Yesterday, buddy Rey and I were talking about his wife’s previous experience performing tawas on people afflicted with paranormal illnesses. I am not a believer of this alternative treatment although my kids when they were young were subjected to these rituals because my husband’s kins were believers.

Rey narrated how her wife uses the egg to determine if a person is nabati, nausog, nabalis, may sapi, etc. (Pardon me because I do not how to translate these words in English.) When a person approaches his wife or she simply sees a person seemingly ill, she will ask that person to buy an egg and after whispering litanies of a sort and the egg standing up on its own (the egg is raw), she will tell the person that she had stepped on something (or someone?) na hindi nakikita (not seen by anyone) located at a particular part of the house or garden, etc. She will then give an instruction to the afflicted or to the relatives of the afflicted on what to do, or perform rituals. One instruction was to go to the location and ask forgiveness from someone he/she doesn’t see. She can also perform a ritual of exhaling air to the person from the head down. Rey contends that those people were healed after a short time.

When asked how she knows the description of the house or the area, she said that they simply appear like she’s watching tv. These scenes suddenly flash letting her know where the location is and what (or who?) did it. Rey’s wife has the ability to see objects and events beyond normal sight like a clairvoyant.

What I am worried about is if there is a ‘spirit’ who is with my buddy’s wife. And if this is a form of sorcery, the more that I am anxious. The Lord God has a warning that says, “I will set my face against the person who turns to mediums and spiritists to prostitute himself by following them…” (Leviticus 20:6). Thank God she had long discontinued the practice. Rey said that each time she does the act, she gets sick or feels ill. Pretty scary.

Then my mind wandered to the possibility of not seeing objects or events but hearing or knowing what other people think, particularly about me. I don’t know if this is possible and can be classified as clairvoyance, too, then again it would be interesting to know. What if God gave us this choice to be able to listen or learn what other people think? Would it hurt that much if I learn that there are people who think ill about me than those who appreciate me? Would it weaken my self-esteem or contribute to the desire to better myself?

Papsie does not like the idea. He could gain enemies when that happens he told me. He would probably react in a negative way when people will think harshly after all the good things he had done for them. Oh, well, even without these supernatural ability, there exist people who repays good things with bad deeds. Their traits speak how they think. This is probably good reason enough not to ask for a supernatural ability.