Jealousy in Children: Adults Need to Learn More

I am inclined to believe that adults somehow cause the jealousy that children feel.  After all, children learn from adults and they’re like sponges, taking in the good and bad, acting like their attention is on something but actually listening, observing, and drawing in everything that catches their attention.

Photo from Saida Online

I bought a gift for a little child that my husband is so fond of for one of those holiday gatherings.  I had difficulty choosing a toy because my children, as I have mentioned in a previous post, do not want to give toy guns as gifts.  The little child loves cars, but he also has many toy cars already.

A big red car caught my attention, not knowing at first that it was a remote-controlled car.  The sales lady explained everything to me in detail including how one button will automatically open the doors.  I got so fascinated with the idea that the little child will be amazed of the gift that after her powerful sales talk, I was persuaded to buy.  I did not doubt that my husband will be disappointed.

True enough, hubby was so happy although penny-wise as he is, he, in some way, disagreed about the cost of the toy.  As soon as he learned about how it was more of a bargain (it has a free charger, and the batteries were given free, too) than an expensive toy, he got so excited he can’t wait for the party to begin.

To cut the story short, the time came for the party and during the gift-giving, hubby called the little child and showed him his gift.  The child seemed to have gotten overwhelmed that he didn’t want to approach hubby.  In the end, a couple of minutes after he was called forth, the child approached and received the gift shyly.  I think he was hesitant because of so many things but that’s another story to tell.

You may be wondering where the adult learning will happen in this story. Here it is.

After a few more days, a kinsperson by affinity told me that one of the little boys got jealous.  It was his observation.  I agreed that it was possible but I ended explaining that that boy already has a lot of toys, and I mean ‘a lot’, and he already has a remote-controlled car.  He argued that he saw how the boy was so jealous.  I couldn’t agree more because the siblings also looked like they were, but who knows what was going inside their heads?

The litany was repeated twice, and I told him it was not our intention to make the other little boys get jealous.  He insisted that the child was, being a kid.  I insisted that the boy already has that remote-controlled car because I saw it.

I will not lecture anymore about how to deal with jealousy because I do not want to pretend that I am an expert.  As far as I remember, I taught my children to be their own unique person.  They cannot grow as imitating other people because they are unique, or begrudge others of what they have but instead have to work for it.

Nonetheless,  I think adults should visit these links to learn more.

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They were once tiny and cute.

About two or three cats that we had in our house looked like these when they were still tiny and cute. The first one was Dagul, the second Baldo, and the third and the youngest is Kuting. The first two were already dead. They were housecats, not of a particular breed. I remember that Dagul was an alpha male, and Baldo a handsome cat with soft features that you will mistake him for a feline.  Kuting looks like a stray cat now and does not want to stay at home.  He only goes home when he’s hungry.


To Flee or Not to Flee

Bob Marley said, “When you riding through the ruts, don’t complicate your mind…”

Bad things happen, or in slanguage street talk, “Shit happens.” Depending on the weight, one can possibly give in.  Some others turn to doing things beyond comprehension to which others connote as a coping mechanism.  It’s hard to judge although, at times, I have questions in mind.  I always try to be careful and choose the words if I decide to say something.  There are a lot of life lessons to choose from to become as careful as a mice.

And to continue with Bob Marley’s quote, “Flee from hate, mischief, and jealousy…”  Comfort food is the best way to continue living amidst the negative or toxic people and situations.  Just look at this bowl of pork and century egg congee.  Looks yummy? Well, it is.  It makes you forget.


Partner it with a chicken basil bun and slices of pork asado.  How can you not totally forget about the crappy things and people that you encounter on a daily basis?

52 Week Photography Challenge #3: Red


Red is one of those colors traditionally associated with the celebration of Christmas.  I am just a recent convert.  I am not a fan before because red for me is so loud and daring.  One day, I tried on a red shirt and it looked good on me.  It gave that happy aura and it made me think it can camouflage my inner weaknesses and gloomy feelings, on days I do not feel happy at all. Continue reading “52 Week Photography Challenge #3: Red”