Remembering a Leather Briefcase

English: Raoul Wallenbergs briefcase in bronze...

During the holiday seasons, I cannot help but remember one Christmas when I received a leather briefcase from an aunt.  That time I was already in college and I do not see any need for me for to carry a briefcase.  Engineering students do not usually carry a lot of things in their bags.  Most of the time, I only carry a filler notebook, or a filler, depending on how many classes I have for a day, and definitely, I won’t need a leather briefcase.  😀

I remember how delighted my father was but I cannot tell him that the briefcase has no use to me.  It ended up being used by a sibling who’s still in high school and was forced to use the briefcase.  We have no idea that the briefcase was one of those leading brands. We really did not care if what was given to us was stylish, durable, or elegant. We are so ignorant about fashion statements.  😀  What can you expect from simple students who just want to live life simply?

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