Problem about pitch? The solution called melodyne from musicians friend is perfect for the need.

When there are scales during recording, a software such as this is very useful. This is why we listen to almost perfect music pitches being recorded by artists of today because there are already tools that can correct intonation and timing errors, plus the harmonies, timing and rhythm.

Who knows maybe some singers nowadays choose not to sing live (lip sync) because all voice flaws can already be corrected.


Photohunt: Glass

I missed participating in the previous Photohunt themes.  This is why I am taking the challenge now for GLASS.  Here are three (3) photos for this Saturday’s theme:

Glass ceiling – have you seen anything like it?

photohunt labelAnime figures encased in glass

Anime figures encased in glass
Daughter Kay beside a glass case
Daughter Kay beside a glass case

A Tire Changer for Personal Use?

Speaking of car tools, in relation to car accessories, a tire machine like a tire changer with its accessories is very useful to own.  The accessories include sockets for removal of lugnuts and tight tolerances, drive wheel torque extensions, duck head mounting kit, removal kits, etc.

I do not know anything about these but my husband said that it is truly useful to have a tire changer with the accessories and kits because to have them handy will help minimize dependence on the need to visit motor repair shops often and to minimize expenses acquired from service fees.

Thule Rack Systems

A nice car would look nicer with the right thule racks that enhance the design.  With the right thule rack system, it is expected that it will last a lifetime because it is known as the most durable in the market.

I think it is best that active and sporty people who owns a car or a truck and would love to transport their gears should choose thule rack systems as they are dependable and durable.

A Book Meme

Learned that this book meme hasn’t been active since last year but I would love to play.

pygmy-us-trade-1What book are you currently reading?

Pygmy by Chuck Palahniuk

How far in are you?

I have just begun.  It has 241 pages.  I stopped at page 61.

What’s it about?

It’s about a group of young adults sent to the U.S. disguised as exchange students with a plan called Operation Havoc, a terrorism act against the Americans.  The book is an account from the eye of a 13 year old killer.

Are you enjoying it?

At first, I wanted to stop because of the way it’s written, where I found it confusing to understand at first.  I realized the author’s incredible creativity to visualize how a non-speaking-English foreigner (and a killer, too) would express his own thoughts.  It is a funny read.  I am laughing the other day reading some of his accounts meeting his host family.

How Would You Want Your Laptop Case?

If you want your lap top case as durable, stylish or elegant, you can go to and find varieties that will suit your own taste. The online store has a vast range of leather briefcases, laptop cases, backpacks, luggage sets and duffel bags, to mention some of the products. It is also complete with policies about shipping and handling, returns, secure checkout, and privacy.

I have chosen one for me but first, I have to break my piggy bank. 😀


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The Snob

English: Description= Cover page of the Book S...
English: Description= Cover page of the Book Snob à l’exposition by Crafty a french caricaturist cover page of the book dated 1867 Français : Snob à l’Exposition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The camouflage he wears gives the impression that he is a man for and of the masses, that he is reachable, that he is one with the common tao because they speak the same jargon.  So scheming that it is spine-chilling.

I hate it listening how he speaks.  The way his nose twitches, the way his mouth renders a smirk, and the way his eyes peer with annoyance tell that this snob is arrogant, too.  I hate that I am being judgmental just by looking at him display such arrogance.

How can he pledge an honest service for the masses when they are in servitude to addiction to many things like gambling and vices, which he promotes with his own behaviors?  How can the people be lifted from a situation of poverty when their scarce resources are spent for their dependence on these things?

It is the snob in him that made him think he can make use of those cliché lines to win the people in that city.  It is the snob in him that made him think that his past performance as a public servant, where he failed big time, would not mean anything because he wanted to make everybody believe it as not true.

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