Who is the Victim?

Photo by cottonbro

What a pity that the weakest link crafted a plan without knowing that because he is the weakest link, he gets to be the victim in the end while reading the whole thing in reverse. Well, that maybe is the point of being stubborn or not being of sound mind.

But before you suspect me of speaking in tongues, what exactly is a victim?

There are a few definitions from Thesaurus.com that interest me:

  • someone sacrificed
  • object of ridicule
  • a person who is fooled
  • fall guy
  • stupid or ridiculous person
  • a person who takes blame for another action

With these few definitions, who would ever want to be a victim?No one, of course. Unless one does not know he, or she, is a victim.

But is that possible that a person may not know that he, or she, is a victim? Without being attentive, one could be used to take the blame for the misconduct of another person, for example. 

An unsound person can become the fall guy, an easy target for the charlatans. The rationale is that some human beings are evil, and the victim does not even know they are.

Some people use other people for their ulterior and evil motives. Believe me, they exist. Quite a handful, actually. This is why we misconstrue that intentions are most often harmful. 

We all share the good and the bad, no exemption, only that there are people with convictions higher than the rest.

But to victimize or prey on others’ weaknesses is unimaginable. It is like murder, a pre-meditated act of crime.

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