Interesting Things to Know About PowerPoint Presentation

… in his PowerPoint presentations, he always goes with the white background because it is safer.

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You Will Redirect Yourself

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Do Not Underestimate Stupidity

What we have now is a confused citizenry. We, Filipinos, have a mind set that whoever is popular, or wealthy or wise should be the one to be entrusted the most sensitive positions in government. This with the many evidences of taking advantage of our own stupidity by undeserving people. We put people that has no clear platforms or programs that could elevate the country from the quagmire that it has been in for so many years.

We had put Gloria in her pedestal because of her wit. Because of her wit, we are now submersed more in deep trouble that includes debts, economic crisis, political arguments, and lack of many government services to the people. We had put Erap in the same pedestal because of his charm which was derived from being an actor. The ‘makamasa’ image is just an advertisement which many Filipinos hungrily bought. We had put Ramos (or did we?), too, because he is a strong man from the military who we thought could probably instill discipline and order in the country. We failed to realize that Ramos himself need disciplining. It was not only Gloria who traveled abroad and dined luxuriously. Fidel and Ming had probably done so many times and surreptitiously. Do we have to go back to the past to determine who among them robbed (not loved) their constituents the most?

I am sipping coffee now.  I am thinking. Is there hope from the stupid decisions we made and will be making? Are we going to the same trend of voting for these traditional politicians? Well, all I can say is these politicians should not underestimate stupidity. As Buddha said, “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” It is awareness that the Filipino people need.

Photohunt: Technology

Technology comes in many forms. It can be seen anywhere and in almost everything. It does not only talk about the artifacts but the science and engineering that goes with it. Even in intangible things like a Medicare supplement, technology plays a big part. Why? Because technology had changed nature to meet our needs and wants.

Photohunt today has TECHNOLOGY as its theme. And I am almost late posting!

Thinking about Safety

We think so much about the children being safe. We give our best efforts trying to protect them and in their childhood, we even get child safety seats to protect them from injury. We also think so much about our safety. We make sure that the car is equipped with a safety harness. In many jobs and activities, we ensure our safety.

But what can protect us from monsters like the killers of those poor and helpless victims in the Maguindanao massacre? What can protect anyone from the evil schemes of those executioners? What can guard us from the beastly machinery of conspirators who assume that they are untouchable ‘pigs’?


Christmas Party Invitations – this early?

It is not. It is a normal thing that when the ‘ber’ months here in the Philippines set in, plans for Christmas parties are conceived. And yes, I have been receiving Christmas party invitations as early as the last week of October.

It is inevitable that the celebration for this season will take place. Sometimes, I feel that it is all business but then again, I think of the little children (and my children, too) who get excited at the thought of Christmas time. It’s probably because what they were told about it. That is what makes me sad at times. Children anticipate Christmas because of the gifts not because why it is celebrated.

I feel somewhat hesitant celebrating. The tragic events the country is receiving overwhelms this feeling of jubilation and hope. The ruthless killing of those people in Maguindanao is the worst of all the tragedies. It is not even comparable to the death of people from the natural calamities which we can not almost have control of. But the killing, it is so barbaric and brutal. And the killers are still out there ready to prey on any victim that they like, innocent or not.

It is just right to feel indignant about how some people can be callous and merciless. They are truly the epitome of evil. Still, I hope that justice will be served, even not in this lifetime.

Protection Against Fakes

Fake products proliferate in the market. Now, the question is how should an organization protect its products from imitations? The crooks seem to be investing money for these kinds of criminal acts. Therefore organizations should invest more for the authenticity of their products. It must be an investment that the crooks will find hard to imitate.

Most products have bar codes as marks of authenticity. These are subjected to barcode scanners that gives the identity of the product. These can be limited though because there are products sold directly to customers.

Some have standardization marks from certifying or registration bodies. Other forms include marks of acceptance from customers that can be found on the packaging. But back to bar codes, their application are limited and are only mostly used in supermarket checkout systems.

Information dissemination is still the best method of protecting products from fakes. Organizations should always have a concrete plan on informing its customers about the basic features of and changes in a product. This way, they will be made aware if what is being sold is an authentic product or a fake.

Do you have something in mind that could help in protecting products against fakes?


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