A Sarah Palin gift?

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Do you remember Sarah Palin? She was a 2008 Republican nominee for Vice Presidency in America. She was considered a potential candidate for the 2012 presidential election but announced last October 2011 that she would not run.

We cannot tell what will happen next but if you are a believer or an avid fan of Palin, you can consider buying a sarah palin 2012 shirt, or a bumper sticker, or a post card.

As it is not possible for me to be supporting Sarah Palin because I am not an American and does not live in America, I could only watch from afar what will happen next.  If there are people who puts up movements and create products that show support to Palin, we can never tell if her decision not to run is final.

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Cable Covers

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Cable management is important.  With today’s need for cables and the like, cable covers are necessities.  They protect loose cables, cover wire runs, or shield lots of cables.

Cable covers have varieties, too.  There are translucent covers that are perfect for decorative accompaniment.  There are transparent ones , too.  These covers are also helpful in tidying up areas with lots of cords, or covering the exposed cords on the floor.

Do you have them for your home?

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In a Grocery Store Where Mendicants Are

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Puregold Balintawak opened today.

The grocery store is big.  The prices are lower.  The most important thing is it is very near our house.

I can’t help but notice though, and this is without judgment, that even the mendicants are allowed inside.  I say they are mendicants because they are dirty all over and their clothes are soiled.  I know, I can still be hated and possible to be branded judgmental.  But who would with their sane minds go to a grocery store all dirty?

Even mendicants, of course, can go buy in a grocery store. What I do not like is their children are unruly and they were running all over the place.  Possible accidents can happen especially at the elevator.

Papsie told the lady guard to prevent them from running to and fro on the elevator and the she seemed not to know what to do.  They simply do not care at all.

Crossing my fingers that the store will last.

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A Glass Tile as Pendant

Have you tried a glass tile as pendant?  I haven’t.

An oval tile, for example, flat back, non-magnifying and clear, can be used as a pendant.  It can be customized according to the design that you want or need.  You can use words, photos, patterns, drawings, fabrics or anything that is flat and thin.  In order to have a glassy appeal, you can use a Diamond Glaze.

Come to think of it, this can be a nice gift, too.

Christmas Caroling in the Philippines

It is so funny to read a FB friend showing a version of different Christmas songs in his update status. It reminds me of the children that sing carols every after Simbang Gabi. And it goes like this:

“Sa may bahay, ang aming bati, merry Christmas na lalwalhati…!”

My FB friend has his own version of a Christmas song:

Chess knock roasting on an open pie-er.

Jack post nipping at your north.
yung Tide. Carols being sun by ac-quire.
En pokes dress up like his chimos.
Ebery buddy nows, a turk key en some Mrs. Tow
help to make da see-saw brayt…

And here is another one:

Long lays da words in sing en errors pyding;’
til he apirs en da sol pelt its whore.
A trill of hopes da wir we word its joyces.
por younger brakes a new en gorgious morn.
poll on yor kneel, oh hir da angle boyses.
oh nite divide.OH NITE Divide!!!!!

He is funny. Really.

PC Games Enslavement

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PC Games are addictive I heard.  That is why I stayed away.  That is why my children were discouraged early on not to give so much attention even to those simple computer games when they were young.  Maybe that is why the addiction was not cultivated in them. Or perhaps these are not what hits their soft spots.  Each to his own.

It takes a lot to love PC Games.  One needs a headset, game pad, infrared mouse, and a lot more accessories to get the best of these games.  It definitely is an expensive enslavement.

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The Old James Bond Movies

We are currently watching a James Bond movie, For Your Eyes Only, starring Roger Moore.

HBO is having a marathon of James Bond movies.  I say, the old James Bond movies are boring!  The dialogues are drab, and the actions are drag.

The good things about the movies are the gorgeous girls and the beautiful locations.  The whole movie is so dragging that you can predict what will happen next.  It is astonishing that these James Bond movies became popular.

The Pierce Brosnan starrer James Bond movies are the opposite.  Add to the fact that I am a fan. 😀

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