52Photos Project #20 – All Dressed Up

I am not very comfortable dressing up for occasions.  But that day was Glen’s wedding and I was one of the ‘sponsors’.  Glen is very special to me and Papsie that I had no choice but to try to fit in to the occasion with my getup.

glen's wedding day 055

52 Photos Project

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Curious as a Cat #405

I instantly became curious as a cat, too!  Curious Cat posed these questions that I answered:

1) What was the name of your first grade teacher?

I remember a name as Ms. Buan (pronounced as ‘bwan’).  It was easy for me to remember because it sounds like the word buwan which is a Filipino word for moon or month.

2) What was the worst smell you have ever smelled?

Eww.  The worst smell for me is that of a decaying carcass of a rat. It could evacuate my bowels, or make me gag, once I smell it.

3) What is something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail, and explain why you haven’t tried it yet?

It is my greatest desire to resign from my current work and try digital entrepreneurship.  The thing is, I am uneasy and apprehensive still because of the possible failure or when things will not work as I expect them to be, even with a guarantee that I will not fail.  Yes, I am that indecisive.

4) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

The picture reminds me of hope.  I am not sure why but the leaves portray the dissipating snow and the thought promises sunlight.

We do not experience snow here in the Philippines but currently the weather is very cold, which is unusual for most Filipinos.  It is not very comfortable and the feeling always make me want to laze around the house instead of going to work. 😀

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Cool Pearl

Drum Kit
Drum Kit (Photo credit: chriskompst)

It was so nice to see my daughter in a picture with a set of drums when she was in high school.  The drums look like the cool pearl at musicians friend, black in color. With that lovely set of drums and hardware, there’s a reason to play drums.  These percussion instruments always give that lively, happy feeling.


Speaking of Pearl drums, they are one of those hot deals or one of the best selling drums at Musician’s Friend.  One can find a variety of these drum instruments and narrow the choices according to one’s budget.  Isn’t that cool?


Thumb Screw Knobs

SLK-1R_Photo1Looking for thumb screw knobs of different styles, colors, and use?  There are thumb screw knobs from Reid that are ideal for use according to your own design needs.  They vary from color, diameter, and fitting a variety of screws including #4, #6, #8. #10, M3, M6 and M10.

At Reid you can find 51 products for thumb screw knobs and even narrow your search according to product category.


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Kitchen Remodeling

English: Handymen can install kitchen cabinets...
English: Handymen can install kitchen cabinets like these from pre-manufactured kits at home centers. Build top rows first, then work down. Make sure to attach cabinets in back to studs in wall. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With enough budget, I would consider this: buy kitchen cabinets online from here or from a similar online store. The cabinet designs are so lovely with their simple styles and their clean lines.

I want only the black or white ones.  They are so elegant.  I prefer the black cabinets but the problem is there is not a single window that will give out natural light to enhance the black color.  I would have the walls painted with golden yellow if ever.  That would be so nice to look at.  I am drooling at the image formed inside my head.

This is one of those plans for my kitchen remodeling. *taps* (crossing fingers for a wish to come true).


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