The Number One Way to Get Fired

Is not to do your job right all the time. When you wanted to be out of job right away, just don’t yield an output everyday – fastest way of doing it. 🙂

There are other ways of course and that will include

  • Being lazy all the time. Stare into space, sleep.
  • Complaining always. Complain about anything.
  • Stealing company’s time, technology, supplies. Do not bother yourself buying stuffs you can get from the office.
  • Abusing your co-employees or co-workers. Make them do your job.
  • Going on half-days, leaves, undertimes, and OBs when you are mostly needed.
  • Deliberately not following instructions (or commands).
  • Telling everybody (including the janitor) all the bad things about the boss.

This is an interpretation, what’s yours?