Photohunt: Wind

I could not find many photos to choose from for this week’s theme.  I guess, I have to level up to conform.  😀

One of those exhibits in an event
One of those exhibits in an event

The figure/creature above made me wonder how much wind his/its wings would provide if given life.

Me in 2010, was still active in playing badminton and jogging.
Me in 2010, was still active in playing badminton and jogging.

It was windy that time when we played. The wind tried hard to make the game difficult for us. 😀

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Curtis Finch is Out!


I agree with the result. They could have terminated him way before choosing the top 10. I mean, the judges overly praised him. There were others more deserving than him, and more talented, too. At home, we wondered about where Curtis gets his confidence each time he performs, seemingly telling he got that thing to be the next American Idol. We just couldn’t get it on the other hand. As what my son ranted, with motions of his hands, the talent is at the floor while the confidence level is taller than him. 😀

Heroin Treatment

Photo from Narconon
Photo from Narconon

I just learned that when heroin use becomes regular, tolerance is developed.  The more common for a person to use it on a daily basis, for example, will make a user tolerant and resorts to higher doses later.

The other day I saw this series in Nat Geo – Hard Time Judgment Day.  One of the prisoners that was interviewed was a heroin addict and despite  the growing tolerance, he did not seek heroin treatment.  He got addicted for more that resulted for him landing in jail and he was implicated in a murder crime inside a house where they were supposed to do the session.

The crime happened while he was very high, and he was still when he was brought to jail the first time.   He chose to be put on trial instead of admitting a guilty plea because he believed he did not participate in the crime.  He was acquitted (after three years in prison) and I bet it is a better heroin treatment to stay in jail knowing that you are not guilty.

I need a DJ phone!

Actually the one we have was like one of those dj headphones.  Not an original though and the sound signals are not excellent.    There are affordable sets I bet but affordable is subjective.  😀

I should research more about what makes an excellent dj phone.  Would that depend solely on comfort, flexibility and bass response?  Or is it the brand that would tell more of the quality than anything else?

I am not even a DJ and I am wishing for a DJ headphone.

Photo from Total DJ
Photo from Total DJ

Funny Baby Stories

Photo from the Yummy Mummy
Photo from the Yummy Mummy

The other day me and my friends talked about our kids when they were still very young.  One of those in the group said that she knows that her child would love food because from the hospital the baby was crying out loud and stopped when they fed her with 3 oz milk which they got from a drug store, and prepared, along the way.  I had a similar observation about my son from the hospital, too.  Because I had a C-section, my SIL was the one who carried him and she placed her thumb on my newborn son’s chin and the boy began to move his tongue out like he’s sucking a feeding bottle! That was truly funny. We were all laughing.

I also shared another story of my son’s antics when he was little.  He was placed in a big kuna (cradle) where he was learning to stand and walk inside.  To my husband’s shock, he saw that the 7 month old baby was already holding a piece of his poop.  Being physically challenged, my husband was almost not able to get on time and snatch the poop out of the little boy’s hand.

My daughter also had her fair share.  Perhaps she discovered that if the nose felt itchy, she had to insert a finger to get rid of the itchiness and discovered that there is something inside.  One of the things that she discovered out of curiosity, unfortunately, is that she can taste the booger and not die.  I saw her with my own eyes that she was surreptitiously putting the thing in her mouth via that little finger.  😀

Silver Bullions Stored in a Bank Safe Deposit Box

I have thought about the possibility of storing a silver bullion in a bank safe deposit box.  I am not aware if this is even possible until I landed on a video.  The video discourages about having your valuables mostly at home.  The poster talks about putting his silver bullion to  safe deposit box because his brother was robbed of his valuables that amounts to more than 5K dollars. Wow, that’s a huge amount.

A commenter has this valuable advice though:

Folks, please NEVER store precious metals or ammo in safe deposit boxes, please google Banks Notified by DHS of Unannounced Warrantless Looting of Personal Accounts or Safe Deposit Boxes. It is a must read!

I Know that You Know that I Read

I read.

You know that.

Even with images, I read.  I am not illiterate.   Even with exchanges, I read.  Outraged, I work on clinging to a vow not to be affected by stress with a mantra of “Stress, be good to me!”

Sometimes, I ask myself why I still get crazy about the antics when the Lilliputian me is just one of those. It is a foolish notion to think that I matter when I do not.

I am working on a second vow and that is to get rid of critters.   You would not even notice I know but I am working on it.

Be good to me, stress!

Raymond Weil Watch for Papsie?

Why not if I have the money? I am sure Papsie will appreciate a raymond weil watch as a birthday present but I bet he’d criticize it upon knowing how much it costs.  It’s around 31,500 to 126,000 pesos. 😀 It’s a good thing I do not have the money, and admittedly does not have the penchant to buy such luxury items.

For a luxury watch, raymond weil watches are excellent in terms of its features.  I am sure that for a watch that expensive, it has to be of good quality, precise and according to standards.  I would love to give Papsie this weil watch below, but it costs almost PhP 40,000:


I’ll start betting at Lotto outlets. 😀

Photohunt: Monochrome

I have a lot of pictures for the theme but I chose the following:

daughter Kay in one of those photoshoots
daughter Kay in one of those photoshoots

Here’s another one:

undas 2008 020
All Saint’s Day 2008

And another one:

looking from an opening
looking from an opening

Last but not the least:

the adult and the innocent
the adult and the innocent

Photohunt’s Monochrome is here.

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Surprise! Surprise!

Yesterday was Papsie’s birthday! He had no idea that we planned something for the celebration.  A day before he was telling Daryl that maybe we should be celebrating his birthday at Lam Tin.  The two children made efforts in creating drama that Kay will have to buy something at SM North Edsa, and Daryl said that perhaps we’ll need to look for a restaurant at SM North.

On the other hand, I repeatedly asked him if he has his driver’s license with him all the time then I also asked if he has his SSS ID with him.  He told me later that he was beginning to wonder why I was asking those questions but never dared to ask why.

When we arrived at SM North, the kids told him that we’ll be looking for a place at The Block.  He just went with the flow.  While going up, he began to ask where we are heading and why we keep on going up.  I couldn’t tell him ‘because Vikings is at the 4th floor!’.   When we’re at the 4th floor, he immediately saw Vikings and said, “O, andito pala Vikings, no. 1 buffet restaurant yan, mahal dyan! Pinakita sa TV yan nung isang araw.” I stuck with the drama and mumbled ‘where is Kay and Daryl’, acting like looking for them, when I already knew that they are in the queue.

Papsie and I walked along the path and we both saw Daryl waving his hand, Kay was all smiles.  Papsie eyes grew big and exclaimed, “P*tang ‘na, mahal dyan!”, realizing that we are about to eat at Vikings.  He was taken by surprise,  a very good surprise, and he kept saying that the food price at Vikings is very costly.  He also looked at that time teary-eyed.


Papsie learned that Daryl had made a reservation last week. It was truly unexpected for him and was really overwhelmed. With everybody excited, we entered Vikings with lots of expectations. We were not disappointed and went home very full. Everybody happy.


Photohunt: Steel


I thought of having that picture above as depiction for the theme but hubby said the guns do not look like they’re made of steel. It was a picture of hubby’s nieces (by his cousin). I borrowed it from Tita Ile’s pictures of Prague when they went to visit last 2011.


Now, there’s no doubt that the picture above of a man in steel beside Tita Ile represents something for the Photohunt theme STEEL.

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