Why Would You Opt for HGH?

There are claims how human growth hormone can benefit an individual.  One claim is that it can slow or reverse the aging process.  The other claim is it increases the secretion of the natural human growth hormone for the benefit of the user.

If it is for the purpose of slowing down or reversing the aging process, I would not opt for HGH.  I mean, I want to age gracefully.  They say we all die once, but before that we only grow old once.

If it is to increase the secretion of the natural growth hormone for tissue repair, muscle growth, brain function, physical and mental health, bone strength, energy and metabolism, then maybe I’ll give it a try.  But having all these benefits, I tend to ask if it is an overstatement or an exaggeration of the benefits.

The Power of Positive Thinking

This is from the article of Remez Sasson of SuccessConsciousness.com.  I just want to share it.  It is a beautiful one similar to what M* shared the other day of being successful in what one wanted in life.

Positive thinking is a mental attitude that admits into the mind thoughts, words and images that are conductive to growth, expansion and success. It is a mental attitude that expects good and favorable results. A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action. Whatever the mind expects, it finds.

Not everyone accepts or believes in positive thinking. Some consider the subject as just nonsense, and others scoff at people who believe and accept it. Among the people who accept it, not many know how to use it effectively to get results. Yet, it seems that many are becoming attracted to this subject, as evidenced by the many books, lectures and courses about it. This is a subject that is gaining popularity.

Maybe it is the reason why M*’s wishes are coming true and only an arms reach.   She told me a secret how to do it.  I will start tomorrow.  Actually, I could have started it a few days ago but I let other insignificant things cause me to forget it.

Cheers to you M*.  I sincerely wish all the best for you and your family.  From the bottom of my heart.  🙂

I Miss Exercising

Exercise is always better than fat burners.  I have to admit that the latter is a faster way to loose the flab,  aka fat.  But exercising always give that satisfaction.  I guess it is because hard work gives the feeling that you had achieved something.  What more if you reached a goal?

I have to admit that my desire is not consistent.  Too much concerns, I guess, flood the mind and defeat the desire.  Well, I am still not successful in going to bed early, or in not staying up late.  It is also one of the reasons.  I do not have enough sleeping time.

Fat burners, however, are categorized according to a few things.  These will help you pick the best one for your body:

  • fat burning power
  • fat burning speed
  • ingredients
  • possible side effects
  • customer testimonials
  • overall value

In the meantime, I got to work something out of this situation.  How about you?  Are you successful in your exercise routine?

A Psychotic Movie

We had just finished watching The Uninvited at HBO.

The movie was more like a psycho movie than a horror movie.  It was as if that it was a ghost movie at first because there were ghosts appearing here and there.  It was as if the ghosts appeared because of a message they wanted to convey about the second wife of his father.

We were all thinking that everything that transpired in the movie was true.  At the end, everything happened only inside the mind of the psychotic girl.  She was creating the story all inside her mind.  She lived in a make-believe world.  She pretended that all of the scenes were true.  All because of one evil motive – to kill the current wife of his father.  She succeeded killing the wife.

Pretensions equals psychosis?  Explain.  Explain.     😦

It has ended. It will begin.

It has ended.  Period.

To betray, you must belong.

Thus said Harold Philby.  There is no changing that.  That will not change.

So, tomorrow, it is another day.  A different self.  Realization.  Positive thoughts.  Moving on.  Leaving them odds and ends.

I will never dignify by talking about foolish talk.  One clarification is enough.  Nothing to talk about anymore.

It has ended. Period.

What M* and Hubby Should Know

Friend M*’s hubby work as a seaman.  He had a terrible accident while he was in a shipping vessel last year.  He obtained injuries like dislocation of clavicle and fractures.  The incident almost claimed his life.

It was a good thing that his company paid for his hospitalization and medication.  But still, M* and hubby should know the benefit of, say for example, a Jones Act lawyer .  Having one can help a seaman or anyone who works in seagoing vessels know his rights to claim when dangerous accidents that could risk their lives and livelihood happen.

