Holy Week, Fish Week, Happy House!

I was truly excited when Thursday came.  It was the start of vacation and it will be four days of pure rest and relaxation.  It will soon end.  Tomorrow, it will be the start of work again.  Endless, again.  But at least I get to experience vacations such as these.

We were not able to get to our plan checking out one of those famous baroque church in Bulacan but the whole four days is fun with the family.  I really did not get myself so busy writing though I attempted to write some easy and quick family recipes which main ingredient is fish.  Last Thursday, I documented (?) the procedure of preparing and cooking Sinigang na Talakitok in Miso.  It was fun.  I didn’t know that talakitok is trevally in English.  I guess we really never stop to learn.

On Friday we had grilled tilapia, not exactly the one cooked under the fire but one using the turbo broiler.  I had it documented again here.  I am getting used to writing down these easy and quick  family recipes.   Again, it was fun!  😀

Then on Saturday, I wrote down the recipe How to Cook Delicious Lomi.  That was our lunch.  Papsie suddenly thought that we should not be together all the time because we want to eat together all the time!  And that would bloat us fast.  Kay reminded him that we should always eat in moderation therefore.  Daryl does not mind the two.  He was busy savoring the sublime. he he  😀

The house is happy.  Yes, you heard it right.  Of course, the family is happy but the house is happy, too!  They missed me a lot, the furnitures, the floor, the cupboard, the comfort room, everything!  They had once again experience being ‘clean’.  Didn’t I tell you this week is for relaxation?  😀

Photohunt: Road

Today’s Photohunt is ROAD.

In relation to this, I want to share some quotes on roads.

Build the roads and the job follow.

– Tommy Thompson

Don’t tell a woman she’s pretty; tell her

there’s no other woman like her, and all roads will open to you.

– Jules Renard

He who walks in the middle of the roads gets hit from both sides.

– George Schultz

Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter

how bad the roads and accommodations.

– Oliver Goldsmith

Many roads lead to the path,

but basically there are only two:  reason and practice.

– Bodhidarma

It’s the life in our years

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. Abraham Lincoln

Aging is inevitable.  Someone listed the signs of aging here.   I had picked some in the list that seems easy to remember as biomarkers:

  1. If you lose your SENSE OF HUMOR, you KNOW you are growing older! (Good grief! I am as I believe it had not lost the sense yet! 😀 )
  2. Muscle mass decreases on the average about 7 lbs per decade. .. this loss accelerates after age 45.  (Oh, my I’ll be 45 plus one on May!  Daryl is right, I should be back to my exercise routine!)
  3. Fat increases as a percentage of body weight.  (Yay!)
  4. Strength, energy and speed of the body decreases.  (Uhmm… I dread the day seeing myself travel from the door to the sofa in 10 minutes.)
  5. Blood pressure increases.  (It has for more than two years now.)
  6. We lose neurons in our brain.  This leads to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Senile Dementia.  (Kidding aside, I am so anxious about this.  My father had Alzheimer’s, and it was not easy for the people around to deal with it.)
  7. Testosterone in men, and estrogen and progesterone in women, drops.  (Oh, dear, how about the bouts???)
  8. Sexual desire drops.  (Nooooo!)
  9. Sense of hearing drops.  (This will be a big problem.)
  10. Sense of taste drops… “everything tastes the same”.  (How can I cook the children’s favorite foods when my taste buds fail?)

Okay.  I’ll stop here.   It scares me to read more.  I will be growing old someday.  That is a fact.  Of course, there will be ways to slow it down, or remedy some symptoms.  But it is inevitable.

It is not the years, Abraham said.  It’s the life.  The question that has to be answered is – do you have a life? Life is not about how rich you had gotten.  Life is not about achievements and success but what you did with your success and achievements.  Had it helped somebody, even just a single soul?

Life is not about the multitude of ‘friends’; life is about the impact you had to a friend and how you served as one.  It does not even have to be many.

Life is about family; that basic unit in the society where you initially belong.  It is what makes you; it is your reflection.  The many things in your family embody you; it is your constitution, it is your personification.

Life is how you played fair in every aspect of your life.  It is about how you chose to keep silent when you wanted to talk; it is about how you did not speak instead of fighting back someone who tried to bring you down.  It is how you believed that things end and that justice will always be served in whatever form the One above chose to be.

I do not know when my candle in heaven will be all consumed, but I will try my very best to put life in my remaining years on earth.  You are lucky to be younger than me because you have more years to design a life for you and not worry that the years are adding up as time goes by.


What I learned about brake system today

I am not a driver but I got fascinated with an information I learned from brembo brake system.  Today, most sedan cars have front wheel drives.  From what I read, when brake is applied, majority of all the work happens on the front of the vehicle.  It is important, therefore, that big brakes are designed for the front wheels of the car so that the brake system and the entire car is not compromised.

It is a very interesting piece of information.  I believe that drivers must know the importance of this principle as well.  It is important that the primary tools of one’s trade must be learned and memorized –> knowledge and learning.

I remember that day

That day the doctor let me hear through the fetal doppler Daryl’s heart sound and heart rate, I was overwhelmed with joy.  Forget about the technical specs of this medical device like tele-interface and all, this invention is truly awesome.  The unequaled effect of such medical invention will always be the indescribable, extraordinary feelings of joy a mother feels.

