I remember that day

That day the doctor let me hear through the fetal doppler Daryl’s heart sound and heart rate, I was overwhelmed with joy.  Forget about the technical specs of this medical device like tele-interface and all, this invention is truly awesome.  The unequaled effect of such medical invention will always be the indescribable, extraordinary feelings of joy a mother feels.

Then the news came after five months being preggy that I am one of those ‘lucky mothers’ (1 in every thousand) to be delivering a child under placenta previa condition.  On that fifth month, the situation was only imaginary, the placenta covering only a little of the cervix.  The doctor said if the boy will stay still, the condition will not change.  But being healthy and strong, my son moved a lot, and I think especially when he’s hungry inside my womb.  He kicked a lot.

I was brought to the hospital two times before I delivered Daryl through CS.  It was a good thing that my blood clotted because during those times I bled a lot and I could die from it.

The day I was going to be operated through CS, my belly was moving up and down.  Daryl wanted to get out already and there was no way to do it.  I was profusely bleeding that time.  My blood rate went down to 60.  During that time, all that I was seeing were chess board marks all around me.  My senses were alive and I writhed in pain, with my body unable to react because it was so weak, when the catheter was inserted.

I did not see Daryl at once.  I only saw him when we fetch him after staying in the hospital for a week to be monitored because he had a respiratory illness acquired probably from being inside my womb almost drowning from blood.  He was not breathing when he came out and he looked dark.

When I heard him cry for milk, I felt that same joy I heard the sound of his heartbeat through that fetal doppler.


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