Am I Getting Old?

On Saturday, a friend is getting married. And I am one of the principal sponsors. She’s six years more than half my age.

When she distributed the invitation last month, some people in the office seemed to have made a big deal out of it. I was really puzzled why some of them reacted in a way that I cannot understand – eyes wide, expressions of bewilderment, chuckles. Some seemed to be joking around but others show facial expressions I could not fully understand. Contemplating on it, I listed in my mind the stereotype qualities of principal sponsors, or ninangs and ninongs (as they are fondly called):

  • One should be influential and rich. I am not even rich. But I can be influential in my own humble way. 🙂
  • One should be popular. I am not a politician, or an actress, or a big shot.
  • One should be a boss. If being a head in a small unit in the company is considered a boss then probably I am a ‘little boss’.
  • One should be old enough. Now, what does old enough mean? I am not double her age but I am older. 😀

My friend, I believe, did not choose me for any of those reasons. I know the reasons are more than the stereotype sense or meaning of being a principal sponsor. She could have chosen those with the qualities above but she chose people close to her heart. I am really grateful and very honored.

I wish that their lives will be filled with love and happiness as I am having mine despite the hardships and challenges. I wish that their lives together will be filled with good health, lots of kisses (yum 😀 ), laughter and joy. I wish they will conquer the seven year itch. I wish they will still say “I love you” to each other when they reach the age of forty and beyond. I wish they will carry the smiles they had when they get married.