Swimming and/or Dipping in Water: the Only Solution

Iconic Stem Bent Chair made in English Oak By ...
Iconic Stem Bent Chair made in English Oak By sustainable designer Tom Raffiled (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is no solution to ease the torture from the heat of the Mighty Sun but to swim or if you do not know how to swim, to dip in water.  Then under the shades (preferably from trees) you will then laze on an outdoor chaise lounge still wet. How lovely would that be?

Actually, as I am writing this, I am very excited for the upcoming family affair.  We will go swimming/dipping with the cousins, uncles, sisters, and brothers.  This is a way of giving back and sharing our happiness for the recent good news care of Daryl. 😀

I’m so excited! And I just can’t fight it! (To the tune of… he he)

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Under the blistering heat?

Sunken Garden of University of the Philippines...
Sunken Garden of University of the Philippines Diliman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If not for the beloved son’s wish, we will not attend UP Diliman‘s graduation because of what I heard that it would be celebrated at the space at the back of the Oblation statue. I do not remember what that area is called.  True to what I heard, the ceremony was held under the blistering heat of the sun.  There was no cover or structure that will cover the graduates and the parents.

Son said it was tradition, and I hate the fact that it’s one of the reasons.  Not because it’s tradition, it can’t be changed.  There has to be something done about it.  There are possibilities of  mishaps involving stroke/heat stroke, heart attack, asthma, and other related illnesses that could be triggered by the intense heat.

It’s a good thing there is an alternative to the toga.  The sablay made it easier for the students to withstand the heat.  I could not imagine them being under the blistering heat of the sun with the toga on. With only the unique sablay, that signifies that one is a graduate, is indeed a relief from the torture.

It’s also a good thing that the ceremony that was conducted was faster.  There is nothing in it that required the students to pile before receiving the diploma.  It’s as simple as presenting the graduating classes/students in a department, the honor students and the graduates.  It’s simple but it is more grand than the usual procedure.

The Mighty Sun yesterday was in a good mood though. He did not unleash its fiery rays all throughout the ceremony.  There were instances that he hid and acted like he was just observing beneath the clouds and peeked only from time to time wanting to engage in moments of joy. The trees around the area gave shades and comfort.  When the Mighty Sun was hiding, the trees were swaying and the air was dancing. It gave us moments of rest from the almost non-stop fanning using the woven pamaypay.

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The drums outside the amphitheater

Roland TD-12s V-Stage drum set. Shot also incl...

I have no musical experience but it always amazes me to hear the sound of drums during and after an event.   The drums outside the amphitheater were being played after the recognition day at the College of Education. Not sure if they are ddrum Drums but they are decent sounding drums and the cymbals are nice, too. If only I am into music, and being a first timer, I would definitely get a drum kit to practice on.  I think it’s not only the drums but the drummer that makes the beautiful sounds come out. Don’t you think?

It is also exceptionally cool to see girls playing these drums. I admire these girls who have talent in drum playing. It makes me wish that I had an opportunity when I was young.  So cool. 😀

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To Bask in Humble Glory

As Daryl’s friend would say.

My son is typically the unassuming type.  Others would brandish conceit knowing that they are talented or intelligent, or that they excel in many things with regards to education or achievement.  Conceit is very easy to smell even in the absence of words. You see it in the way a person smirk, or respond, or actuate. Not my son, he is simply an individual driven with purpose and goals without any motive of competition.

Yesterday, Daryl Jules graduated from college, Magna Cum Laude, and Class Valedictorian in the College of Education at UP Diliman.  This had remained a secret to us until yesterday.  We have a hint that he will be a magna cum laude but not as valedictorian.

It was a very lovely surprise.  I felt I wanted to shout with joy.  My husband doesn’t even know what to do.  His eyes watered and his voice cracked.  He was like a senator receiving all the praises and words of congratulations and appreciation from the faculty, from the staff, and from people.  Daryl’s objective was achieved and that is to give us pride.

As Daryl would always say, it does not mean that he is the most intelligent among the group of students who graduated, it just happened that his grades are higher, or that he excelled in his academic subjects.  While he was talking to his younger cousin, he said that there are a lot of intelligent people in his batch, and he believes that some are even more brilliant and smart. My son is that modest.

My daughter is equally the same.  She believes that success does not depend solely on one’s academic achievements or excellence.  There are a lot of ways a person can achieve success. There are always opportunities available for everybody and all that is needed is to utilize and harness them according to one’s plans in life.

My daughter and my son are that modest.  Therefore, no one needs to compare the two because there is no point of comparison.  They have different fields or courses, and they have independent and individual objectives in life.  I just hope people stop comparing for whatever evil reason they have. Although my children will not entertain I cannot help be pissed off at the insensitivity.

As Daryl would always tell me not to mind these people, one thing is for sure, he had achieved his goals and I heard him say these words, “What now?”

