Photohunt: Wind

I could not find many photos to choose from for this week’s theme.  I guess, I have to level up to conform.  😀

One of those exhibits in an event
One of those exhibits in an event

The figure/creature above made me wonder how much wind his/its wings would provide if given life.

Me in 2010, was still active in playing badminton and jogging.
Me in 2010, was still active in playing badminton and jogging.

It was windy that time when we played. The wind tried hard to make the game difficult for us. 😀

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Trying out Smilebox

Got interested with a new app called Smilebox.  I remember that someone sent me a greeting card using this application.   I cannot remember anymore who that is. Anyway, I tried it out with the latest set of pictures we had when we went to Papa John’s Pizza house at Tomas Morato.  You have to click the play button to see how it works.  I got hooked already!

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Music with Flutes

As I had mentioned, the flute is one of those musical instruments my office mate was very fond of. This woodwind instrument is dependent on the craftsmanship. The gemeinhardt flute, for example, offers varied models that could give excellent projection of sounds.

Flutes are reedless, unlike clarinets. The sound produced from a flute comes from the flow of air across an opening, They have different types.

Here is flute music played by The Corrs.

Music with Clarinets

I remember an office mate in one of my previous jobs who loves flutes and clarinets.  It is indeed a nice and enriching experience to be listening to these musical instruments that is why it is a must for a musician to buy the best bass clarinet or flute.

Clarinets are woodwind instruments and single-reed.  They are closely related to saxophones and are best heard at concerts, or bands.  Here is Han Kim.

Introducing Kulpy


Kulpy is a new food outlet at SM North’s Food Court. They serve Singaporean fast food. The one above is sweet and spicy honey chicken, a large order at that, that is not only delicious but also very much affordable. The sauces come in three: sweet & spicy, teriyaki, and hot & spicy. I could not imagine how hot ‘hot & spicy’ would be when this one we ordered had me drinking lots of water in-between.

The food outlet just started this February. You have to try it. 🙂

Need Printing Help?

The internet provides us with so many things today.  Everyday I am awed with the information it gives about different available services like one from Overnight Prints.  I even discovered that voluminous printing jobs can be done just by finding the right tool.  There is an online tool, which is a website,that could assist you in finding printing companies that provides what you need and offers you the expertise for your specific requirements.

That’s interesting, isn’t it?  If you already have limited time, or you do not know anyone whose an expert in fixing printing specifications,  it is not a problem anymore.   With the many available templates from certain printing companies, you wouldn’t worry anymore about designs and enhancements.