One More for Father’s day

My father will never want father’s day presents because I believe just seeing his grandchildren grow up would be enough a gift for him.  Unfortunately, it was only Kay who had experienced the love and she did not even know it and remember it because she was only a year and a few months old that time, and he died after a few months.

My father was a simple man.  Actually, he was so simple that he was almost like half-witted to use up his money when relatives visit the house.  The simple happiness he acquired from letting them in our very small house and accommodate them and use up all available money that he had was just enough for him that time.  Never mind if there was nothing left for us the next following days and weeks for us.  He was so clannish that it really looked and sounded foolish for me.

Then he expected a recompense that did not happen.  That made me very sad.  Up to this day, there are still relatives who considers me like somebody or like them who says hi just to ask for money.  Shallow, shallow indeed.

Disability should not be the end of it all

A disability insurance may not be the ultimate answer but it could assist a policy holder to augment some basic needs when he or she needs to cease working because of a disability.

This matter crossed my mind because of A* who had broken his nose because of a blow caused by a beer bottle pounded on his face by his assailant, and had obtained leg injury which might have caused him to limp.  If he had survived, I doubt if he can be able to function as effectively with a damaged nose.  But what is sure is he can claim payment because he had acquired the insurance before the incident happened had he survived.  If he had a lingering illness, he could not be able to acquire the insurance.

It still makes me sad thinking he will not be there to talk to about the different pasta dishes he prepares.  It still makes me sad that I could have shown more kindness or I could have made him laugh.  I am sure that had he survived and had obtained a disability, I will tell him kindly that disability should not be the end of it all.  I should know.

A Haiku and a Letter for His Birthday

Yesterday, March 6, was Papsie’s 47th birthday.  Daryl had just thought of buying a slice of cake within his budget to add something to his letter for Papsie’s birthday.

Aside from the haiku, here is a copy of the letter (with his permission):

My dear Father,

It is not my intention to write a long letter, for it is not within my budget to print such a letter. Kidding aside, suffice it enough to know that I wish you nothing but the best for the years to come. You have given so much for us, despite your unique circumstance, that all I am asking of you is to live a little of your life for yourself. If I ever do get substantively rich  (in a financial sense), I promise to take you somewhere nice (perhaps that mami stand in  Masambong. :))

First, thank you for everything that you have done, and everything that you are still doing for me, my sister and my mother. Whatever we are now, whatever we have achieved and whatever we will achieve, we will always owe part of it to you. I am also thankful for the fact that you took it upon yourself to be useful, to be productive, given your predicament. It is rare, indeed, in this world of zanies and fools, to see a man rise above the circumstance which nature has assigned to him. For that, I thank you.

I also want to thank you for loving me as your son, despite my many shortcomings. I still have yet to learn the art of “diskarte” as you may call it, and I may not be well-versed with basketball, or with any other sport for that matter, but you love me just the same.

Second, I am sorry for whatever grief or pain that I may have caused you, or (God forbid) I may cause you in the future. I am a growing person, so bear with my pending development. I  may argue  with you a lot of times, but know that I do love you.

Yes, do know that we love you. It may sound just like any other I love you’s thrown around but it  is meant with honesty, not flattery. Don’t let the formality of this letter faze you from  believing in its sincerity; it is just a style which I suddenly wanted to employ. Know that there  are people in this world who keep you in their thoughts and for those who believe, in their  prayers, so whenever you’re feeling down, just think of these people. Just think of us.

Papa, I know that I may not always be the son that people (and perhaps, just perhaps – you)  expect me to be. I do not play sports. I’m not a fan of wrestling, I love Whitney and Aretha, I  prefer books to the court – you get the point. But do know that I will always be the son who will  ask you to eat at the mami stand – the son who will sometimes frown upon hearing your requests  for me to fill the water container with..hmm..water (what else?), etc. In any case, I will always  be the son who loves you, beer belly and all. (Although, technically, you don’t have a beer  belly. You have a “brandy” belly. And yeah, that was a corny joke but do indulge me.)

Today is your 47th birthday, and I want you to have more birthdays to come! Not another 47  birthdays, because that may just be too much. I am not promising anything but the promise to make  every effort to better myself, so that I may be a better son to you and Mama. In any case, I  believe that it is time for me to end this supposedly short letter. XD

Again, wishing you nothing but the best that life has to offer!

With all the love that the word LOVE could muster,

Your fat (getting to regular size) son,

Daryl Jules