Steel structure for my garage?

Car garage Detached July 4th 2008.JPG
Car garage Detached July 4th 2008.JPG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do not actually want a whole building for a garage.  Like all metal buildings, one can have a building for the garage but with limited space, we cannot just allot space for a garage.  A garage with a metal structure can be done I guess even if it is not a whole metal building.

I met someone who mentioned that their manufacturing company produces metal frameworks for houses.  He marketed the benefits of metal frameworks, poles, roofs, and other structures probably seeing me as one potential buyer in the future.

Not really into considering a metal building for my garage and into restructuring the house with metal frameworks, I believe having the garage built with this will be favorable.  Who knows this dream will come true in the future?

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I am a parent, and here’s some thoughts

It’s not only children who grow.  Parents do too.  As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours.  I can’t tell my children to reach for the sun.  All I can do is reach for it, myself.  ~Joyce Maynard

Child 1
Child 1 (Photo credit: Tony Tr?n)

I have to admit I also grew up while they were growing up.  My children were trained to be independent-minded, as free-thinkers, as freedom lovers, as realists,  as justice sympathizers, and to be individuals upholding integrity, dedication and truth.

It is not easy for one parent to be a parent with children that know their rights fully well, that stand on what they believe in, that are not swayed or influenced easily, and that have minds of their own. I tell you it was, and it is, not easy.

Along the way, Papsie and I have learned a lot from this journey.  It is very true that as we live, we learn.  It is an unending journey of learning.  With it comes acceptance of your own misgivings and your own weaknesses as parents.  We learned to accept the unacceptable.  Translate: we become more understanding individuals.

While Papsie and I wilt with old age and illnesses, we are confident though that they will be able to carry on life, and perhaps be better than how we tried to live it, even without us around. In fact, they are already better than how we tried reaching the sun.

The truth of the matter is, there were many rough roads before we managed to realize how important each of us is to one another.  We had developed this bond so strong that it was what kept us getting on.  We were complete, no one was absent in tempering the ties. Everybody in our household cooperated, and I believe it will be stronger.

I am simply happy today. 😀  I realized Papsie and I succeeded even if our roles in our children’s lives are just secondary fiddle it may seem.  I believe we were successful in imparting the vital ingredients in life.

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Daughter’s request: her Tumbler site promotion

Daughter loves Tumblr.  She wants me to promote her corner in the Tumblr site. For whatever reason, I do not know.  If you have spare time, please do.  🙂 Daughter’s request.  I know you understand. heh.

always in the end

I would also take this opportunity to promote her other site.  Below is one of her artworks.

yoko yoko yoko yoko

Revealing? Yea, I know.  Curves are her forte, and details, too. 😀

What did you buy him the past Easter?

Yes, just last week’s Easter.

Or should the question be – Do you buy something for someone on the day of Easter? If you do, why?

I ask because in a social networking site, I saw pics of people celebrating Easter in a kind of unique (questionable?) way. The celebration is supposed to be about faith, about Jesus’ resurrection.  It was not what it should be.  Those people are dancing in a bar, drinking and binging.  I suppose some others are even greeting each other ‘Happy Easter!’.  That is just a supposition.  Do not take me seriously.  The thing is I could not understand posting a Happy Easter photo when it isn’t even about it. Has everyone now giving their own version of Easter or giving their own meaning for Easter.

Honestly, I have my own Christian belief. I respect other beliefs but I will never ever understand buying an IPod for him or her because it’s Easter.  It’s not about us.  😦

Reflections on a Good Friday

Good Friday 2009
Good Friday 2009 (Photo credit: Lawrence OP)

Sometimes it makes you think.  The things that’re happening make you think.

I do not intend to question anyone’s belief or faith but sometimes I couldn’t really understand how people understand the whole thing about faith.  Let’s take this example during breakfast this morning of Good Friday.  At the table near ours, I heard someone said, “Gumawa ka na ng kasalanan ngayon, patay si God ngayong Friday (You can sin today because God is dead this Friday).” Yes, it is spoken in jest but I find it amusing to think of the thought that ‘God’ whoever she’s referring to repeatedly dies on a Good Friday. That’s absurd. 😦 Where did that concept come from?  When I was young I was hearing those lines already.

God does not die again on a Good Friday.  We all do these things on these particular day, or week, only to commemorate, to celebrate, or to venerate God’s power and love for mankind.  That is how I understand these things.  What sense would it make for God to send again His Only Son to die again when many of us do not see the power of Christ’s dying for our sins?

A creation mimicking his Creator’s act on the cross will not even save him.  I mean, why would God send His Son to die on a cross only to have this special act mimicked by his creation? It looses the very essence of it all.

