Cable Covers

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Cable management is important.  With today’s need for cables and the like, cable covers are necessities.  They protect loose cables, cover wire runs, or shield lots of cables.

Cable covers have varieties, too.  There are translucent covers that are perfect for decorative accompaniment.  There are transparent ones , too.  These covers are also helpful in tidying up areas with lots of cords, or covering the exposed cords on the floor.

Do you have them for your home?

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In a Grocery Store Where Mendicants Are

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Puregold Balintawak opened today.

The grocery store is big.  The prices are lower.  The most important thing is it is very near our house.

I can’t help but notice though, and this is without judgment, that even the mendicants are allowed inside.  I say they are mendicants because they are dirty all over and their clothes are soiled.  I know, I can still be hated and possible to be branded judgmental.  But who would with their sane minds go to a grocery store all dirty?

Even mendicants, of course, can go buy in a grocery store. What I do not like is their children are unruly and they were running all over the place.  Possible accidents can happen especially at the elevator.

Papsie told the lady guard to prevent them from running to and fro on the elevator and the she seemed not to know what to do.  They simply do not care at all.

Crossing my fingers that the store will last.

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Christmas Caroling in the Philippines

It is so funny to read a FB friend showing a version of different Christmas songs in his update status. It reminds me of the children that sing carols every after Simbang Gabi. And it goes like this:

“Sa may bahay, ang aming bati, merry Christmas na lalwalhati…!”

My FB friend has his own version of a Christmas song:

Chess knock roasting on an open pie-er.

Jack post nipping at your north.
yung Tide. Carols being sun by ac-quire.
En pokes dress up like his chimos.
Ebery buddy nows, a turk key en some Mrs. Tow
help to make da see-saw brayt…

And here is another one:

Long lays da words in sing en errors pyding;’
til he apirs en da sol pelt its whore.
A trill of hopes da wir we word its joyces.
por younger brakes a new en gorgious morn.
poll on yor kneel, oh hir da angle boyses.
oh nite divide.OH NITE Divide!!!!!

He is funny. Really.

The Old James Bond Movies

We are currently watching a James Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only, starring Roger Moore.

HBO is having a marathon of James Bond movies.  I say, the old James Bond movies are boring!  The dialogues are drab, and the actions are drag.

The good things about the movies are the gorgeous girls and the beautiful locations.  The whole movie is so dragging that you can predict what will happen next.  It is astonishing that these James Bond movies became popular.

The Pierce Brosnan starrer James Bond movies are the opposite.  Add to the fact that I am a fan. 😀

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Quotable Quotes at FB

Facebook teaches, and amuses most of the time.  Here are some of the quotes that are ‘quotable’.

From Reyna Elena I learned a new word today, from Jove Francisco… “So that’s what they are called: “CyberEpals” (and mind you karamihan sa kanila, posers, walang sariling mga litrato o di nais ilanta kung sino sila)” hahahhahahaha

From Gigi Santos-Castaneda“Why compare yourself with others? No one in the entire world can do a better job of being you than you.” ~Unknown

From Julie Custudio-FuertesMy artistic 8yo daughter Tania had a brief stint at Global Art Philippines Ortigas branch a few months ago (thanks to a GC I got from a writing assignment last year). One of the photos in this collage is her unfinished work. We have not been back after that last day of session in July2011. It was a short but unforgettable experience for her. She has expressed wanting to go back soon so that she can finish the other artworks in the sketch pad and learn new skills as well. She has improved her coloring technique after only a few hours of learning a unique teaching technique the center uses. I know she still has a lot to learn to improve her craft.

From“We need to hold him accountable for the long list of anti-people rulings he supported to favor his patron Macapagal-Arroyo…But with this move we hope that the next Chief Justice would be truly independent and decide cases for the genuine interest of the people.  We do not want an Arroyo court be replaced by an Aquino court.” – Bayan Muna Rep. Teddy Casino

From Rhada Umali Mccarrollseriously, Sirius… did you really have to go potty at 3:30 am?? Ugh!

From Pading Romy -Lord Have Mercy:  In a beauty contest, one of the contestants was asked:  Are you in favor of Mercy Killing? Contestant:  Of course not! Mercy is my sister and she is not a killer! – Roberto Barcelona

From Nalen Aguilar –

My Father, and the Adult Diapers

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Honestly, before, I did not know that there are adult diapers.  Not until my father had to use them.

When he had a stroke, he went into a coma.   The muscular, strong, and loving person suddenly became feckless, not exactly knowing what was happening around, but I was sure he could still hear things.  His first day in coma showed a tear fell when I held his hand and told him, “Pa, I am here.”

It was a far-fetched reality that my dependable father will one day be in diapers, adult diapers specifically, and that he will be rendered useless against an unexpected situation.  But he was there, lying, motionless, and almost like dead.

The adult diapers looked very big on him.  His scrawny features are like piles of bones and sagging flesh against it.  It does not really matter how absorbent the diapers are, or how protective, or odorless.  They cannot do anything to my father’s abject condition.

