Overwhelming Japanese Food

There is one Japanese food restaurant we had frequented last year.  It is such an experience.  And yes, I can use the word overwhelming here. In different ways, I have to say.

This one here is one of the best tasting sobas I had.  Once you dig in and bring the noodles to your chewing and tasting apparatus to be eaten up, you’ll know the difference.  It makes you realize that the temptation to eat a lot can be overwhelming.


I loved the kani pomelo salad, too.  It’s a truly refreshing and healthy salad with a tangy dressing.  Eating salads can be overwhelming, too, like you are aroused with a feeling you can’t identify while you’re chewing the veggies mixed with the dressing.  😀


The chicken recipe below is exemplary, too. We didn’t expect it to be that savory.  The crispiness completed the experience.  One of the tastiest chicken dishes we have had.

The grilled blue marlin is equally impressive.  The kids devoured it with gusto.  Good thing, I got to have a bite before it’s all gone.

So far, the word overwhelming relates to goodness, isn’t it?



Of course, a Japanese food experience without the sashimi and the sushi isn’t complete.  The set below is the one we ordered.  Bellisimo!dsc00017But the uni is overwhelming in a different way.  Daughter loves it but I did not try it again after having a bite.  It tasted metallic, as in weird metallic.  So, no for it the next time we visit this lovely place.


It’s Morita, by the way.

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