Then the news came after five months being preggy that I am one of those ‘lucky mothers’ (1 in every thousand) to be delivering a child under placenta previa condition.  On that fifth month, the situation was only imaginary, the placenta covering only a little of the cervix.  The doctor said if the boy will stay still, the condition will not change.  But being healthy and strong, my son moved a lot, and I think especially when he’s hungry inside my womb.  He kicked a lot.

I was brought to the hospital two times before I delivered Daryl through CS.  It was a good thing that my blood clotted because during those times I bled a lot and I could die from it.

The day I was going to be operated through CS, my belly was moving up and down.  Daryl wanted to get out already and there was no way to do it.  I was profusely bleeding that time.  My blood rate went down to 60.  During that time, all that I was seeing were chess board marks all around me.  My senses were alive and I writhed in pain, with my body unable to react because it was so weak, when the catheter was inserted.

I did not see Daryl at once.  I only saw him when we fetch him after staying in the hospital for a week to be monitored because he had a respiratory illness acquired probably from being inside my womb almost drowning from blood.  He was not breathing when he came out and he looked dark.

When I heard him cry for milk, I felt that same joy I heard the sound of his heartbeat through that fetal doppler.


I love touch phones

Just to look at them for now.  It is not in the list of my priorities.

The first time I laid my eyes on a htc desire hd touch phone was when an office mate received it as a gift from her husband for her birthday.  I was green-eyed with envy.

There is something about touch phones that got me interested and that is its glass display and its multi-touch input method.  I am not much of a lover of high-tech gadgets but this one took my breath away.

I do not see acquiring it now but if luck lends me an ear, who knows if I can have this one?  😀  Good luck, come and pursue me!


Choosing a Franchise

If you are going to consider franchises, what would you choose?

Franchises are often associated with food but in a write up from About.com, there are 12o different types of franchises.  Still, I will choose food franchise.  And I will choose Jollibee.

Food is always easy to sell.  Jollibee is a household name among Filipinos.  Therefore, it is easy to sell because the business is about food.  Well, I have to admit that not all food business prosper but Jollibee has a name already and it would not be difficult to sell it.

How about you, what would you consider among the many franchises at hand?

Utility Knives as Weapons?

I have a cutter that I use in my office.  As utility knife, it serves a lot for many purposes.  I use my knife to cut papers, to cut strings that bind, or anything that binds.  Inside the plant they are also used for many purposes like cutting the masking tape, or binding tapes, or ropes that bind packages, or papers into small pieces, etc.

But utility knives as weapons?  It didn’t cross my mind.  But according to an article in Wikipedia, box-cutter knives were used as weapons in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Contemplating, I realized that they could truly be used as weapons.  The fact that they are knives and that they are used for cutting, then they can also be used to inflict harm.  Scary thought, but very possible.

Tips for Towers

Although this curt trailer hitch tips are only available for USA and Canada residents, information in this look up could help give an idea for heavy duty towing, hitch accessories, bikes and cargos, brake controls wiring and electrical.

Along EDSA, there are many heavy duty trucks that requires heavy duty towing.  I am not quite sure if trucks or companies with trucks have membership in wheeler or towing club.  But to be one is truly beneficial.  A couple of times that Papsie’s membership had rescued him in the middle of EDSA, or when the car breaks down unexpectedly.

Home Theater Furniture Papsie Likes

The picture below is what Papsie likes to have – a simple home theater.  It does not have to be big and I am pretty sure an omnimount serviceman will not find it difficult to mount.

The beauty of having one is purely for family bonding.  We are a family that loves to watch movies together.  We love to be awed, shocked, angered, disappointed, saddened, etc. by what we watch.  Simply put, we want to experience watching a movie together to share what we think of what we watch, and to learn what each other think.  It is our way of strengthening the family.  It may be weird to some who does not have this kind of bonding but we do, we do a lot of talking.  We share a lot of our ideas, even to the point of arguing or disagreeing with one’s thoughts and opinions.

Breakfast with Modern Coffee Tables

Maybe it feels good to eat breakfast on modern coffee tables but I really do not care.  I can eat breakfast anywhere and with anything.  For some, it would be a grand thing but for a simple Filipino, it does not really matter.

Breakfast is usually heavy for Filipinos and this is to prepare for the day.  It usually consist of fried rice and a viand or a pair of viands.  Or pan de sal and a filling.

Simple but fulfilling.



Be Extra Careful

Now that you are set to go for an outing, or an excursion, or a travel, be extra careful with your belongings.  A motorola case cannot protect your cellular phone from thieves, and boy, they swarm places where there are many people, nor would a Vaio bag protect your laptop.

A cellular phone is a necessity, and a laptop can or cannot be one.   If you do not need your laptop to be with you on an outing, just leave it at home.  It is not as handy as a cellular phone, and could become the apple of the thieves’ eyes.  After all, you do not need to work when you are scheduled to relax.  So, chill out. 😀

It’s Summer Time

It is summer time again.  Colleagues and friends are planning already about traveling to the beautiful places in the Philippines.

One of my co-employees choose to ride on an airplane to go to the Visayan region while another choose to travel by land.  The latter believes that it is easier to deal with travel emergency on the road than when you are up above on an airplane.

For me, traveling by air or by land are both dangerous.  There is no better choice.  When one is met with a tragedy (not that I expect one for anybody), they each offer difficulties isolated for each case but the possibility is always there.  Depending on the degree, traveling by air or by land is just the same.

We will be having our family outing not far away from Manila.  There are no exotic views but it is always the warm and cozy feeling of being with them that will make it unforgettable. 🙂