That Pool

Scenic Illuminated Pool
Scenic Illuminated Pool (Photo credit: drbertdelgado)

There was once a pool in one of those beautiful houses in a subdivision near our place.  When we were newly married, we dreamed of having one as if it is necessary when one owns a house.  It is not a big pool but the idea of a house with a pool beside it was an attraction to me.  The pool can be seen from outside the gate and one can see how it was neatly placed not very far or near the house. I thought that moment how lovely it is to dip into the pool anytime the owner wants, and especially during summer season.

Having a pool in the house can easily be provided by a company like arizona custom pools.  Companies like them provide services like construction, remodeling, repair, cleaning and maintenance. It would not be a problem at all with the services they have.  A house owner would be delighted to jump not only into the pool but into a decision of having one.

Back then, it did not take me long to realize that aside from having not enough resources for the ‘dream’, it is not truly easy to maintain a pool in the house.  Maintenance is the biggest concern because construction will always be easy as long as you have money right away to build it but after deciding on it, one has to be ready, too, with the requirements for the maintenance where money is the prime most concern.  It is not only the pool that has to be maintained but the accessories that go with it like the filters, the system, the lights, and the pumps.

It would be best to choose pool companies like Arizona Pool and Spa renovations where immediate attention and good service will be provided.  However, it would be best to ask first if it is what you really want to have for the house.  There are a lot of considerations to make – Are there little children in the house? Does everybody in the house knows how to swim?  Do you have enough money for the maintenance?  and many more.

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The Leather Briefcase

When I was younger, I remember what my father told me about a television set that my aunt who’s based in America would want to give him.  It is a sad story of watching television shows in a neighbor’s house because there was none in the house.  Therefore, news of having one is exciting especially to us kids those times.  I could not forget how I counted the days.

English: Raoul Wallenbergs briefcase in bronze...
English: Raoul Wallenbergs briefcase in bronze, placed on the foundation to the summerhouse where he was born in 1912, in Kappsta, Lidingö Svenska: Raoul Wallenbergs portfölj i form av en skulptur i brons placerad på husgrunden till det sommarhus där Raoul föddes 1912 i Kappsta på Lidingö. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The aunt came one day and summoned my father to come.  When he arrived home, my heartbeat was like thumping against my chest in excitement.  His hand was holding a briefcase, just like one of those leather briefcases for men or for lawyers as I saw it.  I asked about the television set.  I felt the pain registered on my father’s face and he tried to cover it with a smile and told us that another relative asked the aunt for the television set.  The relative was well-t0-do, as they were showing it with their extravagance and social climbing.  Of course, my mother was reactive and saying things.  My father just kept mum.  Days after, he was complaining about the relative.  The pain inside caused by my aunt’s indifference and the other relative’s insensibility was unbearable for him that he was not able to keep them long.

There are a lot more stories about stolen moments, chances, opportunities by people who are supposed to be relatives to my father.  This is just one of them.

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It always scares me to hear the pitter patter

English: Flooded waters during the height of T...
English: Flooded waters during the height of Typhoon Ketsana / Ondoy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These days the pitter patter of the rain is not sweet music as it does to me before. It always scares me to death.  It always makes me wish and pray that it will not last.  As I am writing this, the rains have not stopped.  I am afraid that the streets will be flooded and classes will be cancelled again.  It’s better that they’ll be canceled at once.  The kids are always caught up along the flooded streets, becoming victims of inefficient local officials.

I saw on TV an architect say something about how the situation is becoming worse.  I wonder what is being done with the reports of how vulnerable the condition and situation of areas where there were once esteros or creeks before.  Those creeks were developed into residential and business places and it is scary to hear how that architect tells about the possible devastation that can happen in these areas as time passes by.

This is why I am scared.  Ours is a high place and for it to be flooded will mean a lot more place and a wider scope will be flooded.  Still, it scares me to death about the possible fatalities in the lower places.  Here in the metro, another thing to be anxious about are the shanties that are multiplying and some of them are even along waterways, creeks, rivers, and other forms of water.

I know it is tempting to point fingers, blame, or curse at the supposedly responsible entities and persons but what good will it do when all that is needed is for us to give our share to make Metro Manila a safer place to live in.

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Wise Daryl

I insisted on buying a new bag.  Daryl’s bag’s zipper jammed.  He reluctantly agreed.

After meticulously searching and finally finding the best (according to price, design and aesthetics), a bag was chosen.  I sensed the aversion to spending as the barcode scanner read the price and had to be paid.  My son is frugal as my daughter is impulsive.

I told him what I observed and he said that he has to be careful spending his money because two days after he is going to buy a new desktop PC.  Apparently the one he’s using is obsolete and he needs a bigger memory.  I think he is more wise than stingy.

Eddie’s in town!

A classmate and friend in college is here in the Philippines.  Last Friday, Papsie and I went to see him and some others.  Here’s Eddie with me by his side …

We met up with the others at Gerry’s Grill at Ali Mall, Cubao.  There are a lot to talk about and reminiscences to remember.  We laughed a lot at Eddie’s jokes (grin and red ha ha ha).  Everybody seem not to stop from recalling stories and names.  Below is a group pic.

After dinner, we went to Midori hotel and planned to stay there because the others wanted to sing while having a good time with Ed and everybody.  Unfortunately, the amplifier of the karaoke was not working so we had to leave.  We proceeded to RL’s house and continued the singing and the story telling until the wee hours of morning.  Papsie and I left at past 3 am.  I was not able to go to work but it’s okay.  This does not happen often.  It was Ed and RL’s singing that prevented me from trying ha ha.  I got intimidated.  😀























It died after a few minutes…

MSI laptop computer
MSI laptop computer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The laptop did.

It was a hand-over after all.  I need to consult the battery finder and check on a replacement.  It is so frustrating to be in the middle of everything and got cut off because the laptop died because the battery’s malfunctioning.  There is the charger anyway so maybe finding a replacement is not necessary.


Were I to fall out of love after a betrayal?  Will the heart die after a few minutes of learning that the whole thing’s over?  Will a replacement meet what was lost?

Women, or men, do not have to tell it easily that they do not want it anymore when it’s obvious that they wanted a replacement.  Action speaks louder than words, cliche it may sound.

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Not to Let the Guard Down

“Jealousy and Flirtation” depicts a woman jealous of the attention given to another woman by a man. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With relationships, it’s hard not to maintain your composure all the time especially when faced with issues of infidelity.  I heard a lot of heart rending stories of women (mostly) and men betrayed.  I keep on saying that I will not do this and that, that I will not beg, that I will not attempt to save the relationship anymore, or that I will do it for the sake of the children.  But I really do not know.  They say it is easy to say things than say them when you are already there experiencing the pain.

I will not let my guard down and let a partner and another woman rejoice at the thought that I am in pain, that is what I am sure of.  In instances of flirting, I talk about it with my partner but would never show it with other people.  It does not actually matter who was making the move but why a person would give in to the flirting and then flirt, too.  They would not see me do anything and let them rejoice how I am slighted though.  I will not let bad people rejoice during their bad moments.

It can keep a man or a woman to see that you stand strong against his or her evil deeds.  To be faced with betrayal must not dishearten you.  You must not let your guard down and beg though it is for sure a very painful process.

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