On Valentine’s Day

Let us partake of love’s
sweet taste
Let us swamp ourselves
in love’s care

Again and again, feel
my embrace,
my kisses,
my love.

Let me drown in your tenderness,
my love.
Let us for a while forget
this world.

Let us partake of love’s
and live in its
sweet taste

Love is corny, according to you.  But according to you, too, this is the reason why it is so nice to feel love.  Just like ingredients, being corny is one of the ingredients of a sweet and good love.

We do not utter our love like this.  We just usually say “I love you”.  It comes with a touch on the head, and of course, a touch here and there.  😀  It also comes with a wink that usually has an intense meaning to it.  It also comes with a passionate glare which meaning I know too well.  It comes most of the time with a kiss, or with kisses, some are feather-like, some flaming.

A day does not end without telling me that I am loved, or making me feel that I am.  Do we not get so bored with each other? So used to each other’s words, touch and presence?  I do not think so.  You are not only my other half.  You are more than being half of my life.  And I hope I am to you, too.

Happy Heart’s Day, dearest!