Photohunt: Spotted

Photohunt had me thinking what to post for today’s theme – SPOTTED.  As I contemplate on finding pictures with obvious spots on it,  I chose to present the theme in a different way.

The theme brought to mind the dilemma that most adolescents face and it is the spotted face because of pimples or acne.  I can say that my children did not have the need of acne solutions.   Tips from other parents, mothers particularly, were very helpful.  One of them is – ‘when a pimple appears, do not prick it, nor touch it’ because they will just disappear.  Pimples are part of growing up and that is what we have to tell the kids.

This is actually a reverse of the concept SPOTTED because their faces are clean.  Sometimes these annoying pimples appear but they have to bear with them only for a while and not touch them.   Also, washing of the face is very important.

There, I hope it is not a lame attempt!  😀


A Contest to Loose Weight?

There are reasons why there was a sort of agreement that the group has to work on losing weight.  Here it is:

Each of these ladies need to find a fast weight loss program to record the largest weight reduction.  The one who gets the highest number for weight loss will be awarded by the rest and the one who lost the smallest will treat the group.

Like any other scary plans, this contest did not pursue, some others chose not to record their initial weight at the start of January.  Perhaps they are not ready or are not committed to working on a goal of losing weight.

But one of them got so dismayed at her picture that she is trying so hard to loose weight.

The Best Vitamin Supplement

I noticed that as one grows old, or mature, if that would ease the mind, concerns multiply, that though they are not your own, they become yours, too.  I wonder if it has something to do with one’s character, or if it is a test of character.

The best vitamin supplement as one gets depleted because of stress is a quiet prayer in the morning (though at times I utter them in the middle of a chaotic environ or situation).  Prayer gives me peace and strength and hope.   It wards off negative thoughts of inequality and imbalance like “Why are the hoodlums and crooks in the government live like kings and queens while the people suffer?”  Prayer gives you a clearer view of the circumstances and events and situations.  “Why am I born to suffer, and the others do not though they seem to deserve it?” was another question that pops out.  But who knows, who really knows what is happening in each and every soul?

I pray for the people, for the country, and for me that justice and equality be with everybody.

Photohunt: Balanced, and a Birthday

Today is my firstborn’s birthday.  She is 20, and she is a balance between youth and adulthood.

As Ann Hood describes in Maisie – “… a puzzle, full of twists and turns, sharp corners, dead ends,” Kay is like Maisie, too, in some ways. But she is sweet in an unprecedented way, ambitious and full of surprises.

Last Friday, she announced that she was granted a thesis grant, and there were only five (5) of them in their class who were chosen by the panel of judges to receive the grants.

That is why we are celebrating!  Happy birthday to the young lady who does not need weight loss supplements yet.   😀   😀   😀   And hurray, hurray!


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To Graduate, or Not to Graduate

Like most people on this planet earth, where each has to be ready with a reserve of emotional strength and support, parents should have something like an online backup to be able to deal with the difficulties they are designated to encounter.  How would a parent confront the possibility that his or her child will not graduate, for example?

Parents always wish to accomplish the task entitled to them of sending off their children to school.   By accomplishing means, the children will graduate or finish school one day.  There is more to the feeling that a parent encounters when a child completed school.  As the child was able to finish school, a parent feels proud that he or she was able to provide for the schooling so that the child (or children) will be cultured, learned, and educated.

Of course, reasons could be varied.  In a poor nation such as the Philippines, parents strive to work hard for the children’s needs that include education.  The rewards of hard work are always expected when the children cooperate and do their part of trying to be as scholarly, or trying to pass and graduate.  The rewards are expected in the form of the children doing the role of providing for the family’s needs and of working for the other siblings’ education and basic needs, too, in the future.  It could be a tiring endless cycle for some.

There are also scenarios where the parents do not care at all about education because of poverty, or mere lack of concern. Some children take the situation as an inspiration and some could not afford to veer away and continue what their parents are doing – to live and worry only for each day.

Currently, as the world’s demands are becoming complex and diverse, to graduate is a must.  And it is not only what is realized today.  To graduate is also becoming a minimum requirement.  Chances are becoming narrow, opportunities becoming scarce.  To graduate with commendations and accomplishments give one an edge over the others.  To graduate with honors is now becoming a ticket to obtain a job that could provide more or enough food and other nourishment for the table, a (very) decent roof to take shelter, varied clothing to protect the body, and enough (if not lots of) money for extravagance.

The choice will always be made by the children.  The decision to graduate (with or without distinction or honors), or not to graduate, will depend solely on their own priorities, plans, beliefs, ideals, points of views in life.  Other people, not even the parents who had given provisions for their education, really matter about their decision.  It will always be their choice, if given the freedom to do so, that would ascend from everything.

It could be ingratitude as initially perceived when children seem not to care but only about their own plans in life.  But parents and guardians are there only as tour guides.  They could only wish that the child’s (children’s) life (lives) will be okay, or better.  They could only pray and hope for their well-being, that the precepts they imparted will serve their purpose. To expect more could mean disappointments and disillusionments.  To expect the unexpected is a reward in itself.

Leave it alone

Son grew an acne on his back at the upper right part of the shoulder. He was conscious and I told him to leave it alone. Of course experts on the diseases of the skin will disagree but I have my own reason of telling my son to let the acne be. When I was a child I grew one on my foot and got swollen because my mother applied a topical ointment that seemed to have aggravated the acne. Or maybe it was my frequent scrutiny of the sore acne that had made it worse. I was brought to the hospital where it was operated.

There are lots of back acne treatment that could be available. Aside from application of these topical stuffs, I think it is best that son changes his lifestyle by adding exercise to his daily regimen. I also think that his focus on dieting should continue to help himself have a clear and healthy skin.

I asked about the back acne this night.  Trace is almost gone.  The diet is having an effect.

If you are Marlene Aguilar

It is very easy for anyone to say that Marlene Aguilar was wrong for not taking Jayson Ivler in to the police or for harboring him (considered a criminal during the time he was being surveyed) inside her home in Blue Ridge, Quezon City.  Some would confidently, being self-important, that they would hand in an erring child anytime.  What I am certain about is the thought that one can never be too sure until one had experienced what another is experiencing.

I can say that most parents have this inclination to protect their children in whatever form they can.  I have felt this way lots of times and have witnessed a number of parents do the same.  That is understandable for a parent to do but in a case such as Jason’s where he had inflicted harm and more so, slain people just because of his uncontrollable rage, it appears to be out of line.

It spells of wrong love for a parent’s child.  True love for the children is one where wrongdoers are punished but corrected.  True love for one’s children do not tolerate wrong or evil deeds.  This kind of parental affection where parents always stand up for the children even if they are wrong or had done something bad, especially against other people, could never protect them from future self- destruction.  It is like having to buy Nascarjackets to protect your son from racing accidents and you know they cannot be protected.

For reasons of expounding on the issue, perhaps one of the reason for tolerating a child’s misdeeds is to cover up one’s (as a parent) neglect to function as a parent to a child, and failure to realize one’s weaknesses and work on them to correct them.  Parents’ deficiencies are passed on to the children even unconsciously.

Some parents also believe that to give in, with eyes closed, to their children’s whims will make them better than any parent.  This is a notion that has stunk for years and could never help produce responsible citizens.

I leave a piece of understanding for Marlene though she could have weighed the consequences of loving in a wrong way.