Is an online degree worth it?

A high school friend earned her online degree as medical transcriptionist.   She was a business management course graduate.  I asked her how she managed and she told me it was not easy.  But concurrently, she is having the feel of it and is enjoying.  Good for her!

I had a lot of times think about it, and wondered what online degree would suit me.  My primary objective is to be able to have an additional job that would give me additional income.  I desperately need it.

Black Friday

I do not know if Black Friday is equivalent to Friday the 13th.   If it refers to Friday the 13th, then it is any 13th day of the month that falls on a Friday.  Some people say it is a day filled with bad luck.  I personally do not believe it.  Any day is a blessing from God.

Black Friday is also the day of shopping after the American thanksgiving day.  I heard that during this day, there are many items or products for sale.  It is a day where many Americans look forward to.  Well, even if you are not an American but you are in America, you could really take part in the said occasion.

Black Friday is also the last Friday before Christmas.  I am not aware if this is celebrated.

Good Friday is also called Black Friday by Catholics.

Scared for the little sweet guys

They are so sweet.  One time we were together, I asked them who’s gonna bring me to another country.  All three raised their hands.  The pretty one told me she’ll bring me one day to US and little mister handsome replied he’ll bring me to Japan.  The youngest didn’t know what to answer but she raised her hand.

They have dreams but I am very scared for these little sweet guys.  I am scared that one day they will be found in a teen drug rehab or a teen alcohol rehab because of teen drug treatment or alcohol treatment.  I know, I know, I sound morbid.  But they are exposed to a sick environment.   They have a father who is a dope.  A shameless piece of rotten meat.

And it is sad that I feel I cannot do anything for them because their mother is bound to the whole situation, with no economic power, very helpless, and yet very unwilling to leave.

When do we intervene?  Do we intervene even if the parties involved are not willing?

Someday, I am afraid the mother of these sweet little fellows will search for teen addiction info.  I am afraid that these kids will be added to teen drug statistics.  God forbid.

Scammed Again

Yes, folks.  I am scammed again.  Second time around.  In my quest to earn extra income online, I decided to join   The ads looked promising.  I will be earning lots of pesos.  Yes, one of the ads translated the earnings into pesos.  And so I clicked, joined with a membership fee, and voila, it was just a database of survey companies where mostly only US citizens are allowed.

I tried my luck joining the international survey companies. Until now, no surveys are available for me.  It’s more than two weeks.  So, I wrote and told them I wanted to have my money back because their ads said it is money back guaranteed.  There was no answer until now.

It is a scam.  They collect money and all you get is a database of survey companies that pay no attention to you.  It is so frustrating that you get not one e-mail that tells you you are qualified for a survey. Not even one until now.

And so I am writing this as a form of warning.  There is truly nothing that gets you rich quick in the net.  Though I did not look at it that way but an added income, I realized after a few days that the money that Filipina got is big money used as a come-on.  Stupid me.

Interesting Discovery

Just recently, I joined MyLot.  Just type it on your search form and you will be redirected.  You can post anything for discussion there.  If you are in business, you can even survey about your product by starting a discussion about it.  Even if you just wanted to know what people think about steel buildings, you start a discussion anytime and comments will pour in. Just be sure to register first.

Almost everyday, I visit.  It is truly exciting to be reading comments about a particular issue.  And as bonus, you will be compensated by starting a discussion and replying to discussions.  Isn’t it wonderful?  You get to enjoy and you are being paid also.

Now, my thoughts don’t lay to waste.  When something pops out, I immediately visit MyLot page and start the discussion.  I discovered lots of people who make sense there.  And I truly appreciate their thoughts.

You can drop by anytime.  And my pseudonym is Bingskee there, as usual.

On Daughters Getting Pregnant

We went to Papsie’s relatives yesterday and I had a chance listening to ‘updates’ from a few.  One of the mothers related her sad story about her daughter who got pregnant while she was in college.  The guy did not take the responsibility and was a sloth that did not look for a job to be able to support.  Up to this time, he is unemployed.

The poor mother did not allow her daughter to go to school anymore and I asked why.  I told her that it could be beneficial for everybody that she finishes school.  But she replied that what if the guy starts to see her daughter again and impregnate her.  That would be disaster for her.

It was so easy for me to say those things.  I began to contemplate afterward if I could be able to do what I suggested sending her back to school.  I could understand the anger and the disappointment because as you see, the family is not well-off.  I believed that they were expecting that the daughter could help them in the future, or bring good news for the family when she graduates and land a job.

I honestly thought it was the expectation that brought the great disappointment.  There is a big difference when parents are earning enough for the family than when parents are working their butts off to provide for the family.  In a culture such as the Philippines’,  offsprings are expected to assist the family to get on with life’s hurdles.  There is truly a big difference when parents expect that their children will repay them for their parenting efforts by shouldering the family’s obligations.

I grew up in a family where my mother expected so much from her offspring that they will liberate her from poverty without doing anything, to change that course, and for her children.  This maybe the reason why I am open to the concept that children do not have obligations for their family, or to the parents specifically.  I truly believe that it is not necessary to oblige the children because they will have their chance of working for themselves and be an adult who will face the challenges in life in the future.  They will have their chances of helping, if they feel like it.  But parents should never necessitate the children’s role of being ‘providers’.

I believe that sending her daughter again to school will make a difference.  If only she would not waste her time, effort and energy harassing the father’s baby, and focus on what to do next, then it would be better for everybody.  I do believe she has to talk her out into committing to do good and give her the consequences if she fails this time.

I say this being a mother who is almost a single mother making ends meet for the family.

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