Arriving to his home, M*’s hubby told her that she could be an instant millionaire if he died on the accident.  We laughed at the remark while talking to each other about the incident.  From that discussion, although it sounded like a morbid one, her hubby told her that she can claim for a compensation which is truly a big amount.

Working in maritime truly is not a joke because it entails a seaman’s risk while working.  It is just right that each of these workers are insured.  It is just right that they know, too, what the insurance policy the company gave is all about.

85 Days to Deletion

My web hosting service had sent an email prompting me to respond.  The day the letter was sent, it said that I only have 45 days to renew the order or else the account will be deactivated and subsequently deleted.

My, my, there is an 85-day period before deletion.  I have to work for the payment the soonest possible time.  I could not afford losing this blog.  It means a lot to me.  😀  But enrollment is making itself felt.  Only more than a week or so, son Daryl will be reminding us again about his tuition.

Happy Thoughts

I am reminded of a friend’s story about her daughter.  Her daughter’s health report card from school states that she is bordering to obesity.  My friend started to cut off the amount of food in the groceries.  Days the following week after, the daughter, coming home from an outdoor play, went to the refrigerator and opened it.  The daughter sighed, and said, “This ref is so boring!”


Today,  I heard almost the same story with son Daryl complaining.  A neighbor has been frying (or cooking) something smelly or foul-smelling.  I exclaimed that the food that is being cooked must be thrown away already because it seems not food for consumption anymore.  Son Daryl said, “That (the smell) is so painful!”

The Anatomy of a Friend’s Betrayal

Sometimes it is too late to realize that you are with the wrong kind of friend. Realization is a remiss but you cannot do anything with it anymore.

How do you say a friend is betraying you?

Not easy, I say. But there are ways to skin a cat. Betrayal is revelation of a person’s true character and intentions. Every form of betrayal has an intention that goes with it. They come in varied forms that only the victim is aware of. And sometimes, the victim is not even aware that it is happening. Sad, but true.

What is hurting is when you feel that your friend is making up stories against you just to win the favor of another. For whatever it’s worth, only that ‘snake’ knows why the deed is done or is being done. What is more hurting is when another buddy or a group of buddies believed the story and hated you because of the lies. Believe me, it happens. Should we take it against these friends of ours if they believe the lies? Should we take it against them if they keep silent about it and not tell you anything about it?

The reasons I can think of when someone makes up stories against another are insecurities, jealousy or envy, immaturity, or mental inadequacy. They maybe other reasons like they just wanted to save their asses from blame, or shame. But heck, it’s always betrayal. It is deception.

One cannot change a species’ nature.  A dog is a dog.  A cat is a cat.  What makes them a dog, or a cat, is what defines them.   There is no amount of effort to change a snitch.  This hypocrite thrives on lies.  The question is why would someone be with a known liar?

The anatomy of a friend’s betrayal always start with lies.

Hoodia Reviews

First time for me to hear of hoodia.   The hoodia reviews are telling about this wonder plant called hoodia gordonii that is used by tribal groups in some parts of Africa.  It is the herbal elements of this plant that is used to treat diabetes, stomach discomfort and tuberculosis.  It was also know that some bushmen eat the stems of this plant to reduce their appetite during long journeys.

That is why the introduction of hoodia herbal supplements that suppress the appetite.  Oh, my, that would be the last thing I will do – loose my appetite!  But if one is very serious about loosing the flabs, then maybe it can be tried.

But a word of caution to those who will embark on another dietary supplement.  Just because this is an appetite suppressant, it does not mean one will not have to eat.  Losing the needed nutritional requirements of the body is detrimental to health.  And also, and very important, hoodia is also known to suppress thirst.  Therefore, one has to be cautious by having enough water intake in order not to be dehydrated.

About Sleeping

Lately, I am experiencing difficulty sleeping successively and continually.  I would wake up in the middle of the night unexpectedly, sometimes from a bad dream.  Do you think natural sleep pills could help?  I am not sure.

