You can start with small

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I believe if a person desires to do business, he can start with a small capital particularly if it has something to do with computer or IT businesses.   He can then start with small business insurance quotes that will protect his business from claims of negligence and carelessness.  Getting an insurance for this kind of business is important to address the risks that is inherent to this type.

I only need a small capital, too, for the type of business that I want but then again there are priorities.  I only have enough for now, but this is on my list.  Who knows this will come true one day?  😀

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Living With Other People is An Art

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - OCTOBER 15:  Joanna perfor...
SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – OCTOBER 15: Joanna performs during the Miss Pole Dance Australia 2010 final at the Enmore Theatre on October 15, 2010 in Sydney, Australia. Professional pole dance athletes from around the country descended on Sydney to showcase their skill and agility in a competition for the national title. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Thus the words of my second child.  I have to agree because art is also an exercise of human skill.  Living with other people requires human skill.

With annoying kinspersons, for example, one needs the skill to be extra patient.  A nasty word equals silence from the receiver, or a mellow response. You will notice that the antagonist backs out and realizes that he or she is the one at fault.  If one is lucky enough, a lesson is learned.

With a serious braggart who competes for attention, or fame, or favor, one needs the skill to be perfectly still, and a consistency to ignore the urge to lash back, or compete.  The last person to brag always has the edge but why stoop down the level?

I am sure that I am, son included, not alone in the struggles with people we deal with on a daily basis.  This is a diverse group with diverse motives, background, education, influences, etc., therefore, it is not easy, and it requires skill.  If mastered, living with all these people becomes an art.

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Zoom Pedals?

English: Zoom 505 multi-effect processor pedal...

I am not musically inclined.  I am a lover of good music though.

Zoom Pedals are new to my ears.  I have not encountered these sound effect units ever since and it is interesting to know that they are used for  guitar multi-effect settings such as distortion, chorus, and delays.  They are used to emulate the sounds of amplifiers, too.

I learned that these zoom pedals are used for electric guitar playing but I bet that this knowledge will not bring me to learn the craft of electric guitar playing .  I cannot even play a non-electric guitar.

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At A Wake

English: apples and grapes
English: apples and grapes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A relative of Papsie died. As always, death in this country is also a way to reunite. Very much like a reunion.  Of course, it is inevitable to see people you are fond of, and those you aren’t.  You see most of his kins, some willingly smiled and greeted, some deliberately ignored.  It’s because they’re rich, I was told. “As if rich would mean they are better people,” I pondered.

Among the folks that I am very fond of was a sexagenarian who loves to talk to people, especially to relatives.  He is a very, very funny man, much like a father to me.  Last night, the talk went from his teasing a grandchild telling that she might have just arrived from watching a movie when it was obvious that she was still in uniform.  Papsie said that a provision of two hundred pesos a day is not enough money now for students to be able to watch a movie.  That would not be enough.  The old man seemed to be surprised and replied that during their time, they only need five centavos to be able to watch a movie and they do it on foot.  That is, they walk their way to the movie house.  He continued reminiscing and said that long ago, during their times, apple or grapes are not a common thing to have and eat while today, if one has money, he can have an apple or grapes anytime.  He remembered that they were not given apples or grapes if they are not sick, and he was laughing telling us, “How could one eat when he is sick?” We laughed a lot.

His stories and jokes were very funny.  He always has side remarks that are funny and scornful at the same time but people loved him for what he is.  He makes each encounter light, fun and unforgettable.  That is why it makes me wonder why some relatives would act (or show) like they are truly honorable people (when some of them are not) and that they belong to the elite group deliberately classifying people with their stares from head to toe, and frowns, and heads held up high (that appear like they are peacocks). Perhaps someone is right with the assessment that these people think about themselves as better people because they are rich. As the saying of Andrew Carnegie goes, “There is no class so pitiably wretched as that which possesses money and nothing else.”

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Home Economics and Industrial Arts

Home Economics sewing
Home Economics sewing (Photo credit: OSU Special Collections & Archives)

When I was in elementary, we had home economics and industrial arts subjects. The first half of the whole year class for the girls will be spent for home economics and the second half for industrial arts.  The home economics seemed easier as sewing and other topics related to home management are being taught. It was easier for the girls.  It was a challenge when it was the time for girls to try industrial arts where activities are known to be for the boys and that includes most carpentry works.

We were taught about using the hammer, the chisel and the saw.  It was too hard for me to get the feel of using the handsaw.  It always felt the blades are dull and had made me thought they needed saw blade sharpening.  I was always told it is not the blade but the way I use and hold the hand saw.  The second half of the year ended without me knowing how to use it.  I do not even remember what grade I got from it.

Today, these carpentry tools are easier to use with the many innovations made available.  I am still interested to know more.  😀

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Babies Warm the Heart

A new baby is in the house! Not actually in our house.  The nephew’s wife (Papsie’s side) delivered a healthy, good-looking boy with an angelic face.

Babies always warm the heart. It doesn’t actually matter how they look.  What would they become someday far outweighs the physical aspect.  The people around each baby would play a role here and there specially during the stage where they are developing. In short, each word, each actuation, each thought, each expression leaves imprints in their tiny brains. We are responsible for what they grow into.  As said often, which is also a cliché, their minds are like sponges.  They absorb each structure of existence of other people especially those that catch their attention intently.


My daughter blurted the other day that she is not having a baby yet because she is still very young and she has a lot of plans in her life still.  Papsie and I were speechless for a while.  Papsie shrugged and said only these words, “Bahala kayo. Buhay nyo ‘yan. (It’s up to you. It’s your life.)”  I wondered why he said that.  I wondered all the more about the words that came out of my mouth.  “A woman must not take contraceptives if she has not delivered a child yet. It might endanger her reproductive system.”  My son looked at me and asked, “Really?”

I know that is a queer way of putting it but I know my children got the message, specially my daughter.  They always know that I am always into responsible parenthood.  One does not enter into something like having a baby, specially these days, without resources to use for bringing up  a child.  I know, too, that Papsie is on the other side of the equation.  He is afraid of not seeing his grandchildren.  He fears that our children might not really give him these wonderful children from his lineage.

It would be hypocrisy to say I do not want to see a grand child from my children.  I would not insist though because it is not my life.  My children have their own lives to live.  I am actually rejoicing from the fact that they do not hasten to just bring out babies in this world and give the responsibility to other people.  My heart is glad that they have goals while they take pleasure from the fruits of their hard work.

A Fireplace in the Philippines?

There is no need for a fireplace in the Philippines even if it is a gel fireplace.  In a tropical country, rainy days will not require you to have one even during the months of ‘ber’.

You may wonder what a gel fireplace is.  It is a portable fireplace which also means it is movable because of its small size.  It uses alcohol gel burning that is why it is clean.  No smoke puts out when using it.

English: Fireplace. For more translations SEE ...

But who knows if there are houses here in my country that uses them?  I hear that in the mountains the temperature gets really cold.  I remember having to wish for a fireplace at the inn where I reside in the region where I compete for a national writing contest.  It was freezing cold there before.  I hear it is not as cold now.

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