Then there are these people who literally stop the bad habits or the bad things they acknowledge to be doing on a Good Friday because it is Good Friday.  I mean, if one reveres his God, the bad things go away and you do not do it again forever, or at least strive not to do it again.  It is like saying sorry only to do it again and again.

I am not perfect. I fail many times.  I fail to live by my faith consistently but I do not profess that I am a Christian (except if it is needed) only to have others stumble from my wrong doings.  I mean, I will not be shoving my faith to someone’s brain when I cannot even be honest with a single centavo. That is just an example, I do not steal.  What I really mean to say is one need not brag about the ‘holy’ things he does on a Good Friday or during Holy Week only to be back with the old bad things one does on a daily basis.

The mundane things human beings do for ‘their faith in God or in Jesus’ sometimes worries me.  The authorities on these things, mainly those in churches, seem to have failed instilling what faith really is.


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You want a cufflink, Daryl?

a customized cuff-link, aka cufflink, aka Mans...

I cannot forget those unique cufflinks my father had. They always amaze me of their intricate designs.  I even wondered why there are cufflinks in our house. It turned out that my father was very fond of these thingies for his polo.

Today, I am not sure if there are still unique cufflinks available and with reasonable prices.  I also wonder if a woman would think of having one?  Although it may be possible it’s because it can be a decorative ornament meant to enhance a dress, a blouse, or a polo.

I am sure Daryl will find it time consuming.


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"Halimaw ka!"

Stairway in Ford plant in LA from HABS; Ford M...

Yesterday, on my way to work, and just before I step on the overpass stairs, at the corner of the stairway, a mother and her small son was talking.  The boy was on the verge of crying and seemed like he wanted something.  All of a sudden, the mother yelled, “E, di bumili ka, halimaw ka!” (Then buy it, you monster!) I was shocked to hear a mother say the word ‘halimaw’ to the little child who was about six (6) to seven (7) years old.

I can understand that to be a working mother is not an easy task.  It is always a challenge to keep one’s composure in the midst of stressful situations like the one above.  It is not understandable though to batter a child because a mother is in such situations where everything is simultaneously going inside the mind.

I have to admit I had moments where my patience was tested when the children are still young.  I am glad I did not give in and hurt them physically and emotionally.  It is much easier though to hear a little child making his or her demands than hearing a grown-up child chide his parent/s of hurtful things.

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Trophy for the Winner!

Trophy image. Often used in Wikinews (en) as a...

Yey! I would want a trophy if I get successful in losing the flab.  😀  I would not mind if sports trophies will be given.  After all it would be like a sport to exercise because it is a physical activity that gives amusement and also diversion from routine.

I am dead serious. I want an award.  I want that my effort will be recognized.  😀 But who will give me those? I bet family and friends will find it really funny to hear me demand of even just one trophy for my achievement.

Seriously still, I really need to work hard on will and discipline.  I get easily distracted with a lot of things and concerns. I hope when I get down to business, I will be able to maintain the zeal and the enthusiasm. So help me God.


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Of Discipline and Will


Above are pictures of son Daryl.  The first one was taken last February, 2011.  The picture that follows was taken just this year, month of March.  Just by looking at these face photos, you can see the difference in how Daryl had lost weight.  It is not that I wanted to flaunt but I wanted to share how I am so proud of him being a person with a strong will and discipline.

This year marks the fourth year he has not taken a bite of any of the sitsirya or junk foods except for hotdogs that are categorized as one, too.  I am not sure though if roasted peanuts are also considered junk foods.  I am making mention of this because his will and discipline are so strong that others will have a hard time beating.

I am one of those losers.  We had a deal that in the first week of January this year 2012, we will be doing the hip hop abs exercise together.  We are supposed to work very hard together to loose the unnecessary baggage.  I failed. Last year performance was even more promising than my performance this year.

Today, Daryl’s tummy is flat and he looks lean.  The muscles are not yet toned and perhaps it is what he has to work on next.  Mine is still the same, no changes.  It is frustrating I have to admit.

The frustration got intense this afternoon when an office mate took a picture and I am not happy with the result.  Yes, I could have told her that she should have not taken a picture of me with this and that angle, or could have scolded her for taking the ‘ugly’ pic. The thing is it is not anybody’s fault.  By any chance, and even if someone would take a stolen shot for whatever reason, it could have been more ‘okay’ if I am fit and lean, and I will not be caught in an ‘ugly’ comportment. I mean, the possibilities are greater that the result is more ‘okay’.

I am not insecure but I am not happy.  I do not seek that I would be the prettiest in a group of women.  That would be absurd.  I am happily married and with this status I would not be seeking another man’s attention though it is flattering to hear flattery.  It is not what I desire.  I dream of being able to exercise and eat healthy to have a long and hearty life so that I can be with my loved ones longer, and to be of service still.

It is will and discipline I have to work on, and hard.

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