I heard from the elderly that sleep disorders are common to old people.  But I am not old, I mean I am not super advanced in age!  I am only 45 years old.

But sleep disorders like insomnia and narcolepsy is not dependent on an individual’s age.  Insomnia, which is a ‘chronic ability to obtain high quality sleep’ is caused by stress, changed time zones, altered sleeping habits or poor bedtime habits.  This, I probably have.

I would not desire to have narcolepsy though.  Who would want to have a neurological disorder that makes a person asleep all of sudden and without warning.  What if I am in the middle of a meeting, or aboard a passenger jeep or bus?  I could not even imagine being the center of attention because of this.

Maybe I should be getting some sleep now.  Or I should improve my bedtime habit.

Or Maybe a Mobile Phone

Or maybe a mobile phone from circuit city is what I’ll give Daryl. While I am toying with the idea, he will definitely tell me not to buy an expensive one.

My children are not demanding. Perhaps it was brought about by the orientation when they were children whenever they want something. We were consistently telling that we will buy the things they want if there is enough money.

Of course they will want a blackberry but they know there are more important things to consider first before having one.

Christmas is fast approaching and it looms than excites me. Daryl will be amused definitely by this idea. 😀

Daryl Jules Deserves an Award

Daughter Kay told Papsie and me that she is going to reward Daryl money because he did good in his subjects mostly getting high grades in his subjects (as high as 1.0  🙂  ).

The other day son Daryl greeted me with a smile and two bookmarks when I got home.  I was puzzled what the bookmarks are.  I thought he took an effort making bookmarks for me to use for the new books that are in queue.  But when I read what were in the bookmark, I smiled.  They read “Exam Topnotcher” and “Eagle-Eyed Awardee”.

I was truly happy.  But I have no enough money to buy something for him.  I would actually wanted to buy him an ipod nano.  Daughter Kay has an ipod but not an ipod nano.  He would definitely love it because it is multi-touch and Daryl loves to play his favorite songs.  He loves music though music doesn’t seem to want to reciprocate it 😀 !  Or maybe I would buy one for him as Christmas gift.  I will start saving now.  😦

Crab Mentality

I have this inkling that Filipinos do not own the trait ‘crab mentality’.  I was a member of a discussion board.  The process is simple.  You post a discussion, you will get replies.  You are to join discussions.  You will be paid with the activities you do – posting and joining discussions.

In a few weeks, I gained a reputation of 98.  The highest being a 100 of course.  I posted a discussion that caused controversy to some and I had to defend my principle and my discussion.  After a few days, my rating went down to 95.  To date, it was brought down to 84.  Only when a particular mylotter who raised the controversy posted and visited the latest discussion I posted.

I know it is not fair to accuse without proof but I really have this inkling that that person is pushing the (-) button to the content of that person’s heart, and that is to pull others down because that person has a low reputation.

I am not actually ‘very affected’ but it would be hypocrisy to say I am not.  I am pissed off but I have to maintain peace.  Unless I can find a way to know who is pushing the negative button and why.

Pieces of vitamins or one multivitamins?

Have you heard of an actor who was known to be taking at least twenty (20) pills a day?  That includes his medicine and his vitamins.  He is already at his prime but he still looks good in his age.  Actually, better looking than other male actors younger than him.

I wonder, do we really need to take a lot of pills for the vitamins or one pill with multivitamins is enough?  I am just curious.  Is there truly one that is the best vitamins for men and women?

They say that the best multivitamins has to fall into these criteria:

  1. effectiveness
  2. speed of results
  3. product safety
  4. long-term results
  5. customer feedback
  6. overall value

Well, aside from being costly buying a lot of pills, I personally cannot imagine taking down 20 pills a day.  That could feel like I will die when I fail even for a day not taking them.   I mean, if the body is so used to the routine, would it not react if one suddenly stops taking all those 20?