Monetizing Thru Surveys and Blogsvertise

It took my interest to join the craze of monetizing my blog. (The thought has been lagging for sometime now.) I know some bloggers do not go for this kind of activity but it’s my blog anyway. It is kinda exciting to earn thru blogging when all you have to do is to participate and link away.


I can only advocate some of the concerns of feminists. Some of them are:

  • a woman’s right of contract or property
  • a woman’s right to bodily integrity and autonomy (except abortion)
  • protection from domestic violence (‘a woman should be loved and not be treated like a punching bag‘)
  • protection against sexual harassment and rape (one of the biggest crimes that traumatize women and girls alike)
  • protection for workplace rights and equal pay (inequalities and discriminations still abound in some workplaces)

You can see my (and others) answers when you click the banner above. By clicking, you can also decide to join and participate in the survey. It’s as easy as that. 🙂


A post from techie girl’s moneymakers page about Blogsvertise is a very clear narrative about how the process works. It explains how to obtain a great opportunity and earn extra cash. And since some of the several options are still experimental, one can try the blog entries option where you write about the topic assigned to you in two (2) to three (3) paragraphs with three (3) text links to the advertiser’s page in your post.

My membership in Blogsvertise is yet to be approved. Of course I would want that my blog be approved. It would be another interesting dimension in blogging to earn extra cash, and to assist in the promotion of ads in one way or another. But it would be more interesting still to blog about topics of interest and I hope Blogsvertise would assign tasks that I could blog about with enthusiasm and curiosity. What could be more engaging than to blog about things that one loves to blog about. 😀 So, here’s a toast to my new endeavor. Cheers!