Rhian Ramos: Lessons Learned

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From The Internet Movie Database, Rhian Ramos is the niece of GMA Network’s Assistant Vice President and head of the network’s talent center.  She was born Rhian Denise Ramos Howell.  She is 9 months younger than my firstborn.  Very young, very, very young to be subjected to the kind of public embarrassment she is into right now.

My shock to the news of a video by the blabbermouth Mo Twister is definitely incomparable to the bombshell Rhian received upon learning about the video from a tweet.  I can almost feel the hurt and pain while she was narrating about it.

I do not usually pay attention to showbiz news but this one really affected me.  First, I have a daughter who is almost her age, though older, both very young.  Second, I am a parent and I cannot help but be disgusted and angry with the evil scheme of Mo Twister.  He had corrupted Rhian to the point of manipulating and coercing her.  He took advantage of her innocence and youth.  How I wished that these men like Mo Twister be put on a stake and be subjected to any of those torture methods being used in some countries.

I know I am reacting violently but these male creatures do not deserve anything good.  Their chauvinism to male dominance is sickening.  They do not deserve any understanding, and even sympathy.

It is undeniable that Rhian is partly to blame but with the age gap between them, it looked like she was beguiled while she said, “Hindi ako nakinig, eh. Because I just really liked him.  And I guess I was just being blind…”

What are the lessons learned?

  • Any girl or woman should learn from this lesson.  Do not be fooled by anybody like Mo Twister.  Sweet words are nothing.  Some men will sweet-talk and later abuse.
  • Listen to your parents, young girls, and listen well.  Like what Rhian realized, “I should’ve listened to my parents.  I should’ve listened to my family.  The reason why your family knows what’s best for you is because they love you unconditionally.” She said it all.
  • Do not be afraid.  Dominant male psychos will try to do everything to stop you from leaving them.  They will surely threaten but do not be afraid especially if you know your family is always there for you.

Funny that I cannot get over the whole thing. I really, really hate Mo Twister from the start.  Let justice be served.

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3 thoughts on “Rhian Ramos: Lessons Learned

  1. Hopefully something unfortunate such as this would serve as a lesson to others. Was looking at different vids on this topic when I saw a video which I thought was the original, but it was a different video. I thought it would be a nice break for us to watch this funny video parody.


    Mo Likes Unlimited Rice (MO TWISTER PARODY)


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