Some Men are A**holes

A man gave a beautiful laced dress to another man’s wife.   They are said to be ‘friends’ because of a reason or another.  The apparel was designed backless and with a knot to keep the front of the dress.

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The apparel was a gift from the sibling of the man.  The wife asked why he did not give it to his wife (though she was thinking that the apparel was not the size of the man’s wife).  He blurted that his wife’s udder is for him alone.  The wife was shocked and the man apologized immediately realizing his foul mouth.

Some men are a**holes.

This man who wants his wife’s udder only for him (what husband would actually want to share his wife’s breasts to others?) is also a man who fooled his wife not only once.  He demands ownership of her partner like what one does to a property but he is not exclusive to his wife.  Pathetic fool.

I can only smirk at the foolishness of the whole thing.  So patriarchal.  Birdbrained.

I am blessed, I believe, to have a husband that thinks differently.  In his condition, he is secured.  He makes me feel he trusts me.  He is proud of me.

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