Take me by the hand and wish…

There were as many times  that we passed by these jewelry shops inside the mall, Papsie and I.  Oftentimes, we will linger then wonder.  It had always made me stare on the three stone pendant like that everlon diamond knot three stone pendant.  Three stone pendants are always beautiful to look at.  Horizontal or vertical, they always catch my eye.  There is always that charming lure these jewelries have.

If luck had allowed me to win the lotto, I could have bought one for me.

Papsie and I held each other’s hands with a wish of each own.


When Athletes Bulk Up Like Incredible Hulk

I have always wondered if all athletes use creatine to ‘bulk up like Incredible Hulk.  I have always wondered if use of power-enhancing supplements could really make one stronger and faster.  I will not mention bigger because it is obvious that these athletes grow big and look big.

Creatine had become popular because of its effects on the muscles where they gain mass, and because they can increase power and performance as claimed.

I still believe that before one decides on taking any med or supplement, the pros and cons should be considered.  Creatine, for example is popular among athletes but as to long term effects, no established conclusions are gathered yet.  An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure.

The Honied Tongue Has Its Poison

Said an unknown writer.

Very true for me.  There are people who appears sweet but have poison in their honied tongues.  Just beware of slighting their egos, or triggering their resentful selves, and you are a potential candidate for character assassination or bashing.

These people, as I had observed do not have the capability to have a face off with their victims.  They rally among themselves to get satisfaction.  They rejoice about every bad news about their targets.  What a pity.

Interpretations are often wrong with these people.  Every move and step a target makes will be misconstrued as against them.  They malign.  They politicize.

It is sad that office politics seems to have no cure.  I just hope that the execs will not indulge too much in such petty matters.  There are bigger fishes to fry.

Or maybe a puff would do..

I don’t know.  I had to say that there maybe something that my father would appreciate as a gift for Father’s day.  He was a chronic smoker and I am very sure that cigarettes or cigars will make him very happy.

But if he was still living to this day, I doubt if I will give him cigarettes for this occasion.  He got very sick of emphysema and had complications because of it and if he had succeeded combating the illnesses, I will definitely not allow him to smoke anymore.

I wanted to post a picture of my dearest father here but the album that contained his pictures and our old pictures together was eaten by termites.  On second thought, I’d rather not.  I will be crying gallons.

One More for Father’s day

My father will never want father’s day presents because I believe just seeing his grandchildren grow up would be enough a gift for him.  Unfortunately, it was only Kay who had experienced the love and she did not even know it and remember it because she was only a year and a few months old that time, and he died after a few months.

My father was a simple man.  Actually, he was so simple that he was almost like half-witted to use up his money when relatives visit the house.  The simple happiness he acquired from letting them in our very small house and accommodate them and use up all available money that he had was just enough for him that time.  Never mind if there was nothing left for us the next following days and weeks for us.  He was so clannish that it really looked and sounded foolish for me.

Then he expected a recompense that did not happen.  That made me very sad.  Up to this day, there are still relatives who considers me like somebody or like them who says hi just to ask for money.  Shallow, shallow indeed.

Joining Linkedin

I had created a Linkedin.com account few years back and stopped in the middle wondering why I should be putting important information about me in a website like that.  Well, for businesses it would be vital like ProFlower info on Linkedin.com, for example. The company has an online business and a Linked.com account would be very beneficial in marketing their service of sending flowers or bouquets.

But for an individual, I doubt if it would be more beneficial than delicate.  Nowadays, one cannot be so sure.  Even in social networks like Facebook, Friendster and Multiply, everybody has to be extra careful in giving out personal information like phone numbers and the like.

Holographic Sights

There is interesting news for those who are into shooting  sports activity.  Holography is the process behind eotech sights.  With these weapons, the target is clearly locked in making it easy for the shooter to execute the act.

This is not a sport I would love to do because of my poor sight.   But I think with this holography process, even shooters like me can have fun.  It is as easy like aiming the target and it will be locked in.