Website Directories?

I know this blog is already out of exposure.  Traffic is slow.  Blog friends have forgotten.  Because I also have forgotten?  Oh, guilty as charged.  Actually, I have not forgotten.  Who would forget my blog friends?  I have enjoyed exchanging thoughts and ideas with them.  I have learned a lot from them.  I was inspired by many of them.  Who would ever forget such a very nice experience?

I have to admit I miss them.  Actually the best web directory can give you traffic but the warmth of the replies and thoughts from blog friends is what really matters.  A blog is always meant to be interactive to me.  Even with a lot of traffic and no one to share a thought with, the whole purpose of blogging is defeated.

Website directories truly work especially if you pay for the traffic.  But it is always the friendship that matters.  It is always the consonance and the fusion.  It is the cordiality.

I miss them a lot.


Family Bonding

How important is family bonding to you?  Bonding, from, is the process by which individuals become emotionally attached to one another.  It is also the close friendship that develops between adults, often as a result of intense experiences.

For me, family bonding is very important.  It strengthens the relationship of each family member.  It makes every family member feel that there is a place and there are people one can go to when in trouble, or afflicted with emotional predicaments, or when the world seems to be the adversary.

Once in a while, when there is a chance, and enough resources, our family makes it a point to be with each other, and enjoy the company of each other.  Whatever differences we have, each of us will bear, and understand, and if necessary, forgive.

When there is no money, or no enough money, we stay at home and watch DVD.  Or we prepare food to gobble and enjoy.


He was in rehab

I know someone who was in rehab a year ago and he is back to his dangerous self.  It made me think in connection to this if there is a facility that can be considered the best rehab.

If in the US it is not easy to determine the best rehabilitation facility, how much more in the Philippines?  It is sad to think that it must be the reason why that guy I know is back to his old habits again.

Addiction is a life threatening and potentially fatal problem, as it said to be, but I believe that treatment facilities are equally important as the treatment itself.   There are a few considerations in choosing a treatment facility:

  • caters even to those who are atheists or agnostics
  • caters even to those with psychotic or eating disorders
  • caters to a patient’s need to develop self-confidence, self-reliance, and connection with nature
  • caters to the needs of each gender
  • caters to the separate needs of adults and adolescents
  • caters to the need to detox
  • caters to the extended need of a patient undergoing recovery

The Halitosis of the Mind

I actually find this definition for gossip very funny.  It’s the best description I encountered so far.   The author’s unknown.  What a pity.

But the world seems so interested about everybody’s business which is none of anybody’s business.  A case at point when the mind is idle or full of crap. And everybody is guilty.  But to admit that one is guilty is another story.  Some are in defense that they do not indulge themselves in gossips but are truly the firsts to divulge any secret to anyone available.  It seems like to be the first to hand over these secrets will put a star on the shoulder.

What some invent, everybody enlarge, said Jonathan Swift.  And it is a lesson to learn.   It is better to indulge in exercises of the mind than in the exercises of the tongue.

Weight Loss Supplement Replacement

With a dose of lamentations and disappointments on a daily basis, one will not be needing weight loss supplements.  Kidding aside, with the many stressful things that are happening, and when one takes them really hard, these supplements are not necessary.

The other day as I was welling up because of disappointments, I suddenly realized that I should never given in to these negative feelings.  I vowed after that moment to move on and focus on the positive things even in the midst of these predicaments and concerns.

I am a survivor ever since and I know I can do it.

Christmas this year

Christmas has always been a tradition of merry-making and reuniting with family and relative.  It would be the first time that we will celebrate without Nanay.  It would be the first time that we cannot put on the bright and lovely christmas 2010 ornaments.

I have to respect Papsie for this.  He’s the one who decided not to decorate the house this time for his mother.  I understand the difficulty of dealing with the memories of the beloved.

But anyway, with or without the ornaments, Christmas will pass and will be done and over with.  They sometimes remind me of hypocrisy as I listen to many thousands, or maybe of hundreds of thousands, spent on them while in the neighborhood or in the community, there are many street children who needs our help.  They sometimes define irony in a manner that you are spending for the ornaments and not paying for your debts first.

I mean, we can celebrate Christmas simply.  Is it what it is all about, simplicity?

What will you do if you win the lottery of half a billion?

To date, no one has won the lottery of more than half a billion pesos in the Philippines 6/55 Lotto. I have asked a few friends who took time to bet what they will do with the money. It is so funny listening to their plans. Honestly, if I will decide to bet on it, and win (crossing my fingers now), I do not know what to do first as I asked myself this question.I just hope that I will not get a heart attack.

Contemplating on it, while in the US it is announced, here in the Philippines, the winner is kept secret. It is the winner’s decision if he or she is going to reveal his or her identity. Well, it is understandable because with the many hoodlums here waiting for the victims, one will definitely get scared.

And that is it. The first thing I will do is to keep mum about the whole thing and tell everybody in the family to be silent about it. Of course, I will deposit some of the chunks to different banks, embark on a business, give business capitals to my siblings, repair the house, etc, etc. It is truly overwhelming just to think about it but the chance is truly slim as only 25% of the combination were bet on. And now, I ask you, what will you do with the money if you win?