Blog Regulation

Blogs, weblogs or web logs nowadays are becoming more a trend than a fad. Away back, they are merely on-line journals or entries of one’s chronological thoughts. Today, blogs are channels of affection, drama, excitement and enthusiasm, passion, vengeance, and many more. They are even mediums for money-making.

It is interesting to note that there are already discussions, feature articles and news reports in TV, radio and newspapers about blogs. Blogs seemed to have also invaded the mass media.

With the freedom of expression afforded to bloggers, weblogs also become an avenue to attack an individual or group of individuals which maybe based on truth or on malicious intents of a person or a group. Because of this, there are news reports and discussions about the need to regulate blogs.

If this move will be pursued, I am just thinking of how the process of regulating will be done. Are the laws we have on libel enough? Can someone sue a blogger or can a blogger be sued for an opinion made based on Article 353 of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines?

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It’s Not Always About Money

Yipee! A BLOGGY award for me.
Bloggy Award

You can visit the site and read their reviews about my site. It is indeed a delightful feeling to read what others think positively about my blog. Well, not everybody thinks optimistic but to read just one is enough to make me feel good.

Let me share you some items in the review that rendered me speechless.

“I have to admit, the blog’s name caught my interest. It evoked images of a blazing fire contained by a stone fireplace. Images of cozy nights with people you treasure. A personal blog that has a lot to offer, that’s what Warmstone seems to be like.”

Overall Experience – 8
“I’d say going through Warmstone is indeed heartwarming at times. There might be posts which may not be that easy to relate to – just skip them and read those that catch your interest. A visit every now and then is worth your while.”

Wow, I cannot even remember I have submitted my site for evaluation but thank you very much to everybody at Bloggy Award especially to Noemi. Even without a gold and a silver Bloggy Award, it is such an honor.