Photohunt: Loud

Today’s Photohunt entry is LOUD.

This is a capture of daughter’s entry to a national contest here in the Philippines. I think this is just right for the theme because of the striking (aka LOUD) color of brown, red and gold.

You can post your entry here and here.


Equipment Leasing: A Business Opportunity

A friend who was working in Saudi Arabia made a visit yesterday.  He said he’s not going back to work abroad. He is staying for good and between exchanges of stories, he said that a few weeks after he arrived he  had put up a business.  It is a smart move for a returning OFW because it would not be easy looking for work here with the same compensation.

I forgot to tell him about business equipment leasing where he could lease some necessary devices, machines, tools and vehicles as aid in working out his capital and his business. It could also save him from paying taxes for these pieces of equipment because he does not own them.

Next time I could probably give him some tips.

Scanned Some Old Pix

In-law gave us these pictures one day. Gosh, we were thin in these pictures.  I also have a big box of photo albums.  Each time I look at the pictures in those albums, I wonder how on earth I’ve grown big.  😦  But there is still hope, isn’t there?

Papsie and I in our early thirties with the kids
Papsie with a bayawak
Kay was only two or three years old here; her parents in their late 20s
Kay trying to figure out her new toy

Those were the days… Papsie was reminiscing and suddenly said in a low voice, “Can you imagine that this little girl will one day talk back?” I smiled.

Amazing Cute Strollers

I came across this baby jogger city select stroller and discovered these amazing designs that I have not seen before.  Well, maybe because I do not have a baby anymore that is why my feet would not lead me to the baby section in a department store.  😀

Isn’t it amazing that strollers are now convertible? One can add a bassinet, an infant seat adapter, or a second seat for another baby.

Some of the most interesting features of these lovable strollers are they have adjustable height handle and shock absorber. Just simply amazing.

What’s more? They come in different colors. 😀

(No, I am not planning to have a baby, you silly.)

My Early AI Bets from the Top 24

The first top 14 of the American Idol contest was revealed.  The same sentiments are felt because there are contestants who are very talented that were not considered. We suspect that other than the singing prowess, they chose the top 24 bets also from their potential marketability and mass appeal. These might be the whole package they’re looking into.

One of the contestant last night that I felt sad with, when she was cut from the list, was Lauren Gray.  The 23 year old talent is a potential winner if they could have chosen her to be with the top 24.  One or two in the twelve girls in the top 24 list do (es) not even deserve to be there.  It had made us wonder why but in an interview with Lauren Gray, I have seen some answers.

For now, my early bets for the girls are listed below:


Erika Van Pelt


Hallie Day


Jessica Sanchez

My early bets for the boys are:


Reed Grimm


Heejun Han


Jeremy Rosado

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Photohunt: Point

The fun is here! You can join anytime.


I just happen to notice the bulbs pointing upwards.  We were at Kowloon yesterday.  It’s been a long time since kids, Papsie and I were together.

The chandelier reminded me of a local saying that a mother is the light of the home.  I am trying my best to be one.  But lately, I realized we, as mothers, can only do as much.  Being a good mother, or a parent, as I had written in an article, is not guarantee.

I am again contemplating on the ironies in life.  The chandelier despite the two busted bulbs on the picture still serves as ornamental light because of the remaining light it has. It is, I believe, parallel to saying that despite the weaknesses and imperfections of a mother, she remains one, until the end.

Speaking of Lab Ovens


No, I am not speaking about ‘love ovens’ :-D. We do not need ovens to intensify the fire in our relationships.

I get off the subject about love for now. Tomorrow’s the day.

The topic is about lab ovens. Yes, dear, ovens are not solely invented for your kitchen only. Ovens were also made for the manufacture of certain products that need drying, baking, sterilizing. evaporating, heat treating, annealing and testing.

In some factories that have laboratories as part of their process, and especially for research purposes, lab ovens are part of the laboratory. They appear like cabinets that are heavy and durable. In some manufacturing companies though, these ovens are not found in a laboratory but in the plant and are part of the whole system. Ovens like these are much bigger and are stationary.

Now in answer to your question why I speak about lab ovens.  The thought just came about how the heat in these pieces of equipment could be analogous to the the intensity of love expressions tomorrow.  Trying hard, I know, but I am afraid of the intensity that could override the Richter scale. 😀

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