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Remembering a Leather Briefcase

English: Raoul Wallenbergs briefcase in bronze...

During the holiday seasons, I cannot help but remember one Christmas when I received a leather briefcase from an aunt.  That time I was already in college and I do not see any need for me for to carry a briefcase.  Engineering students do not usually carry a lot of things in their bags.  Most of the time, I only carry a filler notebook, or a filler, depending on how many classes I have for a day, and definitely, I won’t need a leather briefcase.  😀

I remember how delighted my father was but I cannot tell him that the briefcase has no use to me.  It ended up being used by a sibling who’s still in high school and was forced to use the briefcase.  We have no idea that the briefcase was one of those leading brands. We really did not care if what was given to us was stylish, durable, or elegant. We are so ignorant about fashion statements.  😀  What can you expect from simple students who just want to live life simply?

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Funny T-shirts?

No political correctness
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How do you define funny?  What are funny t shirts?

Funny has a lot of meanings.

It basically means providing fun.  But this can be subjective.  Something that can be funny to one is not funny to another.

It can mean peculiar or odd.  This is when political correctness is not a necessity.  This isn’t the goodie-goodie funny.  This is hard core funny.

As to funny shirts, do not be shocked if they offend you.  They can be funny to some.

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Some Men are A**holes

A man gave a beautiful laced dress to another man’s wife.   They are said to be ‘friends’ because of a reason or another.  The apparel was designed backless and with a knot to keep the front of the dress.

The Merchant's Wife by Boris Kustodiev, showca...
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The apparel was a gift from the sibling of the man.  The wife asked why he did not give it to his wife (though she was thinking that the apparel was not the size of the man’s wife).  He blurted that his wife’s udder is for him alone.  The wife was shocked and the man apologized immediately realizing his foul mouth.

Some men are a**holes.

This man who wants his wife’s udder only for him (what husband would actually want to share his wife’s breasts to others?) is also a man who fooled his wife not only once.  He demands ownership of her partner like what one does to a property but he is not exclusive to his wife.  Pathetic fool.

I can only smirk at the foolishness of the whole thing.  So patriarchal.  Birdbrained.

I am blessed, I believe, to have a husband that thinks differently.  In his condition, he is secured.  He makes me feel he trusts me.  He is proud of me.

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Handling and Storage

While inside a household store looking for gifts, one of the staff who were piling new stock of products accidentally loose hold of one item.  The sound was bad.  The staff simply shrugged as the others exclaimed.  He sort of dismissed the damaged item and said ‘RTS’ or return to supplier.

The store probably was saving money to even purchase a material handling equipment for this purpose.  Instead of the staff getting the items by hand from the destination, a cart or a lifting table could have avoided the breakage or the damage.

An organization always has to have handling and storage solutions or procedures.  It will be beneficial to consider these pieces of equipment as solutions.  The result will be satisfactory.

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Rhian Ramos: Lessons Learned

BMEG Muse 2011-12
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From The Internet Movie Database, Rhian Ramos is the niece of GMA Network’s Assistant Vice President and head of the network’s talent center.  She was born Rhian Denise Ramos Howell.  She is 9 months younger than my firstborn.  Very young, very, very young to be subjected to the kind of public embarrassment she is into right now.

My shock to the news of a video by the blabbermouth Mo Twister is definitely incomparable to the bombshell Rhian received upon learning about the video from a tweet.  I can almost feel the hurt and pain while she was narrating about it.

I do not usually pay attention to showbiz news but this one really affected me.  First, I have a daughter who is almost her age, though older, both very young.  Second, I am a parent and I cannot help but be disgusted and angry with the evil scheme of Mo Twister.  He had corrupted Rhian to the point of manipulating and coercing her.  He took advantage of her innocence and youth.  How I wished that these men like Mo Twister be put on a stake and be subjected to any of those torture methods being used in some countries.

I know I am reacting violently but these male creatures do not deserve anything good.  Their chauvinism to male dominance is sickening.  They do not deserve any understanding, and even sympathy.

It is undeniable that Rhian is partly to blame but with the age gap between them, it looked like she was beguiled while she said, “Hindi ako nakinig, eh. Because I just really liked him.  And I guess I was just being blind…”

What are the lessons learned?

  • Any girl or woman should learn from this lesson.  Do not be fooled by anybody like Mo Twister.  Sweet words are nothing.  Some men will sweet-talk and later abuse.
  • Listen to your parents, young girls, and listen well.  Like what Rhian realized, “I should’ve listened to my parents.  I should’ve listened to my family.  The reason why your family knows what’s best for you is because they love you unconditionally.” She said it all.
  • Do not be afraid.  Dominant male psychos will try to do everything to stop you from leaving them.  They will surely threaten but do not be afraid especially if you know your family is always there for you.

Funny that I cannot get over the whole thing. I really, really hate Mo Twister from the start.  Let justice be served.

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