A Beautiful Sight from the Window

string trimmer (Photo credits to landscapingequipment.landscapeliving.com)

From my office room to the left are the windows that give anybody upstairs the view of the parking lot in front of the building.  Alongside are the ornamental plants that were placed to provide a delightful view.  During the first several months, the ornamental plants and weeds were maintained and I heard that it costs a considerable amount.

With echo trimmers around, my boss will be able to appreciate ground maintenance with brush or weed cutters that can be utilized by the ground janitors or maintenance personnel.  There is no need to pay a huge amount for the monthly maintenance where he can buy a device that is light and handy, and can be used for a longer period of time.  All that is needed is to correctly and safely use these echo trimmers, and better, understand first the principle behind and how the equipment or the device works.

There is always an option.  I hope there will be somebody to tell him, one that knows the principle of a string trimmer, and how it can be very useful while being economical.   I will definitely enjoy the view that soothes the eye if the brushes and weeds are trimmed.


worker asleep at work (Photo credits to http://virtualteambuilders.wordpress.com)

Employees complain about flawed company rules and policies.  They say that the company does not care for their employees.  They whine about almost everything but mostly they whine about frozen salary increases, denied early retirement packages, and disregarded employee recognition, among others.

While those are valid concerns, and definitely cause inefficiency and low productivity, I look at everything from the point of view that an entrepreneur and an employee will always have motivations and concerns at odds.  A capitalist does not think like a worker.  A capitalist’s priorities disagree with that of the worker most of the time, if not always.

A worker or an employee’s focus is confined only to his current job and the challenges and difficulties it entails.  A capitalist’s attention is geared to a more complex transaction – with the workers and employees, with its managers, with its business peers or partners, with its suppliers, with its competitors, and mostly with its customers.  It is not as simple as a worker accomplishing his duties and responsibilities for the day.

Of course, the whole thing should be a give and take situation.  The workers doing their part of the bargain.  The employer also doing the same, have to give a larger part of the bargain for the bigger share of the gain.  But when is it right to complain?

It is but right to empathize with unfair labor practices.  But there has to be justification.  Should a worker who does not perform his work dutifully, and makes excuses all the time, complain about injustice? Does an employee who goes to work only to play games and visit social networking sites, eating up a large portion of his working time, has a right to grumble?  Will a supervisor or manager who has poor supervision of his subordinates and his work be justified of his nonchalance?  It looks like these are benefits equivalent to those they demand or complain about.

A worker or an employee has the right to complain if he can prove he is performing his duties and responsibilities at par, or outstandingly.  It insults rationality or common sense if a worker or an employee demands what he does not even deserve to the minimum.  I am a believer of justice but I cannot sympathize with these whiners who only nitpicks most of the time and does not even have productive and effective yield for their jobs.  They are very good at identifying what needs to be done but fails to check what they are doing.  It gives one a reason to wonder about the whining.

To end this discourse, a worker or an employee simply has to do what he was assigned to do, and he has to produce results.  When the time comes he has to prove himself worthy of the benefits he so desires, it will be effortless.  Proving something not existent can become one’s doom, and bring him to an unforgettable shame.

Fitness Workouts – It can be fun-ny trying!

Currently I am trying an exercise routine named Hip Hop Abs. It is funny to discover at first how my body parts had become unflexible and rigid when before I can follow easily any dance step. I had downloaded this routine and had been using it via a Media Player. It is not that easy at first. Actually, I cannot maintain doing the routine because of time constraints and other things, but now, I am trying again.

Then I heard that there is a kind of wii fitness program called zumba wii. It has belt wraps around the waist that allows the motion controller to move with the motion of the hips where the movement originates from.

Technology is really fast nowadays that even wii fitness routines are already available. The said zumbaa wii fitness program is said to have 30 routines that are fun and exciting because you can do them with three more players. One can also do the routine (with the others) online.

Let the Children Do What They Have to Do

On June 19, 2011, Jose Rizal’s 150th birthday, daughter Kay treated us to lunch at Kanin Club. I received also an invite to attend to a picnic made for Rizal at Intramuros but family comes first, of course.

Papsie always dislikes the idea of eating out. For him, it is an expensive way of celebration. But I always tell him to let his children do what they have to do, and that is to show their love in whatever way they love to.

