Photohunt: Wither

Today’s Photohunt theme is WITHER.  The photo that will be featured here is also a tribute to a beloved aunt.  Tia Ata is not an aunt by blood.  He is my husband’s aunt but I loved her like my true blood.  She was very kind and so nice to talk to.  She made me feel welcome, she accepted me without qualms or indifference.  With open arms, I became her niece.

It was sad when she left this world last year.  She survived the world in eighty plus years.  She succumbed to illness borne of age.

She will always be remembered.

Tia Ata
Tia Ata

me and Tia Ata
me and Tia Ata, New Year’s day 2010

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The legacy we live in this world is what is important.  Our skin WITHER with time, we grow old, but let it be that we grow old and leave being remembered with fondness.

The ‘Bulaklak ng Katuray’

I had the last taste of the vegetable when I was craving for food while pregnant with my first child, Kay.  The mother-in-law cooked sweet and sour lapu-lapu and I hated it.  Everybody in the table was in for a joyous ride with the deliciously cooked lapu-lapu while I sulk.  Suddenly, I smelled something at Ate Rose’s house nearby.  Lo, it was pinakbet with bulaklak ng katuray.  It was surprisingly good and very tasty as I remember it.  Among the veggies in that pinakbet was the ‘bunga ng malunggay’.  I devoured the whole plate of pinakbet  with gusto to the shock of everybody.  It’s a good thing though that they understood how it is like with a pregnant woman.  😀

Image from
Image from

There is a story though.

It was about an experience in my elementary days when a rowdy boy classmate called me ‘bulaklak ng katuray’.  You know, the usual name-calling when we were all very young, naughty (bad?), or unthinking.  I did not understand why but it sounded bad to me because he and the other boys were laughing very hard.  It did not leave my memory – the boy, the scene, the laughter.  Perhaps I looked like a ‘bulaklak ng katuray’ whatever that means that time.  I can actually surmise now and make a long list of why he called me that name.  The thing is it does not have an effect on me now honestly.  I remember being hurt that time but not like carrying the (emotional) hurt until now as one of the classmates implied.   How could one brood on memories like that and be bitter about it when understandably, we were all very young and very different from what we are now?  Besides, looking at the bulaklak ng katuray in that image above, how could I be slighted?  If only I knew that time how it looked like, I could have felt proud to be compared with that pretty cream-colored petals of a flower.  I could have danced and be cheated instead with the thought ha ha.

Anyway, it always feels good to see once again classmates in the elementary and high school days albeit in pictures.  It is interesting to see how my crushes look like now.  It is interesting how the girls had bloomed to lovely middle-aged women (of course, it also goes with the boys).

Erasing the Hard Drive?

Yep.   I can understand why one of the bosses was anxious about reformatting the laptop to me before handing it over.  There is risk of giving away sensitive data if you are handing over or selling your PC or laptop.  The boss probably does not know how to erase hard drive, just like me, and that is possible not leaving a trace of those sensitive data that can be read and recovered still.

I do not know that either.  What I and the others know is if you reformat a PC unit, you erase everything.  Well, I was ignorant, that I have to accept.   It is interesting to learn though that there is a tool that could do drive-wiping.  How I wish I had learned of this earlier. 🙂

Photohunt: Scrumptious

tao pey
tao pey
assorted food from Viking’s Buffet Resto
onion rings and chicken wings from Papa John's
onion rings and chicken wings from Papa John’s

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These are what we feasted on different occasions. Scrumptious they are, don’t ya think? Was late for Photohunt but played. Will be visiting the others here.

Thinking in Advance About the 25th Wedding Anniversary


Last April 2, the family celebrated hubby and I’s 24th wedding anniversary.  Together with the kids, hubby decided to bring us to a local Chinese restaurant in Banawe, Quezon City.  He asked if we wanted to go to a buffet restaurant but after the experience being overwhelmed by the array of foods and drinks at Viking’s, I think I have to take a respite visiting buffet restaurants.  😀

Anyway, it turned out a very nice evening when the children enjoyed the food.

Now, to the planning about our 25th wedding anniversary.  It has to be simple still as I loathe extravagance and display.   The celebration has to be for the family still but maybe we could extend it to the other members of both Papsie and I’s family.  Well, it’s still a year away and changes to the plan is expected.    It could even be a celebration between me and my beloved Papsie only, who knows? 😀

Whatever the outcome of the planning, what would be important for me is celebrating another year