Memories that Echo

with the better half

“You don’t seem to forget, do you?” The echo of my son’s voice sounds almost like a monotone whisper.

“No, I don’t.” (pause)  “I have forgiven a long time ago but I have not forgotten.” Continue reading “Memories that Echo”

Nothing but a second rate, trying hard copycat!

The prompt reminds me of an acclaimed Filipino movie released in 1985 – Bituing Walang Ningning -, which translates to ‘star without luster’.  It was in this movie where one of those memorable lines was delivered by the supporting actress – “You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!”  Nothing beats controversial lines like that in movies.

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The versatile actress named Cherie Gil who played as a famous singer threatened by a newcomer in the industry was very effective in her role.  That kind where you almost hate her for being so vile in her realistic role. Continue reading “Nothing but a second rate, trying hard copycat!”

If we were having coffee…


That’s because I have known you for quite some time,  I’ll probably ask how life has been throwing a curve on you because it is what it’s been doing to me concurrently.  I am truly confused if I have to react to an ill person’s harsh words or just keep silent thinking that I might offend.

The problem with me is I burst like a soap-bubble when shitty things happen when I truly believe that I am already victorious in my endeavor to get things better for everybody. Continue reading “If we were having coffee…”

It’s Not Always About Money

Yipee! A BLOGGY award for me.
Bloggy Award

You can visit the site and read their reviews about my site. It is indeed a delightful feeling to read what others think positively about my blog. Well, not everybody thinks optimistic but to read just one is enough to make me feel good.

Let me share you some items in the review that rendered me speechless.

“I have to admit, the blog’s name caught my interest. It evoked images of a blazing fire contained by a stone fireplace. Images of cozy nights with people you treasure. A personal blog that has a lot to offer, that’s what Warmstone seems to be like.”

Overall Experience – 8
“I’d say going through Warmstone is indeed heartwarming at times. There might be posts which may not be that easy to relate to – just skip them and read those that catch your interest. A visit every now and then is worth your while.”

Wow, I cannot even remember I have submitted my site for evaluation but thank you very much to everybody at Bloggy Award especially to Noemi. Even without a gold and a silver Bloggy Award, it is such an honor.


Snatched from my Inbox – a text message from cousin Bernie:

Practice the pause…

When in doubt, practice the pause.

When angry, practice the pause.

When tired, practice the pause.

When stressed, practice the pause.


Clear the mind…

View from a different perspective…





Even your heart needs rest.

I have been into frequent pauses in updating my blog. There comes a time in our lives that things become so taxing; and even the cakes and ales can become so boring. That is why I did not promise myself to write one blog post each day. I know I will not be true to my promise. Monotony can consume the entirety of it all. So pause I did.

I don’t want to stop. Blogging, is what I mean. Somehow it has become a therapy. But during times that work and house chores become toxic, I pause with no further ado. The negative emotions from being dead-tired, stressed, depressed, et al, will surely manifest.

So, if this blog has no updates for quite sometime again in the future, I am only taking a pause. “Will be back shortly” – wish I can create a blinking badge with that phrase.