Early Morning Treat

Daryl is home at last! He and his classmates went to Laoag then to Vigan for an out of class (for Geog) activity last two days ago.

morning chant?

Look at what he got for us from Vigan.

Vigan longganisa

Vigan longganisa are more garlicky than sweet.  But I love it with fried egg, tomatoes, fried rice and Pinoy Kurat (spiced tuba vinegar). Yum!

fried egg no salt
fresh tomatoes, no salt
simple but yummy garlic rice

While Papsie was cooking the longganisa in small amount of water with no cooking oil (the oil that comes from these longganisas becomes the one that will fry them), I was starving.  Who would not be when they look great over the fire and when they’re already cooked?

while they are being cooked
the finished product about to be gobbled

Daryl had fun.  He also brought home muscovado and a set of special bibingka.

delicious bibingka

Of Pills and Workouts

It is astonishing that the so called diet pills are abounding in the net and there are even those claimed as the best diet pills for women.  But as I have always said, when I am asked what I will choose between pills and workouts, I always choose the hard way – working out!

Most of the time, I do morning workouts but I learned that evening workouts are preferable because they boost metabolism and they burn calories after a heavy dinner.  I think I am going to try this because it is always hard to get up early and I might be losing some benefits of a healthy sound sleep.

The disadvantage of having a gastrointestinal disorder is what I fear with diet pills.  My intestines are always sensitive that a slight disturbance and a foreign matter would cause LBM (excuse me for the word  😀  ).

Both diet pills and workouts require managing one’s diet anyway.  It is the seemingly influx of energy that I always like with workouts.  I will not be experiencing that with diet pills as I only need to sit and wait for the effects.

Colon Cleansing to Remove Mucoid Plaque

What is a colon? Why is a cleanse colon procedure necessary?

The colon is the part of the large intestine between the cecum and the rectum; it extracts moisture from food residues before they are excreted.  From Wikipedia, it is the last part of the digestive system in most vertebrates ; it extracts water and salt from solid wastes before they are eliminated from the body, and is the site in which flora-aided (largely bacteria) fermentation of unabsorbed material occurs. Unlike the small intestine, the colon does not play a major role in absorption of foods and nutrients. However, the colon does absorb water, potassium and some fat soluble vitamins.

Experts say that colon cleansing is very important to remove the mucoid plaque from the colon.  One can start by fasting and then a procedure involving supplements.

Using the Head

While I contemplate on how to reduce belly fat – what to choose between work-out and pills or between the hard or easy way – I came to a conclusion that a large part of results in our lives come from discipline.

Last Wednesday, a worker in one of the plants in the company where I work went missing.  Speculations include the possibility of accident, and worst, murder by criminals.  All forms of monsters lurk in the street when night falls and who knows what could have happened?

The guy was found behind bars on Friday afternoon.  The borrowed motorcycle he used to send another co-worker home killed a 73 yr old man when he wasn’t able to balance the motorcycle as he was climbing the slope of a path.  The old man was crossing the path and was hit and dragged when the motorcycle dropped down the slope.  Guy M had a head injury, too.  He was put behind bars facing multiple charges.

All of us wishing for him to be safe before were thinking now of the benefit of him not coming alive out of the mess.  It may sound cruel but to live and face such a very complicated situation makes him a walking dead.  The agony of the whole thing for his family, especially to his wife and kids, is unbearable.  Even if I am not witnessing what is transpiring now in his life, I am sure of the pain that they are enduring.

But as the old saying goes, if there is life, there is hope.  Maybe there will be good that will come out of it all.  But I am sure that he had learned his lesson very well that there are always consequences to a wrong-doing, that before plunging into anything, use the head.

And back to reducing belly fat, similar things are running in my head.  I had not considered on exercises, or work-outs, or drills, to be physically fit.  Maybe because I am a working mom and there are many things to pencil in to draw at least a happy life if not a perfect one.  But there are always consequences, as mentioned. In my case, a bloated body and belly to trim.

On Valentine’s Day

Let us partake of love’s
sweet taste
Let us swamp ourselves
in love’s care

Again and again, feel
my embrace,
my kisses,
my love.

Let me drown in your tenderness,
my love.
Let us for a while forget
this world.

Let us partake of love’s
and live in its
sweet taste

Love is corny, according to you.  But according to you, too, this is the reason why it is so nice to feel love.  Just like ingredients, being corny is one of the ingredients of a sweet and good love.

We do not utter our love like this.  We just usually say “I love you”.  It comes with a touch on the head, and of course, a touch here and there.  😀  It also comes with a wink that usually has an intense meaning to it.  It also comes with a passionate glare which meaning I know too well.  It comes most of the time with a kiss, or with kisses, some are feather-like, some flaming.

A day does not end without telling me that I am loved, or making me feel that I am.  Do we not get so bored with each other? So used to each other’s words, touch and presence?  I do not think so.  You are not only my other half.  You are more than being half of my life.  And I hope I am to you, too.

Happy Heart’s Day, dearest!