Hostage of Love

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Parents are hostages of their love for their children.  I believe no one is exempted.

I hate what my child, for example, did one day.  There were confrontations and the child fought back or talked back and I felt hurt.  I blurted out hurtful words in return then I chose not to talk.  Yet I still feel love for the child that has wronged me.  I still cannot help to think about the whereabouts, or if the child is safe from harm or danger if still not at home.   I ponder at how helpless I feel because of the love.  I mull over the things I would recite and plan to do it with might, or so I thought.

My heart melted at the first touch of the cheek that touched mine.  My mind got confused what to say and feel until only seconds later, the offering of remorse was spoken.  I was speechless.  My plan did not transpire.  I am still captive of my love for the child.

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I Need a Hike

I need to get rid of these miserable feelings. Perhaps hiking with a pair of Lowa boots could help.  These leather boots are said to be best in hiking and comes in different styles.

Before I get asked what is happening, I would end your conjecture by saying I do not feel well. Something bad happened which should have not happened if not for one’s self-centeredness.

It is already past 11 pm and hiking is not a good idea.  😦 I am not sure if it could still do good when I wake up from a night’s sleep but I bet it would be nice to still try hiking one day.

After the storm they say that everything will be okay. I just hope and pray it will be okay.

A Bad Day Before Mother’s Day?

Just before Mother’s Day?

Well, sh*t happens as what they say.  The saga continues as we listen to unending stories, and even to our own crappy stories.

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Still, I am thankful that I am a mother, envisioned as a pillar of strength and a creation full of tolerance against bad elements. I am not perfect but I try and have tried my best to be what a mom should be.

A Company Would Benefit from Teleconferencing

WASHINGTON - AUGUST 27:  U.S. President Barack...
WASHINGTON – AUGUST 27: U.S. President Barack Obama participates in a midday daily video teleconference led by FEMA to at the monitor the federal response Hurricane Irene at FEMA Headquarters August 27, 2011 in Washington, D.C. Irene, now a Category 1 hurricane, has made landfall in North Carolina on its way up the eastern seaboard. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Nowadays,teleconferencing services are very beneficial in companies.  The demand of jobs to be completed the soonest possible time and of getting results faster make these types of videoconferencing using telephone lines attractive.

Teleconferencing is an effective communication tool that facilitates job processes and helps in the achievement of goals in the quickest way possible.  It includes not only local telephone communication but also international ones.

In a company where meetings are to be conducted most of the time, this is truly beneficial.  It will save a lot of time travelling to the venue and could allow an individual to work while conferencing.

The only problem is the budget for this kind of project, and its maintenance.

I suddenly thought of how this would ease my work, and my life.  On the other hand, there is a danger on gaining weight because of inactivity or lesser activity. 😀

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OA Standing Ovation

Joshua Ledet

While Joshua Ledet is an excellent singer, I do not agree that the performances deserve an standing ovation.  I mean, it appeared that the standing ovation was reserved for him as in planned.  He sounded churchy and screechy.  It is not really that perfect to warrant that remark of JLo as ‘one of the best singers in 50 years’!  There were better AI top 5 contenders.

Ledet was as equally boring as that gorgeous Phillips.  There was nothing new.  Skylar’s second performance is excellent though I am not really a fan.  Sanchez fell a little short but is an excellent singer still.  I do not know about Cavanagh if she sang good because I didn’t see her perform.  Still, Elise is a better choice for me than her.

It’s difficult to say who will win.  The judges are acting weird and saying ‘duh’ words.  I miss Simon. 😀

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Stink Bug Control

There isn’t a stink bug that I see in our house and therefore I will not be needing stink bug traps.  I need a bug trap because there are lots of it that appear in the house most of the time. It’s not only stink bugs that smell.  😦

I think I have to study about the different bugs I see and their life cycle.  I also believe the children have to assist religiously in the cleaning,  I am not sure about the non-toxic but fast and effective ways of getting rid of them.  How they give me goosebumps!