What is it about Christmas…

Why do we give gifts on Christmas eve? For them, of course, to know that we love, care and think of them. For them to know they’re special. Should we expect a gift in return? I honestly think we shouldn’t. But don’t we all like to receive gifts also? It gives us this feeling that we, too, are special to some people. It gives us an idea that we are remembered. Actually, a Christmas e-card brightened my day even if I barely knew the person who sent me the e-card last time. What more if someone thought of giving me a laptop? 😀 A hand-me-down unit will do, friend. But I hope it is still usable and not that outdated. (Do I sound like a beggar? LOL I hope not.)

… that we bear the shopping rush?

And if giving me a gift will send you to a shopping rush. Don’t ya worry, it will be your privilege to be remembered all the days of my life. 😀

But seriously, I buy my gifts every October of each year. That is how I hate shopping rush especially during Christmas. I hate the crowd. I am claustrophobic.

… that we even fall for on-line shopping?

I haven’t tried this yet. Reason? I am anxious that somehow the products will go astray and not reach the destination, which is my home address, of course. I am worried that I will be disappointed to receive the products not exactly as I picture them to be. In short, I do not want to loose money because I don’t have tons of it. 🙂