay. 😀

Delight in the benefits of a $1500 Cash Advance Loan. In this kind of opportunity, you can choose what types of payday loans cater to your needs.