Papsie is my husband Danny for 22 years already. Just like what is expected of any individual, he has his tantrums, too. He has weaknesses like everybody. But for me, he is superman and super kind. I believe that given the chance, he will prove his love for me and for the family more than what he had and has been doing.

The family actually asks nothing more from him but he always feel he is lacking because of the physical inability. But he had done more than enough in his situation and condition and I believe, in God’s grace and mercy, that we will be able to surpass life’s challenges together, as always.

I pray that God will give us our desires and wishes for him. We love him very deeply.

They should burn in hell!

A young lass was discovered and rescued by barangay tanods, not a piece of clothing on, wandering in a deserted road, and seemed to have lost her mind.

She was raped by demons from hell, the news told.   I hated them very much from the time the news was on tv.   If someone will tell me that these demons must have been drug addicts, I will retort telling that no drug detox center program could change the monster in these hateful men. They surely must have been one of those fallen angels that we call demons.

The story went that the girl EBed (eyeballed) with someone from Facebook.  She could not be stopped, the sister said.  What a stubborn lass!

This had me thinking again.  The world is not a place to live in anymore.  AND I have to purge my FB list.

At the LRT station

The commuters at Muñoz are sparse.  I thought to myself, “This is going to be easy, no pushing, no shoving.”  After a few minutes, the train came.  When it stopped, I was almost taken by surprise that I will be pushed and shoved when there are enough seats to be taken.

Why is there a need to push and shove?  Filipinos s*ck at discipline.  Big time.  We cannot wait for our turn.  We always wanted to be first, to get passed another by force.

Heard from an office mate that it could be worse at the ladies’ waiting area than the men’s waiting area.  Women are more like bulls ready to butt with horns their fellow women.  No considerations to be made but a clear message of ‘get out of my path, I’m going to ride the train’!  My office mate said that it is better to locate yourself among the boys because you have a chance to be seated and you will not be pushed and shoved.

I understand that there is a need to arrive the soonest to one’s destination but don’t these people think that it could delay them more when they push each other?  It could really be so frustrating.  I thank God I do not commute via LRT or MRT often.  I am just a tricycle and a jeep away from work.

One of my first shameful experiences at the LRT is when I tripped and landed on fours on the floor. I waited for everybody to laugh.  Nobody laughed.  It was as if I did not exist.  They ignored me.  I was laughing at myself and thought ‘maybe this is not the first time’.

Inside the LRT, I could not keep myself from surveying on each commuter.  I try to make a story out of a couple who seemed to have a lover’s tiff.  I stare at a man who lust after a pretty girl.  I hate men who ignores the elderly.  The LRT cab is a can mixture of paella.   So many people, so many character, so many stories.

The trip home is more a fun ride than the trip to work. 😦

Who is the victim?

It’s kind of peaceful. I am so loving it.

What a pity that the weakest link pulled off an agenda without knowing that being the weakest link, the weakest link gets to be the victim in the end, while reading the whole thing in reverse. Well, that maybe is the whole point of being a bonehead.

But before I will be suspected of speaking in tongues, what exactly is a victim?

There are a few definitions from Thesaurus.com that interest me:

  • someone sacrificed
  • object of ridicule
  • person who is fooled
  • fall guy
  • stupid or ridiculous person
  • person who takes blame for another action

With these few definitions, who would ever want to be a victim? No one, of course.  Unless…

Lest a person does not know that he or she is a victim.  But is that possible that a person may not know that he or she is a victim? It is.  If a person, as I said, is a bonehead, then he or she could be used, for example, as a sacrifice, or someone who is going to take the blame for another person’s misdeed.  If a person is non compos mentis, then a fall guy is born, an easy target for the charlatans.  There are certainly creatures who are as evil, and the victim does not even know they are.

There are people who use other people for their ulterior and evil motives.  Believe me, they exist.  Quite a handful really.  Motives, though, vary from good to bad, bad to good.  I do not think that there is an in-between.  We all share the good and the bad, no exemption, only that there are people with convictions higher than the rest.

But to victimize or prey on other’s weaknesses, that is unimaginable.   It  is like murder, that pre-meditated act of crime.