Nothing but a second rate, trying hard copycat!

The prompt reminds me of an acclaimed Filipino movie released in 1985 – Bituing Walang Ningning -, which translates to ‘star without luster’.  It was in this movie where one of those memorable lines was delivered by the supporting actress – “You’re nothing but a second-rate, trying hard copycat!”  Nothing beats controversial lines like that in movies.

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The versatile actress named Cherie Gil who played as a famous singer threatened by a newcomer in the industry was very effective in her role.  That kind where you almost hate her for being so vile in her realistic role. Continue reading “Nothing but a second rate, trying hard copycat!”

When was the last time?

I cannot remember when’s the last time I(we) saw a movie. (But wait, I think it was when we watched Spider Man 3 – this year?). With the influx of cheap (pirated) DVD copies, going to the movies is the last option nowadays.

And if I cannot remember the last time I saw a movie, I cannot forget the first time I went to the moviehouse with Papsie. We were already in college. I was really nervous because it was my first time alone with Papsie. Usually it’s a date with my friends. But that time, it was me and him ALONE.

Uneasy it may had been, I tried to concentrate on the movie. Papsie was trying to relax, or so I think. Suddenly, there were sounds like those of rats. I jumped off my chair and told Papsie that there were rats. He just smiled and told me there were no rats. I kept insisting there were and the sounds are getting louder. I caught his eye wander somewhere. I followed his gaze and saw below us two lovers smooching. I tried to hold back laughter by putting my hand on my mouth. Papsie whispered, “See, there are no rats.” I giggled silently.

Now, don’t ask me if we sounded like rats, too. We did not. 😀